DA Gauteng Congress

This is a joint statement by Provincial Leader candidates Ghaleb Cachalia and John Moodey and Provincial Chairperson candidates Greaterman Mafanedza, Mike Moriarty and Glenda Steyn.

The Democratic Alliance knows that South Africans need a new beginning. South Africans need hope and inspiration. They need policies that will lead them out of the swamp of despair that has been caused by 23 years of mismanagement and corruption.

As part of giving hope to South Africans, the DA has set its sights on winning the province of Gauteng, and forming a provincial government that will deliver excellent services to ALL the people of that province. The Party will be holding its Provincial Congress on 18 November 2017, at which we will be electing the leadership that will guide the Party in the run up to the vital 2019 election.

As candidates for the positions of leader and chairperson of the Province, we have committed ourselves to contesting this election in a way that puts the interests of the country and the Party above our individual ambitions.

We accept the voters’ roll and will try to persuade the electors of our respective merits.  We know that there is so much at stake that it is vital that we commit ourselves to project our vision for a successful and prosperous province, and our plans for making this a reality.

We are also committed to work tirelessly together with whomsoever is elected to win Gauteng.

DA Leaders To Cast Votes For Change

This Election, 3 August 2016, the DA Leader and battleground Mayoral Candidates will cast their votes as follows:


DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane MP –

Live coverage on SABC and ENCA

Time: 08h00

Location: Allen Glen High School, Randburg, Johannesburg

Media enquiries: Mabine Seabe (084 677 7851)

Maimane will be joined by DA Mayoral Candidate for Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba.


DA Mayoral Candidate for Cape Town, Patricia De Lille –

Time: 08h50

Location: Pinelands Town Hall, St Stephens Road, Pinelands, Cape Town

Media enquiries: Cameron Arendse (079 477 2744)


DA Mayoral Candidate for Nelson Mandela Bay, Athol Trollip –

Live coverage on SABC and ENCA

Time: 09h30

Location: Westbourne Oval, Richmond Hill, NMB

Media enquiries: Kristoff Adelbert (079 199 1890)


DA Mayoral Candidate for Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, joined by DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane MP –

Live coverage on SABC

Time: 10h00

Location: Capital Park Primary School, Flower Street, Tshwane

Media enquiries: Motheo Mtimkulu (083 728 0554)


DA Mayoral Candidate for Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba –

Time: 11h00

Location: Sandton Fire Station, Grayston Drive, Joburg

Media enquiries: Nkele Molapo (072 041 4842)


DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni, Ghaleb Cachalia –

Time: 11h45

Location: Eastleigh Primary School, Central Avenue, Edenvale

Media enquiries: Warren Gwilt (073 601 6144)


DA Mayoral Candidate for Midvaal, Bongani Baloyi 

Time: 09h00

Location: Rothdene Hall, Ward 3, Midvaal

Media enquiries: Percy Koji (078 690 2770)

Masina turns RDP hand over into ANC electioneering stunt

ANC Mayoral Candidate, Mzwandile Masina, has brazenly abused state resources by handing over RDP houses in Alra Park, near Nigel in Ekurhuleni, as an ANC campaign event on Monday 18 June 2016.

RDP houses built by the state for beneficiaries should have been handed over by metro officials in Ekurhuleni branding, not the ANC’s mayoral candidate in ANC garb.

The Public Protector has previously ruled that the handing out of food parcels sponsored by the state by the ANC was an abuse of public resources for party political campaigning.

Masina has previously been vicious in his attacks on Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, and his act of defiance clearly demonstrates that he feels he is above the rule of law.

Masina clearly takes us cue from the man who deployed him as the ANC’s mayoral candidate – Jacbo Zuma.

Masina had the audacity to even post pictures of the handover on his Twitter feed on the 19th of July – as he clearly feels that there will be no consequences for his actions.

To view pictures click here.

It is clear that Masina does not understand the concept of separation of party and state, and like Zuma, will treat citizens money as his own personal bank account if given the chance to occupy the mayor’s office.

As mayor, I would strongly respect the principle of separation of party and state, and govern in the interests of all citizens, unlike the ANC.

Houses and EPWP jobs would not be reserved for ANC members, but open to all regardless of political affiliation.

The DA is the only party that respects the rule of law, the Public Protector and the people of Ekurhuleni. Only the DA can deliver the change that will improve people’s lives in the city.

