Thuggery cannot be tolerated in a democratic South Africa


The attack on DA member, Kade Guerreriro, by members of the ANC in the Johannesburg CBD after the DA’s March for Change, was an act of cowardice.  Mob violence has no place in a democratic South Africa.


The ANC must take action against the members responsible for meting out violence against Guerreriro who sustained serious head injuries while making his way to his car after the march.


Contrary to media reports, Guerreriro was not provoking ANC members, he was simply heading home.


South Africa is a free and democratic country, where the right to political affiliation is enshrined in the Constitution.


The Johannesburg CBD was brought to a standstill on Friday as ANC members ascended on the city in an attempt to intimidate peaceful protesters.


The ANC has once again proven that they have little regard for the Constitution or the rule of law.


Today, myself and DA Ekurhuleni Ward 36 Councillor, Wendy Morgan have accompanied Kade Guerreriro to the Johannesburg Central Police Station to lay a charge of assault.


The DA will not be deterred by thuggery whilst holding President Jacob Zuma and this ANC-led government to account.

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Paul Willemburg MPL
DA Constituency Head: Germiston
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Warren Gwilt
DA Economic Cluster Manager
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ANC thugs attack peaceful DA protestor


The DA today led a peaceful and lawful march of over 20,000 people through the Johannesburg CBD, uniting people from all sectors in opposition to the reckless Jacob Zuma.


The clear message from the thousands at our March for Change was that it is time for the ANC to act against Jacob Zuma.


After our peaceful march, a DA supporter was violently attacked by ANC thugs. The DA strongly condemns the violence by ANC thugs who attacked this DA supporter.


We have long held that the ANC uses intimidation and bullying tactics towards those who disagree with them, and their tactics of intimidation and war talk, in the run up to today’s March for Change have now had consequences.


There is no place for violence in our democratic society. The constitution provides all South Africans with the right to peacefully march and protest.


The ANC has once again shown that it disregards the constitution and the rights enshrined therein.


It is our hope that those who perpetrated violence this morning will be brought to book. We expect a thorough investigation from the SAPS.


The DA will not be deterred by thuggery and the moral bankruptcy of Zuma’s ANC.


The #MarchForChange has only just begun.

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John Moodey MPL
DA Gauteng Leader
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Yaseen Carelse
DA Gauteng Leader
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Premier David Makhura: You must ensure the safety of Gauteng’s citizens


The deployment of 600 ANC MK Veterans from Kwa-Zulu Natal to Gauteng in anticipation of various democratic and peaceful marches scheduled around the province on Friday 7 April is an open incitement to violence – and a clear sign that the ANC has now condoned violence as a means to shield President Jacob Zuma from national scrutiny.


As the Premier of Gauteng, David Makhura must put his position in the ANC aside and hold true to his oath of office by ensuring that every single participant in any one of the marches scheduled for Friday in Gauteng is protected.


Premier Makhura has the power to avert a crisis by deploying more SAPS members to these marches.


As South Africans from all walks of life, and from across the political divide, gather to exercise their democratic right to protest President Jacob Zuma, it is the now imperative for good men to stand up and be counted.


Premier Makhura cannot sit idle while thousands of lives are placed in danger by the ANC who would see democracy eroded in defence of the indefensible.


Our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers – young and old will be peacefully standing in solidarity on Friday.


Premier Makhura, the people will not be deterred. We will continue our march, and encourage all concerned South Africans to join us.

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John Moodey MPL
DA Gauteng Provincial Leader
082 960 3743

Warren Gwilt
DA Economic Cluster Manager
073 601 6144

MEC Creecy must break her silence on Gordhan sacking


During her 2017 budget speech, Gauteng Finance MEC, Barbara Creecy made frequent reference to the objectives former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was attempting to achieve during his tenure.

Specifically, she committed the Gauteng Provincial Government to the fiscal path pursed by Gordhan by saying “The Gauteng Provincial Government understands the imperatives facing National Treasury and continues to endorse Minister Gordhan’s call to manage our finances in a prudent and sustainable way.”


Subsequent to Minister Gordhan’s recall from an investment roadshow, the fake intelligence report, the midnight ministerial change and the ratings downgrade, it appears as though MEC Creecy has gone to ground, failing to speak up for fiscal discipline and against state capture.


If the Gauteng Government and the Gauteng ANC are truly committed to good governance and sound economic policy, then MEC Creecy should publicly affirm this commitment in light of recent events.


The ratings downgrade, plummeting currency and inflationary risks threaten the living standards of the people of Gauteng, especially the poor.


This dark hour in our country is not the time to stay silent, and MEC Creecy owes the people of Gauteng a strong response to the pain President Jacob Zuma has inflicted on the country over the last week. This is not the time for political survival in the ANC for the sake of a salary or position.


The DA calls on MEC Creecy to speak out against the dismissal of Gordhan and Zuma’s economic mismanagement as a matter of urgency, and join civil society in calling for the removal of Zuma as president of our country. History will judge her for the path she chooses.

