Eldorado Park Drug Bust: A First Step To Address Drugs Crisis

Drugs and Drug Abuse in Eldorado Park

The DA welcomes the arrest of 34 people on drug related charges in Eldorado Park, as a first step to beginning to address the massive scourge of drugs in the City of Johannesburg.

Drugs and drug abuse have been a massive burden on the people of Eldorado Park, and over the years, the DA has consistently taken up the fight against this scourge on our society going so far as detailing known drug dens to the Metro Police and SAPS.

Yesterday’s arrests are only the beginning of what must be an all-out campaign to save our communities from a drugs crisis.

The most effective way to rid communities of drugs and drug abuse is through cooperation between communities and law enforcement, and job creation that keeps people out of drugs and crime.

Safe Streets Initiative

The DA will continue to mobilise communities to identify drug dens, drug dealers and so-called “lolly lounges” and give this information to the police.

In government in Johannesburg, after this year’s election, the DA will work to create jobs that keep people out of drugs and crime, roll out programmes tried and tested in the Western Cape to combat drugs, as well as our own Safe Streets Initiative.

This will include awareness campaigns in schools and targeted neighbourhoods, social safety programmes for street children, as well as increased visible policing and regular raids.

The DA is committed to winning the war on drugs, and stand ready to bring safe streets and neighbourhoods to Johannesburg.

Job creation is surely the best tool to effectively eradicate the scourge of drugs, and job creation will be the DA’s most focussed priority when we govern Johannesburg.


Media enquiries

Willie Venter

Director: Communications and Research

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DA Marches Against Drug Abuse in Daveyton

On Saturday, 28th of March 2015, the Democratic Alliance staged a protest march against the rising incidents of drug abuse and associated criminality in Daveyton.

DA activists marching against drug abuse

Over 300 DA members and supporters marched several kilometers from to the Daveyton Police Station to hand over a memorandum to the South African Police Service, demanding ‎that the Narcotics Bureau be reinstated to deal with drugs and crime intelligence around drugs, as well as more frequent raids of drug dens and visible policing around schools to keep drug dealers away.

The march was a peaceful occurred without incident, and was pre-approved with SAPS along an agreed route, as the DA is a party of the rule of law and supports the rule of law.

The DA will continue to demand that specialised policing units be reinstated to deal with specific crimes and will be pursing the issue through the various councils, legislatures and parliament.

The DA in Daveyton will be running a month long campaign on drug abuse with the community.


Media Enquiries

Ashor Sarupen MPL

DA Constituency Head – Springs / Daveyton

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