The DA will be lodging a complaint with the Public Protector to investigate Masina and the ANC for this flagrant abuse of state resources to benefit a political party.


Ghaleb Cachalia

DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni


Joint Briefing By Gauteng Mayoral Candidates: The DA Plan Against E-tolls In Joburg, Tshwane And Ekurhuleni

Tomorrow, Tuesday 19 July 2016, DA Mayoral Candidate for Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, DA Mayoral Candidate for Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, and DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni, Ghaleb Cachalia, will brief the media on our plan against E-tolls as DA-governed Metro Municipal governments, after the 03 August Elections.

In this Election voters can elect a DA government which will tackle E-tolls, rather than an ANC local government which supports and sustains E-tolls.

Only the DA can beat the ANC in Joburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni, and once in government, only the DA will tackle E-tolls. Our plan against E-tolls will be presented in practical terms, as we are ready to stand up for the people of Gauteng who are being fleeced by SANRAL and the national ANC government.

The Mayoral Candidates will be joined by DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, John Moodey MPL, and DA Shadow Minister for Transport, Manny De Freitas MP.

Date: Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Time: 11:00

Venue: Outside SANRAL Head Office, 48 Tambotie Avenue, Val De Grace, Pretoria

Coordinates: 25°44’49.5″S 28°17’20.9″E

There will be opportunity for photographs and one-on-one interviews.


Media enquiries:

Motheo Mtimkulu

Media Officer: Tshwane Mayoral Campaign

083 728 0554


Nkele Molapo

Media Officer: Johannesburg Mayoral Campaign

072 041 4842

5 years of job-killing corruption in EMM: DA lays criminal charges against Mayor and City Manager

Where the ANC governs corruption is endemic, and Ekurhuleni is no different. A vote for the ANC in this election is a vote to keep this trail of corruption in place.

Only a vote for change can stop corruption.

Under ANC government, the Ekurhuleni Metro has not just become the capital of unemployment, but also a hive of mismanagement and corruption.

Under the leadership of Mayor Mondli Gungubele, the metro has been rocked by the following major scandals:

  • The illegal appointment of the city manager, Khaya Ngema
  • Irregularly awarding an IT tender worth R35 million
  • Fraudulently awarding a tender for the procurement of Water Meters for R205 – million
  • Irregularly awarding a tender for an ‘institutional review’ for R32-million
  • Irregularly awarding R100-million worth of tenders in the Roads and Transport Departments
  • Ignoring the Constitutional Court ruling on the illegal forced removal and relocation of over 1000 people from Bapsfontien to the N12 informal settlement
  • A string of police chiefs who are either not qualified or under criminal investigation

This excludes dozens of smaller instances of chronic corruption and mismanagement, as well as wasteful and fruitless expenditure.

The DA has compiled a dossier with more details on these activates.

Corruption starts at the top, and the illegal appointment of the City Manager is at the crux of the matter.

Under the current city manager and executive mayor, corruption has been buried and investigations into corruption has been deliberately stalled. A culture of ignoring legal requirements has prevailed in the administration of the metro.

City Manager Khaya Ngema, who currently earns a salary of R2.8 million per annum, was appointed in 2009 and his contract ended on May 17 2012, but the council extended it in contravention of local government regulations.

In August 2015, the High Court in Johannesburg ruled that continued employment of the city manager was unlawful and ordered then Gauteng MEC of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Jacob Mamabolo, 14 days to decide on a way forward to break the impasse.

Mamabolo failed to meet this deadline to take corrective action. His successor, Paul Matishile, has also failed to give effect to the court ruling.

In 2012, in the national assembly, President Jacob Zuma referred to Ekurhuleni as the most corrupt municipality in Gauteng. No action has been taken, due to stalling by the municipality.

