DA Gauteng debates Motion on Investment in Public Transport


The following speeches were delivered in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature today by DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Transport, Dr Neil Campbell MPL and DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Social Development, Justus de Goede MPL, during a debate on Gauteng’s public transport investment.

Dr Neil Campbell MPL

“ANC motion far removed from the reality of commuters”

• The current bus subsidy programme is a disaster, with commuters and bus companies both unhappy. Busses are old, unreliable, and unpunctual, and routes are often not serviced;
• The Gautrain is unaffordable to most commuters, it has cost far more than was originally calculated and continues to drain the provincial treasury via subsidies;
• The freight–hubs which were to serve Gauteng are currently only draining the economy; and
• Gauteng’s Driver Licence Testing Centres are inefficient and plagued with many corrupt officials. Many road users’ service delivery complaints have gone unheard.

The full speech can be obtained here.

Justus de Goede MPL

“Public transport in Gauteng requires thorough planning and coordination to be a success”

• A lack of coordination in public transport planning between the different spheres of government in the province is crippling growth and development in the sector;
• Public-private partnerships must be sought in order to ensure the sustainability of public transport in the province;
• The creation of the Gauteng Transport Authority, which aimed to streamline uncoordinated institutional structures, was announced two years ago, but there has been virtual silence since due to the lack of political will; and
• Two recent surveys paint a very bleak picture of public perceptions of the transport system and found that commuters are actually leaving the public transport network, and have lost confidence in it.

The full speech can be obtained here.

Johannesburg Licensing Clean Up Ends ANC’s Era Of Corruption

Driver Licence Testing Centres

Recent arrests and disciplinary action taken by the DA-led Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality against corrupt officials in its Driver Licence Testing Centres (DLTC) is the first step in the battle against corruption.

Although this will lead to some delays in the short-term it will hopefully herald the end of corruption in our DLTC’s which are at this stage, a provincial competency.

This patent corruption has been allowed to fester under the eyes of Gauteng MEC, Ismail Vadi, for years with no substantive action being taken by him to stop the rot.

DA-led City of Johannesburg

The valiant start made by the DA-led City of Johannesburg should spur the MEC to action. He should emulate this initiative and purge corrupt activities rampant in stations run by the provincial government.

The ANC has for too long acted to protect corruption, instead of taking firm action to root it out. Where we govern, the DA is working hard to change this, so that the people come first again.

Let this sterling beginning by the City of Johannesburg be the catalyst that cleans up the fraud and corruption present in South African testing stations and on our roads.



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