DA challenges ANC on recall of metro police trainees

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is shocked to learn that the ANC-led City of Johannesburg is recalling 1083 newly graduated metro police officers.

It is alleged that Johannesburg Mayor, Geoff Makhubo displayed a lack of confidence in the new recruits.

The officers recently graduated after an intensive 18-month training programme that included curriculum and assessment exams set by external bodies, including the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

It is also surely unthinkable that all 1083 recruits were unable to drive after 18 months of training.

When the officers applied for trainee positions, legislation required that they possessed a code 08 drivers licence.

While we are in full support of ensuring the city’s law enforcement is professionalised and properly equipped, we also understand that some of the newly qualified metro police officers will take longer to adapt to their dangerous and challenging work environment and that they must also be supported by on-the-job training.

It is senseless to recall the entire 1 083 officers for retraining because they require support.

The DA-led coalition government recruited these officers due to the dire need for better policing and public safety in Johannesburg.

If this move by Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo is of pure politicking, it will endanger the lives of residents, and the DA will hold him accountable.

DA Welcomes JMPD Deployment To Protect Refuse Collectors

Pikitup – Striking Workers

The DA welcomes the City of Johannesburg’s decision to heed the DA call made last week, to have Metro Police officers protect auxiliary refuse collectors while the protracted Pikitup strike drags on.

This is a vindication of the DA’s assertion that the City of Joburg was not doing enough to work around the Pikitup strike, or to protect private refuse collectors.

The city’s response to the Pikitup strike has been woefully inadequate. Striking workers have been left to rampage unchecked while Mayor Parks Tau has been torn between his allegiances to the City, the Pikitup entity and the unions on strike.

In alliance with COSATU unions, the ANC is weak and ineffectual at solving strike action.

Where DA Governs

Recognising rubbish collection as an essential service, a DA-led city government would not allow strike action to affect residents for this ridiculously protracted time.

Enormous amounts of rotten rubbish strewn in our communities are leaving all people unsafe and in unhealthy environments.

Our poorest communities are especially at risk, as rubbish now lies where children play, where old people walk and live and is piling up at the front doors of homes.

In contrast, in the City of Cape Town where the DA governs, a large part of rubbish collection is managed by the City under its direct control, along with a number of private contractors, under close supervision of the city.

This creates an environment of competitive pricing and service delivery, as well as effective contingency planning in the event of industrial action.

It is this form of administration Johannesburg’s people can look forward to when they vote for change in the coming local government elections, and vote the DA into government.

The DA will bring change to Johannesburg, change that brings effective and quality service delivery to all.


Media enquiries:

Willie Venter

Director: Communications and research

060 963 8260

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Pikitup Strike: The Time To Act Is Now

The City of Johannesburg and the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) must immediately act to resolve the illegal strike of Pikitup workers.

The strike has been raging for more than three weeks now, while SAMWU workers trash the city’s streets and intimidate contractors who have been engaged to collect waste.

For as long as the talks between the city and SAMWU continue, metro police officials must be assigned to escort service providers on their rubbish collection rounds, and immediately act against SAMWU intimidation.

During this time, it should be all hands on deck, and all JMPD officers must work extended hours and be on permanent stand-by.

Residents and business should not be allowed to suffer while SAMWU tries to hold the city to ransom.

In the City of Cape Town, the DA has placed all service delivery entities under central control to speed up delivery and for greater accountability and oversight.

Because where the DA governs, service delivery comes first, especially to the poor and the vulnerable.

During this year’s local government elections voters will choose between government under DA control that puts people and service delivery first, or an ANC one that prioritises personal party loyalties and union alliances first.

Change is coming, and the DA is ready to step in and bring the DA difference to the people of Johannesburg.


Media enquiries:

Willie Venter

Director: Communications and research

060 963 8260

JMPD assault video a call to bring change

The video made public yesterday of Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officers physically assaulting a motorist near Midrand, shows how essential it is for a full clean-up of the JMPD.