The City Manager is alleged to have been involved of the following acts of mismanagement:

  1. Obstructing the Public Protector’s investigation into unlawful expenditures following the failure to honour National Treasury findings in 2012 that led to the investigation, leading to the Public Protector resolving to subpoena the Municipality;
  1. Irregular expenditure to the value of an estimated amount of at least R15 billion of public money caused by Ngema’s conduct and presidency in managing financial affairs of the Municipality negligently, including the infamous tenders for the Institutional Review and new water meters, which matters have seemingly stalled in the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC), the local equivalent to SCOPA;
  1. The illegal appointment of Ngema as City Manager which was made possible by machinations of the Head of Human Resources (Lerato Gumbi) and Head of Legal Services who sought a legal opinion from an undisclosed source against a standing legal advice of SALGA which was also confirmed by the High Court on another similar case stating Ngema’s continued employment must be terminated;
  1. Providing misleading information to the National Treasury, the Auditor General and the Municipal Public Accounts Committee in at least two annual financial statements and reports on matters of irregular and/or fruitless expenditure;
  1. Attempting to bribe three Bid Adjudication Committee officials with their jobs by coercing them to provide false evidence in a court of law and the suspension and dismissal of one of the Bid Adjudication Committee member who refused to participate in such illegal conduct;
  1. Withholding information from Council and the Public Protector in respect of the suspension and dismissal of the same senior manager who refused to lie for the Municipality in Court which in terms of legislation his suspension and dismissal could only be effected after consideration and authorization by the full Council.

Together, Gungubele and Ngema have managed to irregularly award 283 tenders and misspent R7.2 billion of Ekurhuleni’s money.

As the DA, we have tirelessly fought to expose the large scale corruption within the metro.

This includes the unlawful extension of Ngema’s employment contract in 2012.

The DA placed it on record at the 27 September 2012 Council meeting that it was against the decision to extend the employment contract of Ngema. But the ANC majority saw the item being passed, to their own detriment. As the results of poor governing decisions are starting to show their blunders, it is the residents who pay for the mistakes of an incompetent ruling party.

The DA will not stop until the correct measures have been taken by the metro and the post of the City Manager is filled by a competent individual.

Under a DA government in Ekurhuleni we will root out corruption at the very core of this metro.

We will, today, lay charges with the South African Police Service against the Mayor and City Manager for corruption in terms of the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act.

We demand an urgent criminal investigation be instituted against those who misled the presidential investigation under proclamation R63-2010 with false financial disclosures in the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 audited financial statements and irregular clean audit report from investigating the corrupt deeds of Ngema in relation to the 283 irregularly-warded tenders and R7.2 billion irregularly-expended public funds.

We have learnt yesterday that as a result of Mayor Mondli Gungubele not being returned to office by the ANC, the City Manager has decided to resign.

Gungubele acted as Ngema’s protector in chief and owes the residents of this city an explanation as to why he failed to comply with the court order to remove Ngema, and why Ngema is resigning almost a year after the court ruled his appointment be set aside. His resignation appears to have everything to do with a change of mayors and nothing to do with the rule of law.

Since the inception of the Ekurhuleni Metro in 2000, the ANC record government is one of chronic corruption and mismanagement. They have proven themselves incapable of governing in the interests of the people.

The ANC’s new Mayoral Candidate, Mzwandile Masina, is a staunch ally of Jacob Zuma, with no track record of governing. He has bounded from department to department as a cadre deployee, never staying anywhere long enough to demonstrate any real ability, and only taking up positions to further his own political career.

Under Masina, Ekurhuleni will be handed over to the Zuma network on a plate.

The people of Ekurhuleni need a voice of strength and strong leadership to stand up and challenge the corrupt.

We call on all residents of this metro to reject the ANC of Jacob Zuma that brings corruption and mismanagement everywhere it goes by rejecting Zuma’s choice for Mayor, Mzwandile Masina, and elect DA government.

The DA is the only party that can bring change that will put an end to corruption in this metro and makes sure that this city works for the people and not just a select few.


Ghaleb Cachalia

DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni


DA To Expose Five Years Of Job-Killing Corruption In Ekurhuleni

Today, Friday 15 July 2016, Democratic Alliance Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni, Ghaleb Cachalia, DA Parliamentary Deputy Chief Whip Mike Waters MP and DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Finance, Ashor Sarupen MPL will host a press conference to expose the full scale of job-killing corruption in the Ekurhuleni metro.

The DA will reveal the full extent to which the ANC has engaged in corruption and mismanagement in the metro – including illegal staff appointments, tender corruption and willfully ignoring court orders, amongst other issues.

The DA will also discuss its plans to deal with this corruption going forward.

There will be an opportunity for interviews and photographs.

Date: Friday,15 July 2016

Time: 10:30am

Venue: Heathrow Conference Room, Birchwood Hotel and Conference Center

Address: 14 View Point Rd, Boksburg, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng

Light refreshments will be served.



