Increase in crime threatens the safety of Gauteng residents

Gauteng residents continue to live without much safety, as revealed in the recently released 2022/23 fourth quarterly report crime statistics, which show a distressing increase in various crime categories.

The statistics presented yesterday by Gauteng Police Commissioner, General Elias Mawela, expose the Provincial Government’s failure to effectively address the crime epidemic and ensure the safety and security of its residents.

The statistics show an increase of 2.6% in robberies at residential premises in Gauteng. This rise in home invasions and attacks on innocent citizens is unacceptable and reflects a lack of proactive measures by the Department of Community Safety to protect its residents.

A further 2.6% increase in carjacking cases was recorded, with the West Rand region ranking the highest in the province with a 44.4% increase.

The DA is highly concerned by the rise in kidnapping cases which have experienced a 17.1% increase. Every kidnapping incident is a horrifying ordeal for the victims and their families. The safety and well-being of residents, particularly women and children, are paramount.

A shocking 20.2% increase in burglary cases for non-residential premises demonstrates the inability of the provincial government to protect businesses and commercial spaces in Gauteng. These crimes not only cause financial losses but also hamper economic growth and job creation.

The reported increase of 5.6% in other serious crimes is extremely troubling and indicative of a systemic failure in law enforcement and crime prevention measures.

Sadly, yet again, the crime stats failed to include crimes against farm owners. Farm attacks significantly impact multiple levels, including individuals, families, communities, and the agricultural sector. The recently released 2022 Afriforum Farm Murder report revealed that Gauteng recorded the highest number of farm attacks in the country, accounting for 28% of the total.

The DA will continue to highlight how crime impacts Gauteng farmers.

As the DA, we express our highest condemnation over these statistics. Much more needs to be done to ensure the safety of Gauteng residents.

This can only be done through the DA’s Community Safety Bill, ensuring a proper advisory committee tackles crime throughout the province.

Gauteng residents continue to live in fear as quarterly statistics reveal a sharp increase in crime

Gauteng residents continue to live in fear of falling prey to criminals. This was revealed in the third quarter’s crime stats for the 2022/2023 financial year.

Increases were reported in the following forms of crime:

· Community reported serious crime up from 107 815 to 115 478.

· Contact crimes up from 46 221 to 50 039.

· Rape up from 2 356 to 2471.

· Robbery of residential homes from 1992 to 2130.

· Kidnapping Ransom related up from 49 to 76.


There was a decrease in carjackings from 2 824 to 2 632. In addition, there were 10 cases of extortion and 6 cases of human trafficking reported.

The two police stations where contact crimes were reported are Johannesburg Central Police Station and Alexandra Police station.

This increase in crime in our province is very concerning considering the increase in shootings that we have seen in areas like Eldorado Park, Reiger Park and Westbury.

Gangsterism is rife in these communities and earlier this week a community leader and activist were killed.

The DA has already successfully lobbied for an inquiry to be held into the shootings and increase in gangsterism in Eldorado Park, Reiger Park and Westbury.

We have also introduced the Community Oversight Bill which seeks to give the MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko more oversight powers of the police.

The bill will also ensure that all our police stations have the necessary resources needed for crime intelligence gathering and to fight crime in the areas where they are based.

DA Challenges MEC Mashatile To Address Wattville Hostel Residents

Wattville Hostels

The appalling living conditions of over 3500 residents occupying the Wattville Hostels in Wattville Ekurhuleni can no longer be ignored by the Metro Municipality and the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements.

Residents are subjected to inhumane conditions. Raw sewerage, leaking roofs, crumbling building infrastructure, numerous water leaks, dumped animal waste and carcasses, dilapidated toilets and illegal and unsafe electricity connections are but a few of the issues that residents face daily.

The DA has on numerous occasions called on the Gauteng Human Settlements MEC, Paul Mashatile to intervene by working together with the Metro in ensuring services are delivered and conditions improved at the hostels.

