West Rand Metro: Efficient Service Delivery is Key, Not Centralisation

Proposed West Rand Merger

Representatives of the ANC on the West Rand continue to push for the formation of a new Metropolitan Municipality, despite those in higher office within their own structures admitting the municipalities in question are dysfunctional and bankrupt.

During the 2015/16 budget debate for his office, Gauteng Premier David Makhura clearly stated that: ”The merger of municipalities cannot be a panacea to poor management and poor leadership…”.

Furthermore, Section 24 of the Municipal Demarcation Act stipulates that when board re-determines a municipal boundary it must take into account:

  • The provision of democratic and accountable government for local communities;
  • The provision of services to these communities in an equitable and sustainable manner; and
  • The promotion of social and economic development.

Research and factual evidence indicates that such mergers have a negative impact on service delivery and people’s quality of life.

The Tshwane Experience

Tshwane’s merger resulted in increased rates hikes, yet it still struggles with a debt burden of over R1 billion – and only received R20 million from national government towards the costs of the merger.

The West Rand will not be exempt from this process.

While some in the ANC claim that those opposed to the merger are missing an “opportunity to be futuristic”, the DA firmly believes that this merger will be severely detrimental for West Rand residents from all walks of life, that service delivery will further decline, and that the quality of life will suffer.

Effectively Administered Municipality

The DA’s objection to this merger proposes a future where the existing municipalities of Randfontein, Mogale City, Merafong and Westonaria are administered efficiently and cleanly by municipalities that are close them and readily available to serve their needs, and where residents are provided with equal opportunity to be the masters of their own future.

Sign our petition opposing the proposed West Rand metro here.


Media enquiries:

Solly Msimanga MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson

060 558 8308

West Rand Metro: Debt Burden will Strangle Service Delivery

Proposed West Rand Metropolitan Municipality

The proposed West Rand Metropolitan municipality will be saddled with a combined debt of over R1,5 billion – which will severely compromise quality service delivery.

According to the latest Government Gazette on Gauteng’s municipal statements, West Rand municipalities carry a massive debt burden outstanding more than 90 days.

  • Merafong – R588,95 million;
  • Mogale City – R629,89 million;
  • Randfontein – R199,01 million; and
  • West Rand District – R1,146 million.

Financial Mismanagement

Due to continuous financial mismanagement, Westonaria was unable to report on its debtors, but that would only add to an already unmanageable debt burden for the proposed metro.

While mayors and municipal officials claim that the merger would assist individual municipalities struggling with service delivery issues, the fact is that streamlining service delivery mechanisms and practices will have massive cost implications.

Furthermore, claims that sharing and redistribution of financial resources would improve service delivery standards and efficiency are completely misguided as the metro inherits more debt than income.

The formation of a West Rand Metro will severely affect the quality of life of almost a million of Gauteng’s residents, and government must heed the lessons learnt from the Tshwane experience – where after four years, it still struggles with a debt burden of over R1 billion, and only received R20 million from national government.

The people of the West Rand deserve local government that is close to them and in tune with their service delivery needs.



Media enquiries:

Solly Msimanga MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson

060 558 8308

West Rand Residents Object Strongly to Proposed Metro

West RandSolly Msimanga DA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson

This past weekend residents of the West Rand came out in their numbers to object to the proposed creation of a metropolitan municipality.

On Saturday and Sunday the DA ran a coordinated awareness campaign throughout the Merafong, Mogale City, Westonaria and Randfontein local municipalities, informing residents of the proposals, and that the deadline for objections expires on 5 June.

Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB)

Residents were completely unaware of the proposals and the deadline, but immediately undertook to lodge their objections with the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB), and signed the DA’s petition opposing the metro – which would be lodged as part of our objections.

The DA is strongly opposed to merging these local municipalities into a metro, as we believe that Cooperative Governance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his provincial counterpart Jacob Mamabolo had other avenues to address the host of administrative governance issues plaguing these municipalities.

