Ekurhuleni Speaker enforces fascist behaviour in council



Speaker of the Ekurhuleni Council, Patricia Kumalo, has jackbooted over democracy by using the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police (EMPD) to forcefully prevent myself and two of my colleagues from carrying out our constitutional role of oversight.
Myself, Paul Willemburg MPL and Jordan Lotriet – a DA member, were present at the monthly Council meeting in Germiston this morning, seated in the public gallery among journalist and concerned residents of the Metro.
Willemburg and Lotriet were taking pictures of the proceedings, like many others in the gallery when the Speaker singled out Willemburg and Lotriet and ordered EMPD officials to forcefully remove them from the gallery.
She insisted that the EMPD delete any photographs and videos they may have on their phones of the day’s proceedings – illegally, before returning them to the chamber.
Upon return, Speaker Kumalo then singled me out and ordered EMPD to subject me to the same rough and barbarous treatment.
Despite not having taken photographs or videos, my phone was forcefully taken from me and, without a warrant, searched.
As a member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, oversight over local government performance is critical.
This move by ANC is a warning to voters who next year have the power to get rid of tyranny and elect a government that is for freedom, not against it.
I have laid charges against Patricia Kumalo at the Germiston Police Station and will ensure that this fascist act this does not become the norm.
Media Enquiries
Ashor Sarupen MPL
DA Springs-Daveyton Constituency Head
076 334 5147

DA Marches Against Drug Abuse in Daveyton

On Saturday, 28th of March 2015, the Democratic Alliance staged a protest march against the rising incidents of drug abuse and associated criminality in Daveyton.

DA activists marching against drug abuse

Over 300 DA members and supporters marched several kilometers from to the Daveyton Police Station to hand over a memorandum to the South African Police Service, demanding ‎that the Narcotics Bureau be reinstated to deal with drugs and crime intelligence around drugs, as well as more frequent raids of drug dens and visible policing around schools to keep drug dealers away.

The march was a peaceful occurred without incident, and was pre-approved with SAPS along an agreed route, as the DA is a party of the rule of law and supports the rule of law.

The DA will continue to demand that specialised policing units be reinstated to deal with specific crimes and will be pursing the issue through the various councils, legislatures and parliament.

The DA in Daveyton will be running a month long campaign on drug abuse with the community.


Media Enquiries

Ashor Sarupen MPL

DA Constituency Head – Springs / Daveyton

076 334 5147


Gauteng Community Safety MEC Mum on Secrecy

Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, refused to answer a question asking if she has instituted a policy of secrecy to hide issues relating to police officers and police facilities managed by her Department.

This followed an oral question I tabled in a sitting of the Gauteng Legislature to enquire why electricity bills were unpaid at an Ekurhuleni Metro Police station in Eislen Street, Daveyton, which lead to electricity being disconnected.

Police officers were instructed not to tell any members of the public, including opposition politicians, that electricity was disconnected at the station.

A whistle-blower brought this to the attention of the DA.

However, when asked about the instruction to hide this, and further asked if it is policy to hide problems, the MEC stated that she “can’t answer rumours”.

The MEC has already instituted a policy that Members of the Legislature may not undertake unannounced oversight visits to police stations – undermining the constitutional rights and obligations of elected public representatives.

The public have a right to know when their police service is dysfunctional as well as what is being done to address deficiencies in police.

The MECs attitude and refusal to answer, as well as her veil of secrecy approach is alarming.

Media enquiries:
Ashor Sarupen
DA Constituency Head: Springs-Daveyton
076 334 5147

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