Many of the residents feel unsafe as gates have collapsed, all windows are broken and no doors to the hostel units are fixed.

The uncaring and unresponsive ANC government in Ekurhuleni and the province simply chose to ignore these conditions and left the community stranded after their 2016 local election campaign.

The DA challenges the Human Settlements MEC to get out of his office and to stop sitting on his hands and start addressing the myriad of concerns by residents. The MEC must accompany the DA to see for himself the type of on-the-ground conditions residents are being subjected to.

The time for promises is over. Action is what is needed in delivering the essential services which residents of the Wattville Hostels desperately deserve.

The DA will continue to pursue various action steps to ensure that the residents of Wattville are no longer forgotten.



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MEC’s Budget Fails To Tackle Gauteng’s Problems

Well-connected political elite continue to prosper at detriment of ordinary citizens

Gauteng Finance MEC, Barbara Creecy’s 2017/18 budget is out of tune with the tough economic climate faced by millions of Gauteng’s residents – and will continue to perpetuate a system where the well-connected political elite will continue to prosper at the detriment of ordinary citizens.

MEC Creecy indicated that Gauteng’s share tax income has diminished due to constraints placed on National Treasury – but instead of working smart with less, no tangible cost containment measures have been put in place to curb exorbitant expenditure on travel, catering, advertising and events, despite the statements in her speech.

The much publicised open tender system has not been rolled out effectively enough to combat tender fraud. Only R9.3billion spread across 38 tenders have undergone the open tender system – the majority remain behind closed doors, and this is nearly three years after the launch!

Administration needs to do more with less

While the ring-fencing of R12.5 billion for infrastructure projects is welcome, it must be noted that there has been a drastic cut to the infrastructure budget for roads. This at a time when the first phase of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project has reached the end of its lifespan, and no inclusive transport plans have been made available other than the announcement to expand the Gautrain. The MEC’s silence on e-Tolls is telling after the Premier washed his hands of the issue in his State of the Province Address.

In the previous financial year, the ANC-led administration put aside R100 million rand to bolster its election support through what it labelled “voter education”. Given the recent Life Esidimeni debacle, it is disheartening that the same emphasis could not be placed on ring-fencing funds to assist mentally ill patients.

While the increased funding to Health and Education is most welcome, it arises from the need to pay last year’s bills with this year’s money however this money could have been used to address current challenges. Service providers must be paid on-time, in line with legislation and new schools must be completed to spec, within budget and on time.

MEC Creecy spoke about the increased need for cooperation between the private and public sector, yet she down plays the fact that the ANC, under President Jacob Zuma is slowly eroding private property rights – a point that will deter investment.

This administration needs to do more with less for the people of Gauteng, but until those who operate behind the scenes – who manipulate tenders, inflate costs and collude are brought under control, residents of the province will not benefit from this budget.



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Ashor Sarupen

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Finance

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Premier Makhura Shirks Responsibility And Offers More Empty Promises

State of the Province Address

Gauteng Premier, David Makhura’s State of the Province Address was a weak attempt to absolve himself from the many wrong-doings of the ANC-led provincial government, while at the same time offering little hope of a brighter future for the 13.5 million residents of the province.

Makhura’s admission that no consultation had taken place on e-Tolls, and that the matter is the prerogative of national government, shows that he has capitulated to his masters in Luthuli House. He has decided that he is not a man of the people.

The complete and untruthful distancing of himself from the Life Esidimeni tragedy beggars belief. The Premier should have tendered his resignation today out of respect for the 100 and counting mentally ill patients that lost their lives.

Economy, Housing, and Social Services

The de-institutionalisation of mental health patients and the warnings against this action were made known to the Premier as early as January 2016. Instead of taking his share of the blame, Makhura has attempted to isolate himself from the tragic events that led to the loss of 100 and counting lives. Again, he has shown that political survival and, not people come first.

