#MakhuraMustGo: Premier Makhura to face DA’s MONC next month

The DA in Gauteng welcomes the decision by the Programming Committee for the DA’s Motion of No Confidence (MONC) to be debated in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) on 18 October 2022.

This is a step in the right direction, as the ANC’s attempts to dodge the motion have been unsuccessful, considering that the DA submitted it early last month.

The DA is not surprised by the sudden change of tune by the ANC, as they also want Makhura out. However, because of their internal fractions, they continue to speak in fork tongues, which has made them consider our MONC as the only solution to get rid of him.

Should the secret ballot be allowed, Makhura’s colleagues will also vote in favour of our MONC. We have already engaged different political parties; they have agreed to support our motion and we are certain of victory.

Premier Makhura continues to fail the residents of Gauteng, he is nowhere to be found while our people and businesses are struggling due to load shedding that is severely crippling the economy. There is no plan of action on how his government will deal with the current blackouts. Our people are suffering as our municipalities are struggling to ensure that their residents have access to uninterrupted water supply during load shedding.

The DA’s proposals to the current government to engage with the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and not to be reliant on Eskom for electricity continues to be ignored.

Our people are tired of empty promises from this current government that does not prioritize service delivery. The only solution is to vote for a capable DA government that has demonstrated good governance, and accountability and continues to provide adequate service delivery in municipalities where we govern.

Under Premier Makhura’s watch, jobless and poverty has gone unchecked

Honourable Members,

Fellow South Africans,

Residents of Gauteng. 

I stand here today to declare that Premier Makhura and his administration are not fit to govern Gauteng. It is a stand that one does not take lightly, but I am convinced that if we are to turn Gauteng for the better, the current administration needs to step aside.

If we all agree that Gauteng faces triple the challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality, then we should judge an administration on what they have done to address these challenges. This administration has failed in addressing joblessness and poverty in Gauteng since 2014. 

Last week, Stats SA confirmed that unemployment and joblessness continues to increase in Gauteng. More people are without jobs and live in poverty in 2021 in Gauteng than there were in 2014 when this Premier came into office.  

In many instances when I deliver a speech in this House I say, “Mintirho ya vulavula”, your work should speak for itself. This should not mean that you climb on top of the house and claim to have done something, those that have experienced your good deeds must bear testimony and tell the good deeds you have done. Beating and dancing to your own drum is not how it is done. This administration has mastered the art of blowing its own trumpet when there is very little to see. 

Just this past Sunday, this administration chose to take a full-page advert in the Sunday Times in an effort to give a none existent picture. You see Premier, if you were doing a good job there would be no need to take a full-page advert in the Sunday Times – people would be singing your praises. We know what will follow is a series of billboards with smiling Premier and MECs claiming some easy victories. 

To show that this administration does not care about the economic plight of the people of Gauteng, we need to just look at the Economic Development Department. This department has agencies that are tasked with assisting in creating an environment for job creation, but they have more actors than Generations and Muvhango. In the last 20 months, the department has had three MECs while the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller has not had a CEO for over 5 years. Given the joblessness in Gauteng, the Economic Development Department should be the mainstay of the administration, but it one of the most unstable. Changes happen faster than how Msholozi used to reshuffle his cabinet. 

In 2018, the buzz word in the corridors of power was “nine wasted years” in reference to the Zuma administration. Looking closely to the unemployment, joblessness and poverty in Gauteng one can conclude that we have had seven wasted years in Gauteng.

Honorable Members, we have an opportunity today to avoid breaking the record of nine wasted years that Zuma had set. I ask you to vote in support of this motion. 

DA calls on Speaker to allow secret ballot for motion of no confidence in Makhura

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the decision by the Gauteng Provincial Legislature Programming Committee to schedule the DA’s motion of no confidence (MONC) in Premier, David Makhura, for Tuesday, 2nd March 2021.

This follows an initial attempt by the ANC to refuse the scheduling, which clearly exposed them for protecting Makhura from accountability.

We are pleased that the ANC finally came to their senses and allowed constitutional democracy to be exercised by the Members of the Provincial Legislature (MPLs).

The DA however, calls on the Speaker of the Legislature, Ntombi Lentheng Mekgwe to allow for a secret ballot in this very critical motion.

It is concerning that ANC MPLs might not feel safe enough to vote with their conscience if they are not protected by anonymity.

