Nothing special planned for Gauteng’s economy

Despite continuous rhetoric from the ANC-led provincial government in Gauteng about radical economic transformation to bolster growth and job creation, there are no active special economic zones (SEZ) in the province.

This was revealed by Gauteng Economic Development MEC, Lebogang Maile in response to DA questions posed in the Gauteng Legislature.

The only site that has been identified as a potential SEZ is in the OR Tambo precinct in Ekurhuleni. No information has been provided as to what the nature of this SEZ will be, how many people will be employed and what value it will add to the economy of Gauteng.

To date, only a comparative study has been completed, the details of which are unknown.

If the ANC-led provincial government in Gauteng is serious about creating a more inclusive and value-added economy, it would look to creating more SEZ across the province.

These zones will create opportunities for new industries ideal for entrepreneurs and foster a climate in which innovation and job creation would thrive.

More out-of-the-box thinking is required by the provincial government and the department if it is to effectively tackle the high rates of unemployment in the province, but also move the economy of Gauteng into the 21st century.

The DA will write to MEC Lebogang Maile to request a copy of the comparative study to ascertain what the plans are for the OR Tambo SEZ.
Media Enquiries

Janet Semple MPL
DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Economic Development
082 462 8239
Warren Gwilt
Media Manager
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Gauteng Service Delivery Dealt A Blow By Slow Release Of Funds

Gauteng Provincial Government – National Treasury

Five major Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) departments have yet to receive their allotted budget for the second quarter of this financial year due to the slow transfer of funds from National Treasury.

The departments of Roads and Transport, Community Safety, Agriculture and Rural Development, E-Government and Infrastructure Development, which should by now have received 50% or more of their equitable share from National Treasury are all low in the 40% region.

Of notable concern is the department of E-Governance, which to date has only received 40.8% of its allocated funding. This department is the nerve centre of government business in Gauteng. If it fails to fulfil its mandate due to financial constraints, it will have dire consequences for the other GPG departments.

Premier David Makhura’s Transformation, Modernisation and Re-Industrialisation Plan

In an effort to restructure the economy of Gauteng, Premier David Makhura’s Transformation, Modernisation and Re-Industrialisation (TMR) plan hinges on departments like Infrastructure and Agriculture for its success. However, without funding, it will be impossible for these departments to make in-roads to address economic growth and job creation.

As the country’s most populace province, it is imperative that these funds are made available to departments as soon as possible so that residents of Gauteng receive the service they deserve.

It is at this stage unclear as to why these funds have yet to be made available.

Premier David Makhura must engage his counterparts in national government to speed up the payment process as he has done with the issues surrounding monies owed to the Gauteng Department of Health.

Province’s Financial Obligations

If the process is delayed due to departments failing to comply with legislation, swift action must be taken against accounting officers in departments.

The DA will continue to ensure that the province’s financial obligations are met and that service delivery is not hampered.



Media Enquiries:

Adriana Randall MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC on Finance

060 556 4342

IEC Instructs Parks Tau To Respond To DA Complaint By COB Today

Abusing City Funds

Lawyers acting for the IEC have instructed incumbent Johannesburg Mayor and ANC Mayoral Candidate, Parks Tau, to respond to the DA’s complaint against him by close of business today.

On 8 July, the DA laid a complaint with the IEC against Parks Tau for abusing City funds to shamelessly advertise himself and the ANC.

The City of Joburg, has tried to rubbish our complaint as falling within its responsibility to, “inform residents of progress towards fulfilling its mandate”, but this is a blatant distortion of the truth and an attempt to misinform the public.

The basis of our complaint is a radio advertisement paid for by the City of Johannesburg, which reads as follows:

“A great city like Joburg deserves great leadership, so it’s good to know that Joburg executive mayor, counsellor Parks Tau, was recently nominated as an African candidate for the United Cities and Local Government co-Presidency and the MEC for Health and Social Development was elected Vice President of the Network for Locally Elected Women of Africa, an Integral part of United Cities and Local Governance Africa. Clearly the city of Joburg is in good hands. Joburg, a world class African city.”

ANC Cronies Waste Tax-payers’ Money

This is clearly an excessive and gratuitous depiction of an office bearer of the City, and clearly creates a perception that the advertisement promotes the Mayor as an individual.

It has absolutely nothing to do with informing Johannesburg residents of any progress made by the City towards fulfilling its mandate.