This video should serve as a clarion call to Johannesburg residents to vote for change in the upcoming local government elections, and to vote out a government which sets criminal cops upon residents.

My colleague and DA Shadow MMC for Safety, Cllr Michael Sun has lodged a complaint with the Joburg director for Internal Investigations at JMPD, and requested him to investigate this videographed incident immediately, and to take the necessary disciplinary steps.

This will be a telling test for the City of Johannesburg, with so much evidence of this assault already in the public domain.

On Saturday I launched the DA’s Vision for Johannesburg with concrete plans to make this city greater than it has ever been, which included our plans for a professional and disciplined JMPD.

As part of the DA’s “Service with Pride” mission to bring out the best in the city’s officials, we will improve officers’ training and transform the current Internal Affairs Unit into an Integrity and Internal Investigations Unit.

This new unit under the DA government will be directly accountable to the people through the Mayor and open council committees.

The Integrity and Internal Investigations Unit will be empowered to suspend criminal cops, fast-track an internal disciplinary system and criminally charge any officers who are found to have broken the law.

The DA government will protect and support JMPD officers while they combat crime, but will take immediate action when they become the criminals.

Wherever the DA governs, we put the people first, and we do not hesitate to act against any officials who act unlawfully.

Change is coming to Johannesburg that will cut corruption and bring safety to the City.

Media enquiries:

Willie Venter

Director: Communications and research

060 963 8260

If Johannesburg works, South Africa works

Today we take the future of Joburg into our hands.

We are in Alexandra today, a place which represents the potential of Johannesburg, to show our determination to bring change to Johannesburg.

Let’s build a fair Johannesburg that we can all be proud to call home. Let’s create jobs for the millions of unemployed.

Let’s empower the many young black people who don’t experience the dignity of work.

Johannesburg is a great city. It is a melting pot of cultures. It’s the heartbeat of our nation. But Johannesburg can be even greater.

There was a time after 1994 when Johannesburg made progress towards redress.

There was improved housing delivery and essential services. There was development. There was economic growth.

Freedom meant that our city became one Jozi, a city that everyone called home.

But today that progress has stalled. Service delivery is no longer meeting people’s needs. Unemployment is unacceptably high.

Those close to government are getting rich, while everyone else is getting poorer.

We have stopped moving forward.

The current of corruption and bad governance is pulling us backwards.

That’s why I am standing as the DA’s change candidate. To make Johannesburg stand tall again.

I’ve entered the race of my life because I love this City and because I’ve seen how opportunity changes lives. It is deeply personal.

I know that opportunity is the difference between hope and fear, life and death.

My story, like many of your stories, challenges those who seek to use race to divide us.

Like millions of black South Africans, I grew up in poverty during apartheid. I grew up in GaRamotse in Hammanskraal and I was raised by my sisters while our mother worked long hours as a domestic worker.

Mmusi Maimane and I went back there last Monday, and I saw how too little has changed.

The difficulty of life back then, in so many ways still exists today in places like Soweto, Alex, Orange Farm, Kaya Sand, and Zandspruit.

This is not yet a fair society.

And this is why I work for change in Johannesburg.

In my twenties, I set up a company called Black Like Me with a white partner. A man I could proudly call a friend.

I have always believed that black and white South Africans journeys are bound together.

We share unbreakable bonds of humanity and goodness. We share one destiny. We stand or fall together.

The dream of a non-racial South Africa gives life. Despite the storms that threaten to overwhelm us, the dream lives on. The dream will never die.

This dream motivates me every day.

I’ve not found hatred or bitterness on the campaign. I’ve found courage, warmth, and kindness in the midst of unspeakable difficulties.

I’ve been changed by what I’ve experienced.

I’ve seen poor and old grandmothers dig their own toilet pits.

I’ve been stung by the despair of young black men in townships without jobs or an education.

I’ve felt the hopelessness of young people, most of whom are black, trapped in long-term unemployment.

I’ve winced as young mothers queue to pump water for their families into buckets.

I’ve felt the frustration of small business entrepreneurs, many of whom are black, who have no support to prosper.