Many of the so-called plans to be rolled out to reshape the economy, housing, and social services are simply reheated dreams that are two years old. Minor adjustments to these fanciful dreams has certainly not led to prosperity.

The Lost Generation

The Premier had little to offer to the lost generation of those who are out of education and out of work. In Gauteng, there are 3.4 million people who fall into this category, the highest in the country. Since taking office, unemployment has risen from 29.8% to 32.2%. It cannot continue to be business as usual for this province.

The Premier has made mention of numerous panels and commissions that will be established to re-shape the economy and deal with the social challenges of this province. The real question is, when will this administration get down to the hard task of delivering on its mandate to all?

More, now than ever, will the DA seek to drive a plan that speaks to redressing the wrongs of the past – building a more inclusive economy and uplifting the lives of those who have been marginalised and forgotten about by this administration.

Premier Makhura’s face saving exercise may do well for the cameras, but it does not bode well against the coalface of real-world hardships faced by the residents of Gauteng.



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DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

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DA Submits PAIA On Financial Transfers To NGOs

Gauteng Department of Social Development

The DA has submitted a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) application on the transfers of funds to all NGOs and NPOs funded by the Gauteng Department of Social Development during 2015/16 financial year.

Despite efforts to obtain this information through the legislative process, Gauteng Social Development MEC, Nandi Mayathula-Khoza, has claimed that the information is withheld to protect NGOs/NPOs in the province.

The MEC claimed that the information on transfers had been submitted to the DA, however this if far from the truth.

The requested information is a compliance item which should have been included in the department’s annual report. The report only gives a brief summary of transfers to the different programs, but not specific amounts transferred to NGOs and NPOs.

Gauteng residents deserve to know exactly how much each NGO and NPO was awarded, as the use of public funds should be open to public scrutiny.

The MECs insistence on hiding this information raises the suspicion that there may be something untoward happening in her department.

The DA will continue to probe the funding of NGOs and NPOs and will not stop until the information is obtained.



Media Enquiries:

Refiloe Nt’sekhe MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Social Development

060 558 8297

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Gauteng Service Delivery Dealt A Blow By Slow Release Of Funds

Gauteng Provincial Government – National Treasury

Five major Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) departments have yet to receive their allotted budget for the second quarter of this financial year due to the slow transfer of funds from National Treasury.

The departments of Roads and Transport, Community Safety, Agriculture and Rural Development, E-Government and Infrastructure Development, which should by now have received 50% or more of their equitable share from National Treasury are all low in the 40% region.

Of notable concern is the department of E-Governance, which to date has only received 40.8% of its allocated funding. This department is the nerve centre of government business in Gauteng. If it fails to fulfil its mandate due to financial constraints, it will have dire consequences for the other GPG departments.

Premier David Makhura’s Transformation, Modernisation and Re-Industrialisation Plan

In an effort to restructure the economy of Gauteng, Premier David Makhura’s Transformation, Modernisation and Re-Industrialisation (TMR) plan hinges on departments like Infrastructure and Agriculture for its success. However, without funding, it will be impossible for these departments to make in-roads to address economic growth and job creation.

As the country’s most populace province, it is imperative that these funds are made available to departments as soon as possible so that residents of Gauteng receive the service they deserve.

It is at this stage unclear as to why these funds have yet to be made available.

Premier David Makhura must engage his counterparts in national government to speed up the payment process as he has done with the issues surrounding monies owed to the Gauteng Department of Health.

Province’s Financial Obligations

If the process is delayed due to departments failing to comply with legislation, swift action must be taken against accounting officers in departments.

The DA will continue to ensure that the province’s financial obligations are met and that service delivery is not hampered.



Media Enquiries:

Adriana Randall MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC on Finance

060 556 4342

Gauteng Infrastructure’s Late Payments Impact Projects And Lives

Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development

The inability of the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) to pay contractors within 30 days as required by the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) has dealt a major blow to contractors and service delivery across the province.

