Gauteng ANC has no bite

The participation of the Gauteng ANC in today’s COSATU-led march against state capture is a farce that seeks only to score political points and has nothing to do with resolving the unrelenting looting of state coffers.

If the ANC in Gauteng truly had the gusto to condemn state capture outright, it would call for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma who has been found to be wanting by the highest court in the land.

His close links to the Gupta family, and the scandals around kick-backs to his family and friends, places him at the epicenter of this nefarious web.

While the leadership of the ANC in Gauteng have not yet placed their cards on the table about who they will back in December’s elective conference, there is clear indication already that with or without President Zuma, the status quo is set to remain. The ANC cannot and will not self-correct.

Come 2019, residents of Gauteng and citizens across South Africa will have the opportunity to take action against those who have abused the freedoms that so many suffered to achieve. They will vote for the DA.

In 2019, the Gauteng ANC will be remembered for being on the wrong side of history.

Gauteng ANC Stance On Social Development Minister Lacks Compassion

The Gauteng ANC’s inability to condemn and call for the axing of Social Development Minister, Bathabile Dlamini, speaks volumes about the lack of compassion that the party has for the 17 million grant beneficiaries who have been held to ransom by the Minister’s incompetence.

In keeping with its tradition of indecisiveness on issues of major importance, like the e-toll saga, the ANC in Gauteng have shown once again that they have the best interests of Jacob Zuma and his acolytes at heart – not the people they swore an oath of office to serve.

Minister Dlamini’s contempt for Parliament and accountability is an affront to democracy and an insult to the millions whose lives hang in the balance because of her inaction. To remain silent is to condone the actions of a minister who is not fit to hold office.

The DA places it’s faith in the Constitutional Court’s ability to find a solution to the grant payment system and will continue to call for the removal of Minister Dlamini from her post.

Media enquiries:

John Moodey

DA Gauteng Leader 

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Warren Gwilt 

Economic Cluster Manager 

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Mzwandile Masina: ANC Factional Politics Beats Service Delivery

Mzwandile Masina – Ekurhuleni Mayoral Candidate

By selecting Mzwandile Masina as their Mayoral candidate for Ekurhuleni, the ANC have shown that factionalism and cadre deployment trump service delivery and job creation.

Masina, who currently occupies the position of Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, is known to be an open Jacob Zuma man. Given the political struggle within the ANC in Gauteng between the Mashatile camp and the Zuma camp, it is no wonder that Masina has been parachuted into this position. He has no track record of delivery or governance.

Now Jacob Zuma has deployed Masina from parliament, to undermine the local ANC.

Unemployment in Ekurhuleni

Masina visited Dubai in early April this year. Did he visit the Gupta’s on his travels – given his proximity to President Zuma? Did the Gupta’s perhaps grant him his ministerial position when he was appointed in 2014? These are questions that Masina owes the people of Ekurhuleni answers to.

A close examination of his tenure in office as the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry revels that he has done very little. As a Mayor, it is unlikely this will change. His only major contribution in the public domain has been threatening DA MP’s with violence in Parliament.

Ekurhuleni is now the unemployment capital of Gauteng, where unemployment is at 35%, and in the first quarter of this year alone 110 000 jobs were lost in this city. The ANC has led a jobs massacre in Ekurhuleni which has seen 638 000 people lose their jobs since incumbent Mayor Mondli Gungubele took office. The ANC now wishes to replace Gungubele with someone even less experienced and capable to continue this jobs blood bath.

Poor Delivery, Corruption

Ekurhuleni requires a leader who will grasp the challenges of unemployment head on and deliver growth. The people of this city deserve a leader whose party has the track record of delivering services to all, especially the poor, cutting corruption and creating jobs.

I therefore publicly challenge Mzwandile Masina to debate me on the issues that face residents of this Metro, to try and explain to the voters how a newly deployed Zuma friend, without a track record, could stem the tide of poor delivery, corruption and job losses that plagues Ekurhuleni, and how he will do anything better to the plans I have proposed to give this Metro what it needs most – jobs.