This stirs us to action.

This new DA city government will redress past injustices. Redress means to ‘make right’ with our brothers and sisters, with a dynamic economy.

Ending the divide between “insiders” and “outsiders” will turn South Africa around.

Our vision is to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the City of Gold over the next five years. We will attract investment by being an open, transparent, clean, well-governed city that is open to business.

For if Johannesburg works, South Africa works.

We’ll get Johannesburg working by helping small businesses. We’ll cut the red tape that strangles entrepreneurs. We’ll cut up the old by-laws that obstruct business growth, in our first days in office. After 100 days they’ll be removed or amended.

We’ll audit City-owned land and buildings to set free the people’s assets. We’ll identify affordable commercial spaces for small businesses, artisans, and shops, and we’ll make them available at the most affordable annual rental possible.

We’ll connect people to training opportunities and internships. We’ll help them to find jobs in these new businesses.

I know how business works, with a 30-year track record of creating thousands of jobs. Job creation is in my public service DNA.

The DA will connect aspirant entrepreneurs to start-up loans.

We’ll carve up large tenders into small contracts. Many more small businesses can then bid for them successfully. And we’ll open up the tender system entirely, so everyone can see how they are awarded.

We’ll cut out all of the unnecessary consultants, to save millions for service delivery.

We’ll partner large, sector-focused companies with smaller businesses that want to grow. These will be business growth mentoring programmes through the City.

We cannot stop thinking about the future. The ‘Internet of Everything’ will determine the future of successful cities.

We’ll develop a customised network by 2021 and we’ll centralise City data to improve service delivery, from repairing potholes to saving energy.

City and state trade missions to South Africa will bring investment to a new Jozi that is open, accessible, and transparent.

We will lead a revolution in the service levels of public servants and unveil a ‘Service with Pride’ vision on day one.

Courtesy and swiftly answered telephones will become the new norm. We’ll award exceptional performance for raising the City’s profile.

We’ll introduce an Executive Projects Dashboard for real-time monitoring of every project around the city. No project will just stop half-way and go unfinished.

The poorest residents of Joburg suffer the most from corruption. Corruption steals our public money, and it kills jobs.

When we take office, we will make corruption public enemy number one.

Criminals will be handed over to the police.

The DA will strengthen and bolster the Integrity and Internal Investigations Unit in the JMPD. Through the Mayor and open committee meetings, the unit will be directly accountable to the people. Criminal charges against corrupt officers will be pursued.

We also know that crime and drugs are wrecking people’s lives.

The DA-led City will strengthen the muscle of the JMPD.

Safety and security data will be centralised. This will improve local policing and identify drug lords and gangs.

The best technology will be used. Patterns will be spotted before crime is committed.

The police will be protected with body and vehicle dashboard cameras, and a fleet of ghost cars.

Our JMPD will be protectors of each and every one of us.

For if Johannesburg works, South Africa works.

The DA will introduce “schools to skills” programmes for teenagers to navigate one of life’s toughest journeys, which will prepare young people for the modern workplace through skills training right out of school.

The DA will work with the private sector to drive two new special projects. We’ll establish early learning day care centres in every township, where our children will receive love, nutritious meals, and a basic pre-school education.

We’ll identify city-owned properties for entrepreneurs who will transform them into top performing schools and technical colleges for our poorest residents.

We know that a home is more than just where we raise family, it is our economic security. We cannot get Johannesburg working until we fix the housing crisis.

We’ll do four major things to turnaround Johannesburg’s housing crisis:

We’ll fast-track ownership by giving thousands of people title deeds. The poor will come first.

We’ll do everything possible to stop housing list corruption. The process will be transparent and open. The list will be available for anyone to see.

We’ll incentivise entrepreneurs who build green-friendly homes.

We’ll provide basic services to informal settlements, with the best free allocations in South Africa, to the poorest residents.

The DA does this in other cities where we govern, and now we want to do this in Johannesburg.

Affordable and safe public transport goes hand in hand with housing. The poorest of our residents will have easy access to quality public transport.