DID’s Portfolio Committee evaluated the impact of late payment in response to concerns raised by the Auditor General as well as complaints from contractors who run small businesses. Contractors indicated that the late payments impacted on their businesses to the extent that some of them have been forced to abandon the projects because of cash flow problems.

This also sets projects back and residents of Gauteng are prejudiced by delayed services.


The affected contractors also indicated that it was not only late payments that put their businesses at risk, but also the fact that DID officials poor project management capability stretched out projects further than cash flow allowed. In addition, some contractors indicated that in a few cases, bribes were sought by officials in order to pay invoices within the required 30 days.

Newly appointed MEC for DID, Jacob Mamabolo, apologised to the contractors for late payments and undertook to investigate and resolve the problems as soon as possible.

The MEC also indicated that DID was creating an anti-corruption unit within the department to deal with the allegation of bribes.

Livelihoods at Risk by Government

While contractors appreciated the sentiment expressed by the MEC, they remain concerned that their livelihoods are being put at risk by government. The main contributing factor for this situation is the fact that officials in the employ of government either do not have the correct skills or the correct attitude in order to ensure efficient management.

One unfortunately cannot eat ‘apologies’. The DA will continue to hold DID to account in order to ensure that they pay contractors on time.


Media enquiries:

Alan Fuchs MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Infrastructure Development

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DA Debates 2016/17 Gauteng Human Settlements Budget

Speech by: Mervyn Cirota MPL

“Gauteng housing fails its constitutional mandate”

  • Reality suggests that in the last 2 years of the current administration, this department’s performance continues to fall further and further behind its minimum intended targets.
  • The MEC must explain what steps are being taken to regulate and accommodate the 200 000 people that move into this province every year?
  • The department of human settlements budget for the 2016/17 financial year has been reduced by a staggering R1bn in an environment where the backlog of housing which now exceeds 1 million. This could have been used to build 7500 homes. This amount has been reduced due to under spending by the department.
  • That is why in situ upgrading remains an absolute priority and why the obsession with mega cities fails to factor in the reluctance of many citizens of both formal and informal settlements to be moved away from close to where they work and live and where their livelihoods are familiar and surroundings are secure.
  • The budget as a whole is misdirected, lacking in imagination, failing in policy implementation, its priorities confused and with little vision or planning.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Media enquiries:

Mervyn Cirota

Gauteng Spokesperson on Human Settlements

060 558 8312

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DA Gauteng Debates Office Of The Premier 2016/17 Budget

Speech by: John Moodey MPL

“Office of the Premier: Real programme implementation needed for real change”

  • The word radical means far-reaching or thorough, revolutionary, progressive. The question is this: Is this government delivering on its promises?
  • How can the Premier claim radical economic transformation when the number of employed people in the province decreased by 195 000?
  • Mr Premier, where is the modernisation of the economy when the trade sector alone sheds 117 000 jobs in a single quarter? When construction and manufacturing shed 34 000 and 33 000 jobs respectively?
  • We therefore urge you to put the province and its people first, to do the right thing, not for any reason other than that it is the thing to do.

The full speech can be obtained here


Speech by: Jack Bloom MPL

 “Gauteng provincial government captured before Guptas”

  • The Premier understands the political peril that the ANC faces in this province as a result of service delivery failures and the unpopularity of President Jacob Zuma.
  • How is it possible, for instance, that R908 million in housing funds was taken away from this province at the end of February because it was unspent? Are we not desperately short of housing in this province?
  • Let me tell you what the root of the problem is in Gauteng – it is cadre deployment and general political interference in what needs to be done to run an efficient administration.
  • The Guptas were largely shut out of Gauteng in favour of another network of state capture – the “Alex Mafia” run by ANC Provincial Chairman Paul Mashatile.
  • The Honourable Premier will have an uphill battle using his office to get all the departments functioning efficiently and effectively, because the problem is deeply ingrained within his own party

The full speech can be obtained here


Media enquiries:

John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

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Jack Bloom

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on the Office of the Premier

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