New Gauteng Film Commission CEO must prioritise local film productions instead of spending half of its budget on salaries

Many artists in the film industry continue to suffer due to a lack of financial and training support from the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC). This entity constantly spends almost 50 percent of its budget on salaries and less money on the development programmes for the film and television industry in the province.

The financial woes of Gauteng artists in the film and television industry have been neglected for far too long by the GFC, and the newly appointed CEO, Keitumetse Lebaka, is facing a crucial task. has big shoes to fill. She must ensure that the local film industry is empowered with much-needed skills to provide world-class films that can compete with other internationally-produced local films.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the continued suffering faced by the artists in the film and television industry. CEO Lebaka must review the GFC budget allocations and prioritize support for local film and television artists in Gauteng.

In the 2018/19 annual report for the GFC, they spent 54.9% of the budget on salaries while they had four vacancies, and in the 2020/21 annual report, they spent 47% of the budget on salaries while they had seven vacancies.

This shows that this entity continues to spend almost half of the budget on salaries which is unacceptable and indicates poor financial and management planning.

The DA will be monitoring how the new CEO is going to turn around this entity to ensure that its budget is spent accordingly to benefit local film and television producers.

The only solution is to prioritise a budget that is focused on skills development through funding initiatives that aim at producing highly skilled filmmakers and providing training, workshops, and mentorship to emerging filmmakers.

Gauteng MEC Misleads Legislature On Emfuleni Libraries

Unused Internet Kiosks

Gauteng Arts, Culture, Sports and Recreation MEC Faith Mazibuko has deliberately misled the Provincial Legislature by claiming that only two of Emfuleni’s 13 libraries are without internet access, despite the DA having confirmation that 11 have no access at all.

Installed four years ago, kiosks at these libraries sit unused because of the department’s failure to deliver.

Libraries allow residents access to government portals to register as jobseekers and make general use of the internet.

The only two internet kiosks that are in working condition are those that were sponsored and recently upgraded by a private donor.

Accountability to the Public

If the MEC was more attentive to her portfolio, she would understand how dysfunctional her department actually is.

I will write to the Legislature’s Privileges and Ethics Commitee and request an investigation into the MEC’s remarks, which I believe were a deliberate attempt to mislead the house.

Members of the executive must at all times be accountable to the public, whether the truth hurts or not.


Media enquiries:

Kingsol Chabalala MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Sport, Recreation, Arts, Culture and Heritage

060 558 8299

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DA Sends Condolences to Family and Friends of Rapper Flabba

The DA passes its sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of South African rapper Nkululeko Habedi, better known as Flabba who passed away in the early hours of this morning.

Habedi was part of the rap group Skwatta Kamp. According to reports, its alleged that Habedi was stabbed by his girlfriend.

Skwatta Kamp is SA’s most successful rap group in terms of the most albums sold by a  South African rap group. Flabba’s catchy lyrics  in both English and vernacular added a unique flavour to South Africa’s Hip Hop industry and will be sorely missed.

It is a sad day for South Africans, may his soul rest in peace.


Media enquiries:

Kingsol Chabalala MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation

060 558 8299

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