The DA has a proven track record of job creation, cutting corruption and delivering services – we are ready to bring this record to Ekurhuleni.


Media enquiries:

Warren Gwilt

073 601 6144

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Gauteng ANC Throws In The Towel And Bows To Jacob Zuma

Zuma’s Non-apology

The decision taken by the ANC in Gauteng to accept Jacob Zuma’s non-apology over the Nkandla scandal – and thereby condoning his violation of the Constitution – demonstrates yet again that the ANC in Gauteng backs Jacob Zuma and his job-killing corruption.

Their half-hearted attempt to show public condemnation over the last month is now seen for what it is: a poorly executed election ploy. Because when the going gets tough, they fall into line, and support a man who has trampled over our constitution and overseen millions of job losses.

We will Bring Change

The reality is that the ANC in Gauteng, just like the ANC in the rest of the country, puts Jacob Zuma first and the people of South Africa last.

The ANC has changed. It is no longer the party of Nelson Mandela. It is a party that puts self-enrichment and the protection of one man ahead of the best interests of the people.

The only way to change this is to vote for the DA. We will bring change that will stop corruption, create jobs and deliver better services. And we will do this every day across Gauteng– because we want to move the province and South Africa forward again.


Media enquiries:

John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

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May Day has become an annual celebration of workers day, a day when workers demonstrate their common interests and international solidarity.

The DA calls on every South African to take time out on the 1st of May to celebrate the efforts of all workers and to thank them for the contribution they make to society and our economy.

Labour unions and workers were key to dismantling apartheid. It is important for those born after the dawn of democracy in 1994 to know about the history of heroes like Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Chris Hani and OR Tambo which led to freedom.

Histories that should never be taken for granted as they lead the way in establishing the rights and opportunities we enjoy today.

These leaders of selfless commitment gave to the struggle, seeking no personal enrichment. The ANC has changed under the leadership of Jacob Zuma.

For too many South Africans the political freedom achieved in 1994 has not been matched with economic freedom under the current government.  The fact that, one out of every four South Africans, does not have a job is in an indictment on the notion of economic freedom.

One of the most urgent and critical challenges facing our country is desperate need for job creation. We need to diversify our economy in order to create sustainable jobs for all our people in our Province.

Workers day should be focused on transformation and escaping poverty. But what does transformation really mean, what are the reasons for poverty and how do we as government address this?

Real transformation is not about enriching cadres of the ANC with BEE deals nor giving jobs and tenders to friends and family members. This will not transform society, this practice only enriches an inclusive cadre grouping

Transformation is by instilling hope into communities so that they can believe in the future again.

Real transformation stems from access to quality education as well as security of tenure through title deeds. Additionally, access to basic services and a continuous breakdown of Apartheid spatial planning and socio-economic systems.

If we want to talk about real transformation this is where we should start.

Business should be the driver of new jobs, not the enemy of the unemployed.

Chapter three of the NDP talks about Government dealing with poverty and giving people without an income access to economic opportunities and labour markets. There should be a greater focus on integrating economic development and the employment needs of all people, especially the poor.

Commitment to economic transformation is a priority for the DA in government. Where the DA governs, 80% of tenders over R100 000 going to black owned firms. But businesses incubated by the state should not become dependent on the state. These businesses should be networked with each other so that they do business to business and business to consumer deals. This is how you create jobs, break down concentration and monopolies – by giving small business more opportunity

Progressive governance such as this empowers previously disadvantaged South Africans on an on-going basis and is a sign of the DA’s commitment to redress.

Cutting of red tape should be a priority to ensure that entrepreneurs start and grow small businesses. Existing legislation should be reviewed to ensure compliance costs for small business is minimized.

Not only should government departments make it easier for small businesses to win government contracts but they should and pay them on time.

The government should speak with one voice about the economy and jobs. Policy uncertainly hinders business, growth and employment.

In line with the DA’s jobs and economic policies, we will continue to provide a voice to the unemployed, communicate our plan to create jobs, and continue to put pressure on government departments by highlighting their constant failure to see the need of hundreds of thousands vulnerable South Africans that are unemployed.