Media Enquiries:

Ashor Sarupen MPL
DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Finance
060 558 8303

DA Economic Cluster Manager
073 601 6144

The Gauteng ANC is a “house divided”


The proud endorsement of President Zuma in last night’s address by ANC Ekurhuleni Mayor, Mzwandile Masina, to the ANCYL in Germiston can only be a clear indication that the cracks are beginning to show in the Gauteng ANC.

Over the weekend, ANC Legislature Chief-Whip, Brian Hlongwa publicly rallied against Zuma at the memorial service held for the late Ahmed Kathrada.

With the outright endorsement of President Jacob Zuma by Mayor Masina, will the Gauteng ANC capitulate to the man who has wreaked havoc on the nation and plunged millions of South African lives into despair?

Or will they have the moral conscience to stand up to the President in a vote of no confidence in the National Assembly? A failure to do so will show that the Gauteng ANC is a house divided against itself, which ultimately will fall.

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John Moodey MPL
DA Gauteng Provincial Leader
082 960 3743

Warren Gwilt
DA Economic Cluster Manager
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On which side of history will the Gauteng ANC find itself?

President Jacob Zuma’s latest cabinet reshuffle has emphasised the urgency for all South Africans, across the political divide, to unite to safeguard the future of our country.

The common objective for all of us as responsible citizens and defenders of our Constitution is the fight against the kleptocracy of one man who wishes to deny so many, to safeguard his ill-gotten gains.


The DA has tabled a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma in the National Assembly to rid South Africa of a man hell-bent on abusing the institutions of government to enrich his masters, the Gupta family. Every single public representative will have an opportunity to vote, guided by his or her conscious to liberate the country from economic sabotage.


Now that the ANC in Gauteng has come out against President Jacob Zuma, will the Gauteng ANC provincial leadership of Hope Papo, Paul Mashatile, and Premier David Makhura instruct the Gauteng ANC MP’s in Parliament to vote against the President in the fight to save our constitutional democracy? Or is the party in the province simply grandstanding?


Now is the time to stand up and be counted. History will judge harshly those who stood idle while democracy was eroded.

Media Enquiries:

John Moodey MPL
DA Gauteng Provincial Leader
082 960 3743

Warren Gwilt
DA Economic Cluster Manager
073 601 6144

Gauteng Treasury Must Stand With Minister Gordhan To Protect The Fiscus

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and National Treasury

The DA urges Gauteng Finance MEC, Barbara Creecy, to join the call made by our colleagues in the Western Cape by asking Minister Gordhan to convene a Budget Council Meeting without delay.

The DA is extremely concerned by the public attacks on Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and National Treasury over the past couple of weeks by President Zuma and his cronies, and the latest attempt to strip National Treasury of its decision making and financial control powers – which will ultimately strip National Treasury of its power to control procurement processes.

It seems that the ANC believes that Treasury is too powerful, and has so much control that it can defy even the presidency when it comes to funding dubious projects and bail-outs.

One of the key changes appears to be for Treasury’s chief procurement officer, Kenneth Brown, to report directly to the president, and not the finance minister.

National Development Plan

President Zuma is actively trying to reign in Minister Gordhan and get rid of him in order to capture National Treasury, and expand his network of patronage and tenderpreneurship, which has underpinned his presidency.

The DA firmly believes that any perceived attack on Minister Gordhan and National Treasury will bring about an extreme loss of confidence in our capacity to deliver on the goals of the National Development Plan, and on our objective to grow the economy and create decent employment opportunities.

We cannot sit back and watch the National Treasury being systematically attacked, its authority eroded and our fiscal sustainability undermined.

It has become urgent to discuss the fiscal and economic implications of the crisis facing Treasury. It will impact the fiscus of the National Government, all provinces and municipalities.

Economy to be Downgraded

Provincial budgets are being squeezed by austerity brought on by financial mismanagement.

The impact on frontline service delivery will be hard to avoid if we allow the economy to be downgraded, or fall into a recession that takes us over the fiscal cliff.

We need to do the responsible thing and show a united front against attacks on Treasury.

The time has come for all finance MECs in all nine provinces to stand together and support and protect the integrity of National Treasury during this time of crisis, and ensure that the people are put before the needs of crony capitalists.


Media Enquiries:

Adriana Randall MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC on Finance

060 556 4342

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Fiscal Crunch Hits Gauteng Housing, Health And Agriculture Grants

ANC National Government Failure

The failure of the ANC national government to effectively manage the country’s finances is filtering down to Gauteng, with the Provincial Government seeing a reduction in the grants it receives from National Government for service delivery cut by massive amounts over the next three years.

The following departments would see reductions in grants:

  • The Human Settlements Development Grant will be reduced by R1.6 billion in the 2016/17 Financial Year;
  • Comprehensive Agriculture Support Programme Grant reduced by R210 million over the next three years; and
  • Health Facility Revitalization Grant reduced by R365 million over the next three years.

