Herman Mashaba To Visit Randburg Labour Centre

Today, Monday 25 January 2016, DA Johannesburg mayoral candidate, Herman Mashaba and DA Shadow Minister for Labour, Ian Ollis MP will visit the Randburg labour centre to assess the quality of service delivery and to engage with job seekers.

Date: Monday 25 January 2016

Time: 10h00

Place: Randburg labour centre, Hillview centre, c/r Oak and Hill streets, Randburg

There will be opportunity for interviews and photographs. Members of the media are welcome to attend.


Media enquiries:

Nkele Molapo

DA Johannesburg media officer

082 953 8330

Time For Labour Minister Oliphant To Crack Down On SAMWU Flouting Labour Laws

On Monday 16 November, citizens of Johannesburg arrived at all of the vehicle licensing offices of the City of Johannesburg’s regions, to be met with closed doors.


A sign on the doors read:

“Notice! To all SAMWU Members.

Date:16 Nov’ 2015.

Venue: Wemmer Complex,


To discuss the following: Killing of Police officers. 1. March against Police Killings. 2. Feedback”


No advice was offered to customers of the city as to how to get vehicles registered, submit applications for vehicles or driver’s licenses, or when the staff of the City would be back at their desks.

Hundreds of people left angry at the total disregard for the needs of the City or of the public.

The Democratic Alliance is equally horrified at the recent police killings, which must be condemned.

However, adding to the lawlessness will not solve this problem.

SAMWU should be having these meetings on weekends or after hours and not during work hours.

The effects on productivity and the economy of Union Members downing tools during office hours for every issue that arrises in South Africa is unlawful and not in the interests of the country.

I will today write to the Minister of Labour, Mildred Oliphant, to request that she mandate an investigation into the flouting of Labour Regulations by SAMWU


Media enquiries:

Ian Ollis MP

DA Shadow Minister of Labour

082 714 7572


Samkelo Mgobozi

Manager: Press Office

071 863 6774

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