The DA believes there are many ANC MPLs who are not pleased with Makhura’s performance as Premier, and would like to vote in the best interest of the residents of Gauteng, as opposed to voting in the best interest of their party. The ANC only has 37 out of 73 seats in the Legislature, while the combined opposition stands at 36.  The 37th seat of the ANC belongs to the Speaker who only has a tie-breaking vote. If just one ANC MPL sides with the opposition, the motion will succeed.

In the spirit of accountable democracy, the DA’s request for a secret ballot should be unconditionally granted.

The time is now for MPLs across party lines to come together and act in the best interest for the people of the province. David Makhura has shown no remorse for his administration’s failures and scandals, and has proven beyond doubt, that he is no longer fit to govern.


ANC unlawfully refuses to schedule DA motion of no confidence in Premier Makhura, indicates split ANC caucus

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Gauteng is apalled that the ANC in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) have unlawfully refused to schedule the DA’s motion of no confidence (MONC) in Premier David Makhura, to a debate and subsequent vote.

Late last month, the DA tabled a MONC in Premier Makhura after it was revealed that his office had directly influenced the appointment of service providers for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) last year.

Further to this, Premier Makhura and his government have affected governance failure after failure since the start of their term in May 2019, and blatantly demonstrated a lack of political will to root out corruption and build a capable provincial government.

The obstruction by the ANC of a constitutionally-recognised mechanism is an insult to the system of participatory democracy that the voters elected us to uphold in 2019.

Further to this, refusing to schedule the DA motion, citing that the motion must first be deliberated by the Whippery of the Legislature, undermines the Rules of the GPL by hampering a Member to participate in the business of the Legislature that is consistent with democracy.

Such legal opinions on the matter that support our view have already been furnished to the Speaker of the Legislature, Ntombi Lentheng Mekgwe.

The decision on the DA’s motion very clearly indicates a split ANC caucus. If the ANC was certain they held the majority of votes to defeat the motion, they would respect democracy and allow the debate and vote to go ahead.

One only needs to remember the explosion of PPE and Covid-19 related corruption in the province last year, the failure of the Premier’s office to implement 86% of forensic investigation recommendations from the previous financial year, and the inability of Makhura to release the Bank of Lisbon fire criminal investigation report, to recognise that Makhura is indeed no longer fit to govern.

Just like the illegal and politically-driven Tshwane Municipality Council dissolution of last year, the DA remains on the right side of the law and will continue to fight for a MONC debate and vote in the GPL. Mahkura must, and will, be held accountable.

DA tables an urgent Motion of No Confidence in Merafong Mayor and Speaker

Today, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Merafong will submit an urgent motion of no confidence in the ANC Mayor Maphefo Mogale-Letsie and Speaker Elvis Mphithikezi over the R50 million VBS investment scandal and the total collapse of local governance in Merafong Local Municipality.

For far too long the ANC has been dodging a motion of no confidence debate in council to avoid being accountable to the people of Merafong.

In recent weeks Merafong has been plagued by multiple protests lead primarily by the ANC affiliated SANCO. While we condemn the destruction of infrastructure and the threat these actions pose to residents, we stand with residents who have serious and ongoing concerns regarding this local government.

Speaker Mphithikezi has been playing political games by declining the previous motion of no confidence brought by the DA as an attempt to shield the ANC.

The DA is publicly challenging the ANC to place this motion on the agenda for debate in the next council sitting.

The motion is as a result of the following:

  • The R50 million VBS investment scandal, and the Mayor’s failure to act on a Treasury instruction to remove the investment from VBS in 2017;
  • Council decisions about revenue enhancement and credit control that are being actively ignored;
  • The continued negligent and wilful behaviour of the Mayor that has led to the dire financial situation in the municipality as well as the lack of adequate service delivery; and
  • Widespread protest action from communities in Merafong which falls on deaf ears of an uncaring government.

The DA firmly believes the residents of Merafong have suffered enough under the ANC-led administration and that they deserve a competent leadership. This can only be achieved by removing the incompetent Mayor and Speaker through this motion.

We will use all the mechanisms at our disposal in Council to ensure that this motion is tabled and that the residents of Merafong are prioritised. We call on all community members, irrespective of political persuasion, to support this cause for the sustainable and future resilience of our community in Merafong.