Human dignity is the basis of Human rights, however this can only be achieved when government creates an environment for all citizens to prosper.


Media enquiries:

Michele Clarke MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Community Safety

060 558 8299

I Am Ready To Bring Change To Ekurhuleni

I gratefully accept the DA nomination, to run as Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni to bring change to Ekurhuleni.

I grew up in a family forged in the struggle against injustice and I spent many years in exile from the apartheid government. My grandfathers, Ebrahim Asvat and Ahmed Cachalia, campaigned with Mahatma Gandhi against injustice. My father, Yusuf Cachalia, was arrested and tried by the apartheid government for civil disobedience and was sentenced for his part in the Defiance Campaign in December 1952.

My mother, Amina Cachalia, marched alongside women of all races right here in Germiston in 1952 as part of the Defiance Campaign. She and her comrades were arrested and held in a prison in Boksburg.

The values that I learnt from my family have guided me throughout my life; non-racialism and reconciliation, the rule of law and human rights, human dignity and the imperative that the government must work for the people and not the other way around.

From the ashes of apartheid we forged a new country based on human dignity, equality and freedom for all.

Throughout my life, I believed the ANC embodied these values. It was where I put my faith for a better life for all South Africans. It was the party that enshrined my values when Nelson Mandela signed our constitution into law in 1996.

But sadly, after 22 years of ANC government, we have been betrayed. The ANC has changed, and the ANC of Jacob Zuma is not the ANC of Nelson Mandela.

I accept this DA nomination, not just because I’m leaving the ANC, but because the ANC has left me.

We have watched our values being reduced to rhetoric by the ANC. We have watched our painful history being exploited as a tool to divide South Africans to cover up for the failures of government. We have seen a corrupt elite group use the power of the state to benefit only themselves and their families. We have seen unemployment rise and we have seen too many of our fellow citizens become trapped in poverty.

As we stand here today, we are in the second most unequal city in the world. Ekurhuleni used to be called Africa’s Workshop, but after years of mismanagement, it is deindustrialising.

A city that should be a beacon of hope and opportunity remains divided. Nearly 24% of households in this city do not live in formal dwellings. Over 40% of the people in this city do not have a tap in their own home. 15% of the people in this city do not have a flush toilet. Almost 20% have no electricity for lighting, let alone cooking.

The time has come for us to once again find our hope and aspiration.

This is why I stand with the DA and will be campaigning as mayoral candidate to usher in an era of DA government in Ekurhuleni. The DA offers us a new path, where freedom, fairness and opportunity are the values on which we make government work for the people. The DA offers us a chance to make our city a city of jobs and opportunity.

The time has come for change and the DA is the vehicle to deliver that change.

I attended the 10,000-strong march to the Consitutional Court last Friday with our Leader, Mmusi Maimane.  It was a momentous moment for me as I stood and listened to Mmusi Maimane speak in defence of our constitution.

I was reminded then of the time I visited my father in prison at the Fort on that very site. I looked at the palm trees and recalled how he used to collect date pips and on release how he fashioned these into a necklace for my mother as a poignant reminder of their bonds and struggle.

I also recalled being at the ANC’s celebration of victory in 1994 at the Carlton Hotel with my parents, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and others. How the ANC has changed since then!

Currently, under ANC governance in Ekurhuleni we have people living in Lindelani and Barcelona near Daveyton who have no certain and stable supply of running water at all. And we have seen a City Manager illegally appointed and the ANC administration ignore the court order to correct this.

When we give people real opportunity, we meaningfully undo the legacy of apartheid.

This means voting for a DA government in Ekurhuleni, because it is your local government that lays the foundation for opportunity and redress.

My vision for the city of Ekurhuleni is an inclusive city, where the people who are struggling find opportunity and a hand up in life, the striving are able to grow and excel and the successful are able to invest and innovate.

Our city must be free from crime and grime. Our metro police must be trusted by and partnered with all communities. Our children must not be harassed and entrapped by drug dealers. Nyaope must not steal our future.