The Tshwane Experience

The Tshwane experience has also shown that service delivery has not improved when merging poor performing municipalities, despite the fact that municipal rates were increased – as the debt burden is simply too much to bear.

Tshwane had to absorb a cost of R1 billion to accommodate the merge, and was only compensated R20 million by the provincial government.

This week, the MDB is scheduled to host public participation meetings in each of the four municipalities, and the DA calls on the greater public to arrive in their numbers and raise their concerns and/or objections with the board.

The meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • Tuesday 2 June, Randfontein Council Chamber at 14h00
  • Wednesday, 3 June, Mogale City, Centenary Hall at 15h00
  • Thursday 4 June, Westonaria, Banquet Hall at 15h00
  • Friday 5 June, Carletonville Civic Centre at 15h00


The DA will remain at the forefront of the battle for better service delivery and to prevent the formation of a dysfunctional West Rand Metropolitan Municipality.


Media enquiries:

Solly Msimanga MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson

060 558 8308

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Politics on Tap : DA Engages Community Members

Politics on Tap

Today, Friday 29 May 2015, members of the Democratic Alliance in the Pretoria East region will host Politics on Tap, an event that seeks to bring South African citizens into an environment where they are able to interact on a personal basis, with their elected politicians.

This time, our panel will include the DA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson, Solly Msimanga MPL, DA’s Shadow Minister of Transport, Manny de Freitas MP and Mayor of the DA-Governed Midvaal Municipality, Bongani Baloyi.

The entire format of the engagement is to encourage the public to question, debate and engage with the topical issues of the day.

The Current Political Landscape

The members of the panel will give short opening speeches on their particular areas of expertise and their views on the current political landscape in South Africa before taking questions from the audience.

At this week’s event we will delve into matters concerning E-tolls, the state of local government in Gauteng and the upcoming local government elections.

Direct engagement with politicians is lacking within the South African political space.  Politics on Tap aims to bridge this gap by creating an informal setting where people can participate in both social and political activity at the same time.

We encourage members of the public to come through and join us.

Date : 29 May 2015

Time : 18:30

Place : Pretoria Boys High Old Boys Club, 378 Queen’s Crescent, Pretoria.


Media Enquiries

Phuti Kwenaite

Constituency Officer : Fountains Rust

074 633 8774


Jordan Griffiths

Convenor : Politics on Tap

084 209 3760


Nkele Molapo

Media Officer

072 041 4842


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Gauteng Premier Must Take a Stand Against Xenophobic Attacks

The DA calls on Gauteng Premier David Makhura and provincial ANC leaders to publicly stand up and condemn attacks on foreign residents in the country, before it spirals out of control.Solly Msimanga DA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson

Following days of xenophobic violence in KwaZulu-Natal, foreign business owners in the Johannesburg CBD yesterday fell victim to widespread and seemingly coordinated attacks.

According to local reports, attacks are currently under way in KwaThema, near Springs on the East Rand.

Coordinated Xenophobic Attacks

Of particular concern is the seemingly coordinated nature of the attacks and almost total lack of police intelligence to prevent it from occurring.

South Africa prides itself on a Constitution founded on a shared respect for the human rights of all persons, and it is up to each and every one of us to strongly condemn acts of violence against our fellow humans simply because of their origin.

While the cause of the xenophobic violence may have been fanned by remarks of certain senior leaders, Premier Makhura, his Cabinet and the provincial ANC as a collective must take a stand, and condemn xenophobia in the strongest terms.

South Africa Owes those Nations

Premier Makhura, many African nations opened their arms to the ANC during the struggle for a free and democratic South Africa.

Those nations trained, fed, clothed, sheltered and provided financial support to the liberation struggle at great peril to themselves – and South Africans today owe those nations and their people a great debt of gratitude.

It is the duty of every South African to stand up against xenophobia and build a South Africa where everyone feels safe and at home.

To this end, the DA calls on the Premier to liaise closely with the police and municipal law enforcement agencies and do everything possible together to prevent further looting and violence.


Media enquiries:

Solly Msimanga MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson

060 558 8308

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