No more will Soweto residents pay up to half of their money each month just to get transport into the City.

We will integrate the divergent bus services, and we will bring about a single ticket system so that our residents can travel seamlessly. And we’ll promote rapid transit, adaptive parking, bike-sharing, and walking paths.

We’ll work with the private sector to build sporting facilities. I want to see new soccer turfs in every community where young soccer talent is currently lost on dusty sand pitches.

We’ll have properly resourced and staffed clinics. We’ll employ caring nurses, and we’ll fill vacancies so that people don’t spend hours and days queuing for medical help.

For if Johannesburg works, South Africa works.

The time has come to put the government to work.

These are not pipe-dreams, but tried and tested promises, from where the DA governs already.

The best story to tell in South Africa, is how life gets better and better under the DA.

It’s the story of how unemployment is lowest, where the DA governs.

It’s the story of how services are delivered at the highest levels in South Africa, where the DA governs.

It’s the story of how we spend every cent of public money for the good of the people, where the DA governs.

The time has come to elect a DA government that brings this change to Johannesburg.

The time has come to elect a DA government that works for the people.

These are not empty words.

We stand on the shoulders of DA councillors who have already changed South Africa.

And let me say this: If I do not deliver on these promises after being elected, vote us out. It is that simple.

There is nothing broken in Johannesburg that cannot be fixed by Johannesburg. Johannesburg has all the right ingredients to be a great City.

The potential to greatness is in the residents of the City.

The current government talks big but acts small. But there is no glory in acting small.

Greatness does not happen by chance. It takes hard work, guts, and determination.

The DA government will create jobs and deliver quality services to every resident.

We will deliver a Fair Johannesburg, where Freedom is tangible, and where Opportunity abounds.

So far, this campaign journey has taken me from door to door, street to street, township to township.

The journey has taken me to meet people of character, of goodness, of decency.

The journey has brought me to this point. I am now asking every resident of Johannesburg to come on board and join me on this great journey: A journey to a prosperous and fair Johannesburg.

Your votes will elect a DA government that creates jobs and provides services.

That destiny rests in all of our hands.

For this is true: If Johannesburg works, South Africa works.

Media enquiries:

Willie Venter
Director of Communications and Research
060 963 8260

Illegal window washers: DA acts with JMPD and SAPS

Residents and motorists in the East Gate and Bruma areas have complained to DA’s spokesperson on Public Safety Councillor. Michael Sun about the growing window washer problem at the intersection of N3 and Marcia street.

Residents claim that the window washers specifically target female drivers. There are also criminals using window washing as a distraction whilst  their accomplices conduct smash and grabs or open car boots to rob motorists.

Clr Sun says “I have witnessed window washers acting aggressively towards motorists on a number of occasions at this intersection”, “window washers will squirt soap onto windscreens and only clean half of the windscreen and ask for money, if no money is given, they will purposely leave the driver’s side of the windscreen unwashed and covered in soap, which not only puts the lives of motorist at risk but is also illegal”.

A swoop operation was carried out on the 23rd November 2015 by JMPD and SAPS. Councillor Sun and ward 118 Councillor Mike Spadino joined JMPD and SAPS in the operation. Six illegal window washers were arrested and taken to the Cleveland police Station.

When the illegal window washers saw the JMPD and SAPS vehicle approaching, they ran in all directions, Clr. Sun personally gave chase and assisted JMPD officers to apprehend some of the illegal window washers.

Clr. Sun says” it is crucial that visible and constant policing needs to be present to minimise this problem but it is also important that the community assists SAPS and metro police officers in doing their jobs”, “as a start, motorists need to be vigilant and not to encourage these illegal window washers”.

Clr. Sun expresses his gratitude on behalf of the community for the good work done by Sgt Bolsen and Sgt Mackett and the team they lead from JMPD and the officers from SAPS Cleveland for their assistance. The DA remains commited to continue working with the JMPD and SAPS to tackle this problem.


Media enquiries

Councillor Michael Sun

Shadow MMC for Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg municipality

082 822 9340