Tanya Heydenrych

Senior Media Officer

073 701 6729


Warren Gwilt

Media Officer

073 601 6144

Cachalia To Launch Cachalia For Mayor Posters In Ekurhuleni

Tomorrow, Thursday 14 July 2016, DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni, Ghaleb Cachalia, will launch his campaign poster in his bid to win the mayoralty in Ekurhuleni.

The DA is set on bringing change to Ekurhuleni that will stop corruption, create jobs and deliver better services for all.

There will be an opportunity for interviews and photographs.

The launch will take place as follows:

Date: Thursday, 14 July 2016

Time: 10:30am

Address: Cnr Achmat Dangor & Honda streets, Eden Park, Alberton


Media Enquiries:

Tanya Heydenrych

Senior Media Officer

073 701 6729


Warren Gwilt

Media Officer

073 601 6144

DA Ekurhuleni Radio Ad: A Call to Change

Today I launched my first mayoral radio advertisement, reaching thousands of people across the Ekurhuleni Metro, with the message that the DA is here to deliver clean governance, jobs and services to the people of Ekurhuleni.

Under the current ANC led administration, Ekurhuleni has become the capital of unemployment with 112 000 jobs lost in the first quarter of 2016, and an unemployment rate of 36%.

Service delivery is at an all-time low. Thousands of residents have no access to electricity, clean water, sanitation or a place to call home.

The ANC has put forward Mzwandile Masina as their mayoral candidate – a man who has little to no experience in producing tangible results.

Five years under Masina will mean another five years of low economic growth, service delivery backlogs and an increase in the already disastrous unemployment rate.

The DA’s plan is clear: we will turn Ekurhuleni in to the city of opportunity.

We will create an environment conducive to stimulate both job creation and economic growth through policies that incentivise investment and small business.

Service delivery will be sped-up through competent monitoring and evaluation of projects on the ground. No one should have to wait 22 years for access to electricity, water and sanitation.

Homes that are built and handed over will be allocated to the rightful beneficiaries from an open and transparent housing list – each with an accompanying title deed.

The DA is here to serve the people of this Metro, not to lay waste to the public purse.

We are here to fulfil the promise of 1994 and honour the legacy of our late president Nelson Mandela.

On 3 August 2016, we have a golden opportunity to get our city and many other municipalities in our country back on track, back on the path we first embarked on in 1994. I’m confident the voters will head our call to elect a government that can bring the change we need to start making progress again.


Ghaleb Cachalia

DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni


Cachalia To Launch First Mayoral Campaign Radio Advert

Today, Wednesday 13 July 2016, DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni, Ghaleb Cachalia, will launch the first in a series of DA election radio advertisements for Ekurhuleni.

Our advertisements aim to convey the DA’s offer to the people of Ekurhuleni so that voters know what they are casting their ballot for come 3rd of August 2016.

The launch will take place as follows:

Date: Wednesday,11 July 2016

Time: 11am

Venue: ReMax Building Boardroom

Address: 45 Lakefield Avenue, Benoni

There will be an opportunity for interviews and photographs.


Media Enquiries:

Tanya Heydenrych

Senior Media Officer

073 701 6729


Warren Gwilt

Media Officer

073 601 6144

Masina must come clean on relationship with Guptas

Following the admission in a parliamentary reply by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies, that he has met with the Gupta family, I call on ANC Ekurhuleni Mayoral Candidate and Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry to come clean and declare whether he was at any of these meetings.

This follows confirmation that Masina visited Dubai in April this year in his capacity as Deputy Minister.

Masina is known as a strong Zuma ally, and despite his thin resume, was selected over many experienced hands in Ekurhuleni to shore up Zuma support in the ANC Gauteng. Masina owes the people of Ekurhuleni an explanation as to whether or not this includes a relationship with the Gupta family and whether he will be beholden to their special interests.

If elected Mayor, I guarantee that I will also put the people of Ekurhuleni first. The era of putting Jacob Zuma and his friends first will end immediately. I will also ensure that no arm of the city is subject to state capture by any politically connected elite.

I strongly urge Masina to come clean on this issue immediately in the interests of transparency and so that the voters know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they cast their ballots on 3 August.

The people of Ekurhuleni deserve change that will deliver services, stop corruption and create jobs. This is the change that puts the people of this city first.


Ghaleb Cachalia

DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni