#MakhuraNotFitToGovern: ANC-led government’s vote of confidence in Premier Makhura shows their commitment to cadre deployment

It is no surprise that the ANC in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature today voted to keep Premier David Makhura in office. Today’s motion of no confidence brought by the DA comes after it became quite clear that Premier Makhura is not fit to govern.

The outcome of today’s vote does not change our view. Premier Makhura remains unfit to govern.

Under his watch:

  • Up to R125 million wasted on corrupt tenders for Personal Protect Equipment.
  • R431 million was spent on decontaminating schools between June and August last year.
  • AngloGold Ashanti hospital on the far West Rand received R500 million worth of funding in order to equip it with extra beds and facilities to assist Covid-19 patients. These wards are still incomplete and remain under construction.
  • Years after the horrible tragedy at Life Esidimeni, 81 claimants had still not been paid their compensation by November 2020.
  • Over 18 months since the Bank of Lisbon Fire, the Premier has still failed to release the investigation report.
  • There has been a continuous systemic collapse of municipalities like Emfuleni and Merafong.
  • An illegal dissolution of the Tshwane Municipal Council last year.

It is clear that the ANC-led government in Gauteng remains committed to cadre deployment and will do anything in their power to ensure that Premier Makhura remains in office, despite his government failing to exercise proper fiscal control and governance.

The DA will not waiver in its duty as the Official Opposition in the province to hold Premier Makhura and his executive to account.

Maile overreaches again to “strengthen” his weak case

Yesterday MEC Lebogang Maile gave vague and very confusing “reasons” for rescinding the decision to suspend the Speaker of the City of Tshwane, Councillor Katlego Mathebe, and the former Speaker of the City of Johannesburg, Councillor Vasco da Gama. According to Maile’s statements, he is “strengthening” his case by withdrawing his previous decision. In doing so, he has conceded that his case was too weak to stand any form of legal scrutiny.

Now, the MEC has written to the Chief Whip of the City of Tshwane directing that Council convene urgent disciplinary proceedings. Once again, the MEC is exercising powers he simply does not have.

He has no such authority. Neither can Speaker Katlego Mathebe be judged as “insubordinate”. She is not his employee. Therefore, there can be no such thing a insubordination in this case.

We will continue challenging all moves made by the MEC which are an overreach, a power-grab and blatantly unlawful and unconstitutional. We will not allow the City of Tshwane to be captured by the MEC and his ANC cronies.

Will failing ANC make the right decision on Hlongwa and Mahlangu?

by Jack Bloom MPL – DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health

The ANC’s Integrity Commission is due to announce tomorrow its decision on scandal-plagued Gauteng ANC Chief Whip Brian Hlongwa and former Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu.

It is disgraceful that they were both recently re-elected to the failing ANC’s Provincial Executive Committee.

This is despite massive evidence that Hlongwa was implicated in R1.2 billion corruption when he was Health MEC, and Mahlangu was responsible for the Life Esidimeni tragedy that led to 144 deaths.

With elections around the corner, the failing ANC is anxious that they will lose votes if they continue to hold prominent positions.

The DA hopes that the failing ANC makes the right decision and removes them both from public life.

But voters should not be fooled – as President Cyril Ramaphosa said earlier this year when he warmly hugged Mahlangu at an ANC march in Soweto: “a comrade is always a comrade”.

If they are dismissed now, they could very well reappear in other positions after the elections.

Instead of delays and high-level protection they should both appear before a court of law and be punished for their misdeeds.

Homeless left out in the cold by ANC-led Gauteng government

by John Moodey – DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

As Gauteng is currently experiencing a cold snap, the homeless in this province are the most vulnerable to the plummeting temperatures.

The ANC-led Gauteng administration has no empathy and is not doing enough to assist our homeless people.

For instance, the ANC-run City of Ekurhuleni has no budget and no alternative accommodation for homeless people.

This was revealed by the Gauteng COGTA MEC, Uhuru Moiloa, in a written reply to my questions tabled in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

According to MEC Moiloa, Ekurhuleni does not have by-laws or legislation governing the control and management of homelessness in the City.

This is shocking as the number of homeless people is on the rise in this province, particularly in the CBDs.

There are not enough overnight shelters to accommodate homeless people in this province.

Many NGOs that work with homeless people claim that they are not getting enough support from the government.

The DA calls on the Gauteng government to strengthen their partnerships with NGOs that work with homeless people and provide them with adequate support.

An effective partnership between the Gauteng government and the respective NGOs will provide access to upliftment and empowerment programmes that will assist our homeless in getting a step-up on the employment ladder.

Where the DA governs in the City of Cape Town, we have launched ‘Safe Space’ which is an overnight facility to address the shortage of shelter space for the Cape Town CBD’s homeless residents. The facility offers access to a range of social and medical services, with assessments and referrals done on site. There are also short-term work opportunities that are made available through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

Come 2019, the DA will bring Change to the homeless people of Gauteng by replicating the good work done in Cape Town to assist the homeless in moving off the streets and into the job market.