The DA will not stand by idly while Tau and his ANC cronies waste tax-payers’ money on self-promotion and threaten the fairness of the upcoming elections.

Electoral Code of Conduct

The electoral Code of Conduct states that:

“No person may, abuse a position of power, privilege or influence, including parental, patriarchal, traditional or employment authority to influence the conduct or outcome of an election”.

By spending public money on party political propaganda, Mr Tau is abusing his position in an attempt to influence the outcome of this election.

We eagerly await the response of Parks Tau, who must be held to account for flagrant abuse of City funds and infringement of the electoral Code of Conduct.

Should the IEC fail to take strong action against Tau, the DA will consider its legal options against Mayor Tau, as well as the IEC, in the interest of upholding the Code of Conduct, the Constitution, and South Africa’s hard-won democracy.

Millions of Rand have been spent on newspaper adverts, billboards, and radio adverts over the past four months in an attempt to prop up Tau’s administration.

This excessive and wasteful expenditure comes in the wake of disastrous failures by the ANC-run City to create jobs, stop corruption, and ensure quality service delivery to all.

City of Golden Opportunities

For too long, the ANC has broken its promises and lost the trust of the people of Johannesburg.

I call on the people of Johannesburg to see through the ANC’s blatant lies and punish them on 3 August.

It is time to bring an end to the ANC’s arrogance and their unashamed misuse of your money.

I pledge to never abuse your trust and misuse your money. Under a DA administration the residents and businesses of Johannesburg will be put ahead of self-interest, patronage and corruption.

Together, we can make Johannesburg a city of golden opportunities.

On 3 August, vote for change that will move Johannesburg forward.


Media enquiries:

Nkele Molapo

Media Officer

072 041 4842

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Mzwandile Masina: ANC Factional Politics Beats Service Delivery

Mzwandile Masina – Ekurhuleni Mayoral Candidate

By selecting Mzwandile Masina as their Mayoral candidate for Ekurhuleni, the ANC have shown that factionalism and cadre deployment trump service delivery and job creation.

Masina, who currently occupies the position of Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, is known to be an open Jacob Zuma man. Given the political struggle within the ANC in Gauteng between the Mashatile camp and the Zuma camp, it is no wonder that Masina has been parachuted into this position. He has no track record of delivery or governance.

Now Jacob Zuma has deployed Masina from parliament, to undermine the local ANC.

Unemployment in Ekurhuleni

Masina visited Dubai in early April this year. Did he visit the Gupta’s on his travels – given his proximity to President Zuma? Did the Gupta’s perhaps grant him his ministerial position when he was appointed in 2014? These are questions that Masina owes the people of Ekurhuleni answers to.

A close examination of his tenure in office as the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry revels that he has done very little. As a Mayor, it is unlikely this will change. His only major contribution in the public domain has been threatening DA MP’s with violence in Parliament.

Ekurhuleni is now the unemployment capital of Gauteng, where unemployment is at 35%, and in the first quarter of this year alone 110 000 jobs were lost in this city. The ANC has led a jobs massacre in Ekurhuleni which has seen 638 000 people lose their jobs since incumbent Mayor Mondli Gungubele took office. The ANC now wishes to replace Gungubele with someone even less experienced and capable to continue this jobs blood bath.

Poor Delivery, Corruption

Ekurhuleni requires a leader who will grasp the challenges of unemployment head on and deliver growth. The people of this city deserve a leader whose party has the track record of delivering services to all, especially the poor, cutting corruption and creating jobs.

I therefore publicly challenge Mzwandile Masina to debate me on the issues that face residents of this Metro, to try and explain to the voters how a newly deployed Zuma friend, without a track record, could stem the tide of poor delivery, corruption and job losses that plagues Ekurhuleni, and how he will do anything better to the plans I have proposed to give this Metro what it needs most – jobs.

The DA has a proven track record of job creation, cutting corruption and delivering services – we are ready to bring this record to Ekurhuleni.


Media enquiries:

Warren Gwilt

073 601 6144

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DA Debates 2016/17 Gauteng Department Of Infrastructure Development Budget

Speech by: Alan Fuchs MPL

“Gauteng’s infrastructure budget expects different outcome trying same old tricks”

  • DID exhibits the typical symptoms of public sector insourcing, namely inefficiency, ineffectiveness and costs that are much higher than they would be in an environment of proper political oversight, competency, sound management and consequences for non-performance.
  • It is common cause that the building of infrastructure can positively influence the economy and our socio-economic circumstances. To do so however, requires a certain amount of investment which is usually expressed as a percentage of GDP. In Gauteng, we are nowhere near the level of investment required.
  • It is incumbent on this administration to stop the bleeding in DID. The first step that must be taken is a skills audit of all personnel to ensure that we have the right people with the requisite skills in the right job.
  • You must put your political pride in your pocket and involve the private sector either as partners in PPPs or by outsourcing the construction of infrastructure and buying or leasing back the assets

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Janho Engelbrecht MPL

“Gauteng’s infrastructure budget expects different outcome trying same old tricks”

  • DID is not able to meet its mandate, not because of this budget, but because it is not able to lift its performance above 60%, year in and year out.
  • A large part of DID’s budget goes towards Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).
  • The ANC uses EPWP to prop up statistics on job creation while knowing that EPWP jobs does not represent sustainable permanent jobs.
  • If the EPWP jobs are taken out of the job creation statistics a true reflection of reality comes to the fore, which is a province facing an unemployment crisis.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Media enquiries:

Alan Fuchs, MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Infrastructure Development

060 558 8313


Janho Engelbrecht, MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Infrastructure Development

060 556 4343

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DA Debates 2016/17 Gauteng Department Of Economic Development Budget

Speech by: Ina Cilliers MPL

“Economic budget out of sync with economic crisis”

  • The Department of Economic Development’s budget of R1.3 billion is not leveraged in such a way to create a meaningful, large scale economic difference in Gauteng – especially not in township economies.
  • An amount of only R245 million is budgeted for economic infrastructure- this is a very small amount given demands in Gauteng, and only R50 million of this will be spent in townships.
  • The department should re-evaluate their planned spend to focus on modernising the informal economy in the townships because this is where potential is and entrepreneurs there have different needs.
  • The department can use their money to make it easier to do business in Gauteng by cutting red tape, relaxing the regulatory environment and by looking for best practice to emulate.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Ashor Sarupen MPL

“Cadre deployment holding back real job creation”

  • The AIDC is now paralysed by infighting. Documentation is presently sitting with the Public Protector and the Public Service Commission that shows that staff have been appointed by this CEO even though they did not even score highest in the interviews, in contravention of policy.
  • The reality is that the ANC created agencies in Gauteng not for the purposes of economic growth, but to give high paying jobs to its members, regardless of their position.
  • Honourable Premier – you called for more cadre deployment… The ANC must stop misleading people – what it says in its manifesto are not its real policies.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Janho Engelbrecht MPL

 “Policy uncertainty cannot weather Gauteng’s economic storm”

  • This government must provide certainty on its vision for the economy, the policy it intends to implement to realize that vision, and its commitment to ensuring that the economy serves ordinary people.
  • The government should recognize the need to broaden participation in the economy and help to make it easier for outsiders, not just the politically connected, to become owners, access capital and actively participate in the economy.
  • Government must work to give more people the education and skills they need to get a job and to support the kinds of research and development that can make South Africa a winning nation in a globalized knowledge economy.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Media enquires:

Ina Cilliers

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Economic Development

060 556 4344


Ashor Sarupen

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Economic Development

060 558 8303


Janho Engelbrecht

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Economic Development

060 556 4343

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Tshwane Budget: Msimanga To Set Out Expectations

Today, Wednesday 25 May 2016, DA Mayoral Candidate for Tshwane, Solly Msimanga MPL, will brief the media on what Mayor Ramokgopa should announce in the 2016 Budget Speech to get Tshwane working, if he is serious about solving the jobs crisis in Tshwane.

With 517,000 residents of Tshwane without jobs, after the number grew by 40,000 in the first 3 months of the year, Mayor Ramokgopa has no choice but to announce serious interventions to create jobs and grow the Tshwane economy. Based on the draft budget tabled by the Mayor in March, too little is being done by the ANC government of Tshwane to provide hope to hundreds of thousands of jobless in Tshwane.

The briefing will take place as follows:

Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Time: 10:00

Venue: DA Gauteng North Regional Office

Address: Midcity Square, 501 Jorissen Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria


Media enquiries:

Motheo Mtimkulu

Media Manager: Tshwane Mayoral Campaign

083 728 0554

Tshwane Budget: Msimanga To Set Out Expectations

Tomorrow, Wednesday 25 May 2016, DA Mayoral Candidate for Tshwane, Solly Msimanga MPL, will brief the media on what Mayor Ramokgopa should announce in the 2016 Budget Speech to get Tshwane working, if he is serious about solving the jobs crisis in Tshwane.

