Motion With Regards To Teachers Assistants In Gauteng

Our teachers are burdened with work overload and this makes it difficult to teach learners and give special attention to learners who aren’t naturally given. We have noticed that in some schools we noticed that we have few learners who perform exceptionally well but on average, many learners don’t perform as expected.

This perpetuates inequality as those who can afford, do attend we’ll run schools where pass rate on average has many bachelor and diplomas passes. Teacher’s assistants in these schools will help to improve quality of passes in township and rural schools. Many of these schools are over crowded with more than 45 learners per class. In some instances, after the committee visited some schools we observed learners left alone due to teacher absenteeism.

This proposal seeks to provide support to teachers so they can do their work and get positive results. While we note that we need performance management systems to reward excellent performances but it is difficult to recognize their efforts considering their working environment.

Some of the benefits of this program include amongst others, job opportunities to deal with high unemployment rate. While dealing with this challenge, we will afford assistants work experience opportunity and minimize inequality. The most important benefit, will be experienced by teachers and learners. In return, the province will gain as we will be able to produce high skilled, innovative and talented personnel.

Teachers assistants will also help to identify natural talent like sporting codes. Though we don’t have enough facilities but that shouldn’t stop us from naturing such talent. We have responsibility to ensure that our learners are not limited to academic lessons only but sports and other activities like debate competition.

This call is to explore possibility to realize this program. Based on aforementioned benefits, let’s create a better province. We can only be a better place if we create more opportunities for our young people.

This call is to unlock the learning and teaching barriers to enhance quality education.

Let’s introduce this program. Many teachers will support this proposal as it will simplify their work load. The education system will improve and we will get best outcomes.

The DA believes that a caring government listens and act. Let’s see where we find common solutions aimed at improving quality education.


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