Gauteng ANC municipalities owe Rand Water half a billion rand

The debt crisis in three ANC-run local municipalities in Gauteng, namely Mogale City, Emfuleni and Merafong City, is growing as the DA has learnt from a National Treasury report on the Division of Revenue Bill that these municipalities owe Rand Water almost half a billion Rand.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that these municipalities also collectively owed Eskom over half a billion rand.

It was revealed, at the end of their financial years, that the Emfuleni Local Municipality owes Rand Water R369-million, Merafong City owes R52-million and Mogale City R20-million. This is in addition to the massive amounts owed to Eskom.

With population growth, Gauteng needs urgent investment into new bulk water infrastructure as it is a water scarce province, but, based on payment rates to Rand Water, it is clear that the ANC is indifferent to this long-term problem.

It is lamentable that the ANC in Gauteng, which claims to be committed to good governance, have allowed their local municipalities to reach such dire financial straits.

The ANC in Gauteng prefers to maintain patronage rather than take action against ANC Mayors and office bearers who mismanage public money.

The people of Gauteng deserve a new beginning under a DA-led government where the government can pay its debts and guarantee the delivery of services. The ANC in Gauteng cannot continue to place the delivery of services, especially water, at risk.

The DA will continue to fight for good governance for all citizens, and probe why Gauteng COGTA MEC, Paul Mashatile and Gauteng Finance MEC, Barbara Creecy’s millions spent on ‘municipal support programmes’ are going to waste.

Gauteng ANC no different from ANC of Zuma. DA is ready to lead

Belgian economist and writer, Ernest Mandel, states that “factions are a sign of illness in a party.” This “illness” sets in when members of a political organisation no longer subscribe to the vision and values of the organisation but set out to elevate the nefarious vision and values of individuals above that of the organisation. This “illness” also manifests itself when parts or factions of the organisation stand quietly by and do nothing in an attempt to distinguish themselves from the whole. This is the case when it comes to the ANC at Luthuli House and the ANC in Gauteng.


There is a false belief that the ANC in Gauteng is independent of the ANC at Luthuli House. The false narrative states that the ANC of Paul Mashatile and David Makhura is a corrupt-free moral compass, and the last hope of the ANC.


If we are to believe that the ANC in Gauteng is a shining star in the dark sky that is the ANC, then they would not have lost significantly in the 2014 and 2016 polls, and they would not be preparing to lose the entire province to the DA in 2019. The people of Gauteng are increasingly voting for the DA and other opposition parties in Gauteng because they know that any form of ANC government is regressive, corrupt and arrogant.


If the ANC of Gauteng was so great and espoused the values of Oliver Tambo, John Dube, Nelson Mandela and its other great leaders of an ANC that is no more, the new DA-led administrations of Johannesburg and Tshwane would not be uncovering cases of corruption, which took place under the ANC in Gauteng’s watch.


For example, under the leadership of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba, 2 000 corruption cases are being investigated, amounting to R14.4 billion. This has thus far led to 451 arrests and more than 100 City employees being suspended.


In Tshwane, R12 million was spent on the mayoral mansion, despite the property being valued at R4 million. The previous ANC Mayor, Kgosientso Ramokgopa, inflated his office compliment by hiring 900 people (many of whom were ANC branch chairs and had no clear job description), costing the people of Tshwane R250 million a year in salaries.


While money was looted in Johannesburg and Tshwane the righteous ANC leadership in Gauteng said and did nothing. So how can it be that this corrupt cohort is seen to be exemplary when compared to the alleged liars and looters in Luthuli House – Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa, Zweli Mkhize, Baleka Mbete, Zweli Mkhize, Jessie Durate and long list of other people who have defended and acted against the interests of South Africa and her people?


What is real, is the Democratic Alliance’s growth in Gauteng, and this is anchored on our first win in the province in 2011, when we were entrusted with governing in Midvaal. Mayor Bongani Baloyi has done an excellent job there. Unemployment is at its lowest; investment and service delivery are at their highest. Midvaal has done so well, that in the lead up to the 2016 election, the ANC commended our great work and went as far as saying that it should be emulated by the ANC.


The Auditor-General also had a few words to say about the DA’s brand of good governance in Midvaal, the only municipality in Gauteng to get a clean audit for 2015/16, stating that this is because of “the municipality institutionalising a number of best practices, which should be replicated across the province, such as monitoring the implementation of action plans to ensure that internal control deficiencies are addressed, maintaining stability in key positions, ensuring that governance structures are effective, and effectively applying consequence management”.