Our city must be transparent. Housing waiting lists must be opened up for public scrutiny. Tenders must be awarded in an open adjudication system. Corrupt and callous officials must be dealt with and the city must work for all its residents. Our officials must be competent, qualified and ready to deliver.

Our city must care for the poor. The indigent policy must ensure that services reach those who can’t afford it. We must compete with Cape Town to offer the most comprehensive basket of free services to our poorest communities.

Our housing policy must include in-situ upgrading so that people don’t continue to suffer the indignity of poverty. Every child in this city must have a light under which to study, clean running water and sanitation. No child or grandmother should suffer the indignity of a pit latrine, or be forced to dig her own pit toilet.

Our city must be open for business. We must roll out the red carpet for investors who want to create jobs and grow our economy. We must make sure that start-ups and small businesses in particular have the right incentives and support.

Our city must have good infrastructure. When all the roads are tarred, when the water leaks are fixed and when the street lights work, we not only make life easier for our citizens, we lay the foundation for investment and growth. The money is available for this, it just requires a committed government to deliver it.

Throughout my life, I have opposed injustice. It is what drives me. Today, the biggest injustice is that we do not provide economic opportunity to all. The dignity of a job must not be denied to anyone. We will grow the economy, and we will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. The DA will do this, because we have done it where we govern already.

The time for change is now! The moment to create a better future is upon us, in Ekurhuleni and in South Africa.

Let us bring change that cuts corruption, delivers services and creates jobs.

I am standing as DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni because I am committed to change that improves the lives of our people.


Media enquiries:

Tanya Heydenrych

Senior Media Officer: DA Gauteng Province

073 701 6729

DA Leader Maimane To Lead March For Change To The ConCourt

Today, 15 April 2016, Democratic Alliance Leader, Mmusi Maimane MP, will lead a March for Change to the Constitutional Court. This follows the groundbreaking Constitutional Court judgment, which stated that Jacob Zuma had violated his Oath of Office and the Constitution.

The DA has committed to various forms of mass mobilsation and protest in order to highlight the importance of the judgment and the ANC’s refusal to remove a President who does not care about the Constitution and the people of South Africa.

In order for South Africa’s constitutional democracy to survive and thrive, Zuma can no longer occupy the Presidency.

We encourage all South Africans who believe in change and the future of South Africa to join the march to the Constitutional Court.

The DA Leader will be joined by DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, John Moodey MPL, National Spokesperson, Refiloe Nt’sekhe MPL, Johannesburg Regional Chairperson, Khume Ramulifho MPL, Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille, Midvaal Mayor, Bongani Baloyi, Tshwane Mayoral Candidate, Solly Msimanga MPL, and Makashule Gana MP.

The march will take place as follows:


Date: Friday, 15 April 2016

Time: 10:30

Starting Point: Pieter Roos Park, Empire Road, Johannesburg

GPS Coordinates: 26°11’05.4″S 28°02’33.2″E

There will be photo and interview opportunities.



Media Enquiries:

Mabine Seabe

Spokesperson to the DA Leader

084 677 7851


Nkele Molapo

Media Officer

072 041 4842

076 127 0719

Nkandla: DA Moves To Impeach Zuma Following Constitutional Court Ruling

Impeach President Zuma

Following today’s judgement by the Constitutional Court in the much anticipated Nkandla matter, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has officially begun the process to impeach President Jacob Zuma, in terms of Section 89(1) of the Constitution.

The Constitutional Court – the highest court in the land – found that President Zuma failed to uphold, defend and respect the Constitution as the supreme law of the land by disregarding the Public Protectors’ report. This pivotal judgment confirms the DA’s long held contention that President Zuma seriously violated the Constitution when he sought to undermine the Public Protector’s remedial actions by instituting parallel investigative processes, and his subsequent failure to implement her remedial action.

Section 89(1) of the Constitution states that “The National Assembly, by a resolution adopted with a supporting vote of at least two thirds of its members, may remove the President from office only on the grounds of – 

 (a) a serious violation of the Constitution or the law;

(b) serious misconduct; or

(c) inability to perform the functions of office.”