This will greatly impair the provincial government’s ability to deliver on its promises to provide housing and upgrade human settlements as outlined in by the Premier during the tabling of his office’s Annual Report last week.

In 2015/16 the Gauteng Human Settlements Department underspent on its grant and as a result under-delivered on its housing promises.

Agricultural Support Needed

The Premier pointed out in the same speech that he was unhappy with the performance of the Human Settlement department. This reduction will further impair the provinces performance in terms of housing.

Furthermore, in light of the severe drought, agricultural support is needed now more than ever in Gauteng to ensure that the sector remains viable. Drought has been cited as one of the reasons the South African economy is struggling.

The Gauteng province is similarly under pressure to ensure that its healthcare facilities are able to accommodate the needs of over 13 million people in the province, and the reduction in this grant will severely impact the provinces ability to deliver quality healthcare.

As much as the ANC in Gauteng tries to distance itself from President Jacob Zuma and the failings his administration, they are still one party with the same governing philosophy, and their ability to govern Gauteng is impacted by the President’s failings.

Gauteng Provincial Budget

The Gauteng Provincial Budget for the 2015/16 financial year does not plug these essential gaps, but the ANC government in Gauteng has still seen fit to ensure that there was a flurry of pre-election billboards marketing the provincial government and the premier.

Despite losing out on grants, the province still saw it fit to spend R100 million on ‘voter education’ for the local government election.

I challenge Gauteng Finance MEC Barbara Creecy and Premier Makura to take the approach adopted by DA Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga and slashing spending on lavish parties (such as the State of the Province Address) and unnecessary travel and getaways masked as department “study tours” and “strategic breakaways”.

I further challenge the ANC government in Gauteng to slash advertising in favour of service delivery.


Media enquiries:

Ashor Sarupen

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Finance

060 558 8303

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Tshwane Violence: Thoko Didiza And Jacob Zuma Must Come Out Of Hiding

ANC’s internal “civil war”

As Tshwane enters another day of violence and volatility fuelled by the ANC’s internal “civil war”, the big question remains: where are Thoko Didiza and Jacob Zuma while the Capital burns?

It is a sign of an imposed mayoral candidate that Thoko Didiza has been nowhere to be seen while ANC violence brings Tshwane to its knees. Didiza’s first action as mayoral candidate was to go into hiding.

The violence in Tshwane is undeniably political in nature, but the ANC refuses to accept responsibility for the actions of its members. The President, and Leader of the ANC, is yet to make a public statement condemning the violence or even to call for calm.

While the Capital burnt, Zuma instead chose to host a comfortable summit.

Restoring calm to Tshwane

Restoring calm to Tshwane requires decisive actions from the ANC leadership. I have called on Gwede Mantahse to intervene, but instead the ANC has chosen scapegoating and blame-shifting over honesty and accountability.

Yesterday the ANC went to great lengths to attempt to dismiss the severity of the violent protests and tried to paint them as opportunistic criminality and thuggery.

This shows total disregard for the clear message from ANC supporters leading the protest: the ANC in Tshwane will not accept the imposition of Thoko Didiza

The DA now understands that branches have allegedly given Luthuli House a deadline of 3 days to find a solution.

ANC Factionalism

The violence has so far caused millions in damage, including the torching of 19 busses, while countless residents of Tshwane are captives in their communities, unable to get to work and school.

If Thoko Didiza wants to retain any semblance of leadership, she must come out of hiding and address the Tshwane ANC violence immediately.

President Zuma must also step up and take responsibility for the violence he has caused.

We cannot allow the lives of the people of Tshwane to be jeopardised by factionalism within the ANC.
Media enquiries:
Motheo Mtimkulu
Media Manager: Tshwane Mayoral Campaign
083 728 0554
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Tshwane ANC Violence: DA Calls For Calm

Violence in City of Tshwane

Tonight I call for calm in the City of Tshwane after the violence that erupted in Atteridgeville, Mamelodi, Soshanguve and Hammanskraal today – over the ANC’s imposed Mayoral Candidate, Thoko Didiza – escalated this evening.

The DA condemns the factions within the ANC that are fanning the flames of violence.

Tshwane burns this evening as a result of a party at war with itself. That war has now spilled onto our streets, placing the people of Tshwane at risk.

This violence is a symptom of ANC factionalism and in-fighting after President Zuma and Luthuli House defied the local ANC by imposing an outsider to run for the Mayor of the Capital. The collateral damage in this battle for power are the people of Tshwane.

Inherent Factionalism

These are not the actions of a party that can move this City forward. This ANC infighting and obscene violence shows why we need change in Tshwane.

This mess is of Luthuli House’s making; the national leadership of the ANC must now step in and step up to prevent any loss of life and further damage to property.

I challenge ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe to intervene and stop the ANC infighting spilling further onto the streets of our City.

Let us put the future of Tshwane first and put the factionalism inherent to the ANC behind us.

On 3 August 2016 let us vote for change that will move this City forward again.
Media enquiries:
Motheo Mtimkulu
Media Manager: Tshwane Mayoral Campaign
083 728 0554