As the DA in Gauteng, we are ready to build a better province, where jobs are created, services are delivered and corruption becomes something of the past. We want Gauteng to be a place where hospitals and clinics treat patients with dignity; where women and children are kept safe from crime.


The DA is ready to rebuild what the ANC of Jacob Zuma and David Makhura have destroyed.

Gauteng ANC has no bite

The participation of the Gauteng ANC in today’s COSATU-led march against state capture is a farce that seeks only to score political points and has nothing to do with resolving the unrelenting looting of state coffers.

If the ANC in Gauteng truly had the gusto to condemn state capture outright, it would call for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma who has been found to be wanting by the highest court in the land.

His close links to the Gupta family, and the scandals around kick-backs to his family and friends, places him at the epicenter of this nefarious web.

While the leadership of the ANC in Gauteng have not yet placed their cards on the table about who they will back in December’s elective conference, there is clear indication already that with or without President Zuma, the status quo is set to remain. The ANC cannot and will not self-correct.

Come 2019, residents of Gauteng and citizens across South Africa will have the opportunity to take action against those who have abused the freedoms that so many suffered to achieve. They will vote for the DA.

In 2019, the Gauteng ANC will be remembered for being on the wrong side of history.

MEC Creecy must break her silence on Gordhan sacking


During her 2017 budget speech, Gauteng Finance MEC, Barbara Creecy made frequent reference to the objectives former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was attempting to achieve during his tenure.

Specifically, she committed the Gauteng Provincial Government to the fiscal path pursed by Gordhan by saying “The Gauteng Provincial Government understands the imperatives facing National Treasury and continues to endorse Minister Gordhan’s call to manage our finances in a prudent and sustainable way.”


Subsequent to Minister Gordhan’s recall from an investment roadshow, the fake intelligence report, the midnight ministerial change and the ratings downgrade, it appears as though MEC Creecy has gone to ground, failing to speak up for fiscal discipline and against state capture.


If the Gauteng Government and the Gauteng ANC are truly committed to good governance and sound economic policy, then MEC Creecy should publicly affirm this commitment in light of recent events.


The ratings downgrade, plummeting currency and inflationary risks threaten the living standards of the people of Gauteng, especially the poor.


This dark hour in our country is not the time to stay silent, and MEC Creecy owes the people of Gauteng a strong response to the pain President Jacob Zuma has inflicted on the country over the last week. This is not the time for political survival in the ANC for the sake of a salary or position.


The DA calls on MEC Creecy to speak out against the dismissal of Gordhan and Zuma’s economic mismanagement as a matter of urgency, and join civil society in calling for the removal of Zuma as president of our country. History will judge her for the path she chooses.

Media Enquiries:

Ashor Sarupen MPL
DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Finance
060 558 8303

DA Economic Cluster Manager
073 601 6144

The Gauteng ANC is a “house divided”


The proud endorsement of President Zuma in last night’s address by ANC Ekurhuleni Mayor, Mzwandile Masina, to the ANCYL in Germiston can only be a clear indication that the cracks are beginning to show in the Gauteng ANC.

Over the weekend, ANC Legislature Chief-Whip, Brian Hlongwa publicly rallied against Zuma at the memorial service held for the late Ahmed Kathrada.

With the outright endorsement of President Jacob Zuma by Mayor Masina, will the Gauteng ANC capitulate to the man who has wreaked havoc on the nation and plunged millions of South African lives into despair?

Or will they have the moral conscience to stand up to the President in a vote of no confidence in the National Assembly? A failure to do so will show that the Gauteng ANC is a house divided against itself, which ultimately will fall.

Media Enquiries

John Moodey MPL
DA Gauteng Provincial Leader
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Warren Gwilt
DA Economic Cluster Manager
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On which side of history will the Gauteng ANC find itself?

President Jacob Zuma’s latest cabinet reshuffle has emphasised the urgency for all South Africans, across the political divide, to unite to safeguard the future of our country.

The common objective for all of us as responsible citizens and defenders of our Constitution is the fight against the kleptocracy of one man who wishes to deny so many, to safeguard his ill-gotten gains.


The DA has tabled a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma in the National Assembly to rid South Africa of a man hell-bent on abusing the institutions of government to enrich his masters, the Gupta family. Every single public representative will have an opportunity to vote, guided by his or her conscious to liberate the country from economic sabotage.


Now that the ANC in Gauteng has come out against President Jacob Zuma, will the Gauteng ANC provincial leadership of Hope Papo, Paul Mashatile, and Premier David Makhura instruct the Gauteng ANC MP’s in Parliament to vote against the President in the fight to save our constitutional democracy? Or is the party in the province simply grandstanding?


Now is the time to stand up and be counted. History will judge harshly those who stood idle while democracy was eroded.

Media Enquiries:

John Moodey MPL
DA Gauteng Provincial Leader
082 960 3743

Warren Gwilt
DA Economic Cluster Manager
073 601 6144