Constitutional Court Ruling

Today’s ruling is clear in this regard: President Jacob Zuma’s action amounts to a serious violation of the Constitution, and constitutes grounds for impeachment.

Up until recently, the President has argued that he was not obliged to heed this remedial action, and that such remedial action was simply advice which he could take or ignore. In his letter to the Public Protector dated 11 September 2014, he argued that her role was akin to that of an Ombud and she could not issue “judgements to be followed under pain of a contempt order.” Instead he described her reports as “useful tools in assisting democracy in a cooperative manner, sometimes rather forcefully”. He specifically denied that they were binding on him.

On the 09 February 2016 counsel for President Zuma, The Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete and The Minister of Police, Nathi Nhleko, all eventually conceded that indeed the powers of the Public Protector have legal consequences and can only be challenged by way of judicial review. This is bizarre given that the DA had been arguing this from the very beginning.

Indeed it has been our assertion that Parliament failed to satisfy its constitutional mandate to hold the Executive to account in terms of section 55(2) of the Constitution by adopting the Police Minister’s report which we contend is- in and of itself- born from fatal errors in law because this amounts to the establishment of a parallel process as expressly prohibited by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA). This was done- no doubt- to circumvent the remedial actions as ordered by the Public Protector and to thwart the discharge of her mandate. They have effectively aided and abetted the President in his vexatious attempts to unravel our hard won constitutional order.

Public Protector

Our Constitution is binding on all organs of state, including the President. To have ignored a constitutional organ, in the form of the Public Protector, for over two years, and to have employed a series of stratagems, including the Police Minister’s Report and the three ad hoc parliamentary committees, to “second guess” and “ignore” the Public Protector required judicial action.

Having succeeded in obtaining the Constitutional Court’s determination; I have therefore written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, notifying her of such, and have tabled a notice of motion resolving to remove President Zuma from office in terms of section 89(1)(a) of the Constitution. Included therein are the President’s past and present failings to act in manner commensurate with the Constitution as evidenced by court judgements finding adversely against his conduct in the al-Bashir and Simelane debacles and the attempt to extend the term of office of the Chief Justice. In all these cases the Courts found that his actions were inconsistent with that of the Constitution.

Moreover, the Office of the Public Protector remains an integral part of a functioning democracy, and today’s judgment provides legal certainty and clarity as to the Public Protector’s powers.

Today’s finding by the Constitutional Court is a victory for our Constitution, a victory for the Rule of Law, and a victory for the South African people.



Media Enquiries:

Mabine Seabe

Spokesperson to the DA Leader

084 677 7851

E-tolls Increase Inflicts More Pain On The People

E-tolls Increase

SANRAL’s decision to increase e-tolls at the end of February will be the last straw to break consumers’ backs if government does not take immediate action to prevent it.

Predictions for the South African economy in 2016 are dire and people are going to be faced with food and fuel increases as a result of the recent drought and weak Rand.

Increases in e-tolls, whether in line with inflation or not, will have a severe knock on effect, further driving up costs.

Shackles of E-tolls

Gauteng is the engine room of South Africa’s economy, and government must free it from the shackles of e-tolls and give life back to people who are slowly being suffocated.

A ring-fenced fuel levy would spare Gauteng’s people the burden of e-tolls and would by now have settled the costs of the freeway improvement project had government implemented such a measure in 2008.

During his State of the Nation Address last week President Jacob Zuma announced that government would introduce austerity measures.

Just by reducing his bloated cabinet and severely cutting down on corruption and government waste would inject R30 billion into the economy every year – instead our country is facing a recession.

Removing the Burden of E-tolls

E-tolls are unjust, unfair and a massive burden on Gauteng’s people, and President Zuma and the ANC must bring pressure to bear on SANRAL and stop the increase from going ahead.

The DA has declared e-tolls an enemy of the people, and we will use every method to our disposal to remove the burden of e-tolls when we take over the cities of Tshwane and Johannesburg later this year.

The people will punish the ANC for not listening to their cries.


Media enquiries:

John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

082 960 3743

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