DA probes deeper into JMPD involvement in N12 truck hijacking

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Johannesburg is deeply concerned by recent reports involving members of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) who were reportedly involved in an attempted truck hijacking on the N12 on 19 August 2023.

The DA received confirmation from a reliable source that one of the JMPD members was indeed apprehended alongside 14 other suspects for their alleged involvement in a truck hijacking crime.

The suspects’ audacious attempt to hijack a truck was thwarted thanks to the swift and coordinated efforts of the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) joint operation team.

This operation resulted in the seizure of several unlicensed firearms, jamming devices, five stolen vehicles, and an estimated R3.2 million worth of stolen or hijacked goods.

Law enforcement agencies are entrusted with the critical duty to serve and protect. Instances where those who are meant to uphold the law become implicated in criminal activities erode the fragile trust that remains between the public and the police force. Unfortunately, incidents like these contribute to the erosion of public confidence in law enforcement.

The DA firmly upholds the principle that South Africa requires a robust and effective law enforcement system. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies operate with integrity and accountability to ensure that individuals are held responsible for their criminal actions.

While the matter is currently undergoing investigation, we are committed to facilitating an open and transparent dialogue with the JMPD in order to relay accurate information to our constituents.

Furthermore, we will scrutinize the Department of Public Safety and the JMPD to strengthen the management and discipline of their personnel. We firmly believe that the actions of a few should not overshadow the dedication and hard work of the many. We, however, cannot allow the JMPD to become an accessory to crime in a country where law enforcement agencies have so much to prove already.

DA challenges ANC on recall of metro police trainees

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is shocked to learn that the ANC-led City of Johannesburg is recalling 1083 newly graduated metro police officers.

It is alleged that Johannesburg Mayor, Geoff Makhubo displayed a lack of confidence in the new recruits.

The officers recently graduated after an intensive 18-month training programme that included curriculum and assessment exams set by external bodies, including the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

It is also surely unthinkable that all 1083 recruits were unable to drive after 18 months of training.

When the officers applied for trainee positions, legislation required that they possessed a code 08 drivers licence.

While we are in full support of ensuring the city’s law enforcement is professionalised and properly equipped, we also understand that some of the newly qualified metro police officers will take longer to adapt to their dangerous and challenging work environment and that they must also be supported by on-the-job training.

It is senseless to recall the entire 1 083 officers for retraining because they require support.

The DA-led coalition government recruited these officers due to the dire need for better policing and public safety in Johannesburg.

If this move by Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo is of pure politicking, it will endanger the lives of residents, and the DA will hold him accountable.

JMPD assault video a call to bring change

The video made public yesterday of Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officers physically assaulting a motorist near Midrand, shows how essential it is for a full clean-up of the JMPD.

This video should serve as a clarion call to Johannesburg residents to vote for change in the upcoming local government elections, and to vote out a government which sets criminal cops upon residents.

My colleague and DA Shadow MMC for Safety, Cllr Michael Sun has lodged a complaint with the Joburg director for Internal Investigations at JMPD, and requested him to investigate this videographed incident immediately, and to take the necessary disciplinary steps.

This will be a telling test for the City of Johannesburg, with so much evidence of this assault already in the public domain.

On Saturday I launched the DA’s Vision for Johannesburg with concrete plans to make this city greater than it has ever been, which included our plans for a professional and disciplined JMPD.

As part of the DA’s “Service with Pride” mission to bring out the best in the city’s officials, we will improve officers’ training and transform the current Internal Affairs Unit into an Integrity and Internal Investigations Unit.

This new unit under the DA government will be directly accountable to the people through the Mayor and open council committees.

The Integrity and Internal Investigations Unit will be empowered to suspend criminal cops, fast-track an internal disciplinary system and criminally charge any officers who are found to have broken the law.

The DA government will protect and support JMPD officers while they combat crime, but will take immediate action when they become the criminals.

Wherever the DA governs, we put the people first, and we do not hesitate to act against any officials who act unlawfully.

Change is coming to Johannesburg that will cut corruption and bring safety to the City.

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Illegal window washers: DA acts with JMPD and SAPS

Residents and motorists in the East Gate and Bruma areas have complained to DA’s spokesperson on Public Safety Councillor. Michael Sun about the growing window washer problem at the intersection of N3 and Marcia street.

Residents claim that the window washers specifically target female drivers. There are also criminals using window washing as a distraction whilst  their accomplices conduct smash and grabs or open car boots to rob motorists.

Clr Sun says “I have witnessed window washers acting aggressively towards motorists on a number of occasions at this intersection”, “window washers will squirt soap onto windscreens and only clean half of the windscreen and ask for money, if no money is given, they will purposely leave the driver’s side of the windscreen unwashed and covered in soap, which not only puts the lives of motorist at risk but is also illegal”.

A swoop operation was carried out on the 23rd November 2015 by JMPD and SAPS. Councillor Sun and ward 118 Councillor Mike Spadino joined JMPD and SAPS in the operation. Six illegal window washers were arrested and taken to the Cleveland police Station.

When the illegal window washers saw the JMPD and SAPS vehicle approaching, they ran in all directions, Clr. Sun personally gave chase and assisted JMPD officers to apprehend some of the illegal window washers.

Clr. Sun says” it is crucial that visible and constant policing needs to be present to minimise this problem but it is also important that the community assists SAPS and metro police officers in doing their jobs”, “as a start, motorists need to be vigilant and not to encourage these illegal window washers”.

Clr. Sun expresses his gratitude on behalf of the community for the good work done by Sgt Bolsen and Sgt Mackett and the team they lead from JMPD and the officers from SAPS Cleveland for their assistance. The DA remains commited to continue working with the JMPD and SAPS to tackle this problem.


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Shadow MMC for Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg municipality

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