With 517,000 residents of Tshwane without jobs, after the number grew by 40,000 in the first 3 months of the year, Mayor Ramokgopa has no choice but to announce serious interventions to create jobs and grow the Tshwane economy. Based on the draft budget tabled by the Mayor in March, too little is being done by the ANC government of Tshwane to provide hope to hundreds of thousands of jobless in Tshwane.

The briefing will take place as follows:

Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Time: 10:00

Venue: DA Gauteng North Regional Office

Address: Midcity Square, 501 Jorissen Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria


Media enquiries:

Motheo Mtimkulu

Media Manager: Tshwane Mayoral Campaign

083 728 0554

Mashaba Calls For A Jobs Budget

We are in the midst of a jobs crisis. History will judge us harshly if we do not respond.

There are 869 000 unemployed residents in Johannesburg, 66 000 of whom joined the ranks of the unemployed in the first quarter of 2016.

Tomorrow’s budget presented by MMC for Finance, Geoffrey Makhubo is expected to fall short of addressing this crisis.

The growing unemployment in our city is a scar on Mayor Parks Tau’s record and conscience.

The Mayor has the privilege of leading Africa’s financial and business capital.  Yet he has failed to use the power of his office to stimulate job creation.

He speaks of a ‘new economic democracy’ in Joburg, but his words mean nothing to the 869 000 unemployed residents of this city.

The Mayor’s lack of empathy for the jobless is underlined by how he spends millions on advertisements and billboards to promote himself under the guise of the State of the City Address in which he offered nothing to solve the problem of rising unemployment. We have seen similar wasteful expenditure on the advertising for tomorrow’s budget speech

Style over substance is the hallmark of Mr Tau’s leadership.

With typical fanfare, ‘Jozi@ work’ was launched in 2014. The MMC stated in his 2015 Budget Speech that, “Jozi@work will transform the lived reality of many young people by providing job opportunities that will lift them out of poverty and contribute positively to the economy of the City.

Yet there are 81,000 more jobless people in this city than there were a year ago.

With jobs, people can buy their own homes, taking the pressure off the state to provide homes. With jobs, we have more revenue to spend on the poor. With jobs, we can create opportunities. With jobs, we can remove the main cause of the abuse of drugs like Nyaope.

If elected Mayor on 3 August, there are 5 areas my administration will focus on for purposes of stimulating job creation.

  1. Ensuring service with pride

As a starting point, it is essential to ensure that Joburg’s civil servants are motivated, hardworking, and understand that their work is a service to the people of this city.

We need to invest in changing the culture within the civil service in Johannesburg.

My administration will ensure that funding is set aside in the Budget to create a new vision for officials in conjunction with professionals.

This will help to ensure that civil servants are working at optimum performance in a happy environment.

Without prioritising this project, I will not be able to effectively realise my vision for this city. After all, it is the officials that will ensure the smooth running of our city, and an effective civil service will help to attract investment which in turn will stimulate job creation

By professionalising this sector we can ensure maximised outcomes so that the residents and investors in our city have confidence in the way in which it is run.

  1. Assist entrepreneurs in starting and growing businesses

My administration will cut red tape to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses and create jobs.

In this regard, City-owned land and buildings would be audited. Affordable commercial spaces for small businesses, artisans, and shops would be identified and leased out at the lowest available rental.

My administration would budget for the funding off Local Economic Development centres. These one-stop shops would provide information on investment opportunities, licensing, land use, planning approval procedures, regulatory compliance, investor information, and business start-up advice to drive and promote job-creating investment.

My administration would find ways to connect small businesses with service providers so as to provide budgetary expertise, assist with business plans, give advice regarding tender processes, provide compliance and legal advice, and connect small businesses that require financial advice and access to loans. This will help stimulate growth of small businesses.

  1. Enhance services and infrastructure delivery

As Mayor, the strategic direction of my administration’s budget would be orientated towards delivering essential services and infrastructure.

In 2011 then MMC for Finance, Parks Tau, pledged to eradicate gravel roads. Unsurprisingly, this promise was never realised.

My administration would budget for key increases in spending on major road upgrades and repairs. In 2014/15 the City of Cape Town spent R3 billion upgrading major roads. By comparison, the City of Joburg only spent R60 million. In the same year, the City of Cape Town repaired 550 000 square meters of potholes, while the City of Joburg only repaired 91 234 square metres.

The City suffered from over 300 power outages in the past month. This is an average of at least 10 outages a day.

On this point, my administration would budget for an artisan programme within City Power to train electricians and essential staff. The current allocation of two technicians per region, per shift is simply unsustainable.

My administration would budget for the accelerated realisation of access to electricity in all informal settlements.

Tomorrow, the MMC must clearly outline the budget and timeframe for the realisation of their commitment to do so. It is essential that this project caters for all of this city’s informal settlements and I will be closely following any developments on this.

With regard to Pikitup, protracted strikes and general inefficiency is becoming the norm. We believe that Pikitup must be broken up into a number of smaller service providers in each region so as to ensure an end to its monopoly on refuse collection.

  1. Cut wasteful expenditure

My administration would provide a clear plan to slash wasteful expenditure.

In 2013/14 Joburg’s unauthorised, irregular, fruitless, and wasteful expenditure stood at over R215 million. This soared to over R362 594 million in 2013/14. By comparison, the City of Cape Town’s wasteful expenditure stood at R339 000 in the same year.

My administration would provide a clear plan to ensure wasteful expenditure is halved within one year and eventually brought to under R1 million by the end of my first term in office.

This will help to restore trust in the Joburg administration as money is being spent wisely and honestly. In turn this will encourage investment in the local economy, which will help to stimulate job creation.

Trust will also be enhanced by opening up the tender process to public scrutiny, which will be a top priority of my administration.

In addition, as Mayor, I would pledge that every department will have a clean audit within three years.

With regard to the Expanded Public Works Programme, I would scrap the current system that fosters corruption and replace it with one that creates fair opportunities. Key to this process is the creation of an impartial EPWP jobs allocation database as has been successfully implemented in the City of Cape Town. By doing this, the EPWP can be used as a catalyst for job creation in Joburg.

  1. Assist job seekers in finding work

Local Government should play a more central role in helping its youth find employment, and keeping them away from crime and drugs.

I would introduce a free transport allowance for job seekers, so that they can find work and get to interviews.

Free and equipped wifi zones would also be provided for jobseekers and aspirant entrepreneurs at labour centres and in townships.

I would budget more money for programmes to assist unemployed matriculants and young people to find jobs.

In 2015/16, the DA run City of Cape Town spent R71 million for this purpose, while the City of Joburg spent only R21 million.

Decisive action is required to stop the rot in Johannesburg.

If elected, my administration would act fast to implement changes such as those highlighted above.

Changes that are focused on doing what is right by the hundreds of thousands of Johannesburg’s residents who simply look for the dignity of a good day’s work.

We challenge MMC Makhubo to tell us tomorrow how he will begin to address the jobs bloodbath that began under Mayor Parks Tau’s administration.


Media enquiries:

Nkele Molapo

Media officer

072 041 4842

I Will Stand Up To Minister Oliphant Over Closed Down Labour Centres

145 Commissioner Street

Yesterday the DA visited the Department of Labour’s job centre at 145 Commissioner Street, which has been closed for almost two years now.

This means that Johannesburg’s job seekers are being denied access to work opportunities not only by an uncaring national government, but also by a city administration that is happy to sit on its hands and do nothing to take the National Minister, Mildred Oliphant, on.

This would change if I am elected Mayor of Johannesburg. The City can’t sit back and do nothing. I would stand up to Minister Oliphant from day one and tell her to reopen this important labour centre.

Labour Centres

Labour centres play a vital role in assisting job seekers to find employment. With the most important job centre in the city being closed down, while 66 000 additional people have joined the ranks of the unemployed in the last 3 months, many people will miss out on opportunities.

If the mayor is serious about creating jobs and building a prosperous city, he would also have established the City’s own job centres linked to the national centres and a central database of available job opportunities.

Job creation will be the DA’s first priority from the day we take office in Johannesburg.

Expanded Public Works Programme, Community Works Programme, City of Johannesburg internships

We will place all available Expanded Public Works Programme, Community Works Programme, City of Johannesburg internships, and other government jobs on a central database, which will be accessible via the Internet and at job centres.

We will invite the private sector to advertise their job vacancies on this same database in order to expand the pool of available jobs.

Change is coming to Johannesburg, change that boosts the local economy, creates jobs and transforms the city into a city that delivers a better life.


Media enquiries:

Willie Venter

060 963 8260