Seventh clean audit for DA-led Midvaal Municipality

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is proud to announce that the DA-led Midvaal Municipality is continuing its good governance practices and managing its financial resources in a sustainable manner.

The Auditor General has awarded the municipality another clean audit for the 2019/20 financial year, the seventh consecutive award since 2013, making it the best performing municipality in Gauteng.

Receiving this accolade proves once again that where the DA governs, we do our utmost to ensure that taxpayers’ money is spent on delivering services efficiently to our communities.

The DA commends Mayor Baloyi and his team for another positive audit outcome, and most importantly we thank the residents of Midvaal for their support.


DA-beheerde Midvaal Munisipaliteit ‘n baken van uitnemendheid

Kliek asseblief hier vir ‘n klankgreep deur John Moodey.

Die Demokratiese Alliansie (DA) verwelkom die Suid-Afrikaanse Vereniging vir Plaaslike Regerings (SALGA) se aankondiging dat Midvaal Plaaslike Munisipaliteit die mees stabiele munisipaliteit in Gauteng is.

SALGA het Midvaal ook ‘n skoon oudit toegeken met ‘n ongekwalifiseerde oudit vir die boekjaar 2018/19.

Dit is ‘n oorwinning vir die mense van Midvaal en wys wat harde werk en toewyding kan bereik.  Dit is ‘n verdere bewys van goeie bestuur. Die DA-burgemeester, Bongani Baloyi, het die volle begroting van R1,34 miljard verstandig en verantwoordelik bestee.

Die DA-bestuurde Midvaal is die enigste munisipaliteit in Gauteng wat ‘n skoon oudit ontvang het. Dit beteken dat die munisipaliteit se finansiële state betroubaar is en in ooreenstemming is met wetgewing oor prestasiestandaarde.

Midvaal munisipaliteit duld onder geen omstandighede die misbruik van belastingbetalers se geld nie. Waar die DA regeer, sal ons ons bes doen om te verseker dat belastingbetalers se geld bestee word om dienste doeltreffend aan ons gemeenskappe te lewer.

Die DA wens burgemeester Baloyi en sy span geluk, en is veral dankbaar vir die mense van Midvaal vir hul ondersteuning.

DA-led Midvaal Municipality an example to uphold

The Democratic Alliance (DA) applauds the announcement by the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) for ranking the DA-led Midvaal Local Municipality as the most stable municipality in Gauteng.

SALGA also awarded Midvaal a clean audit award, for achieving an unqualified audit for the 2018/19 financial year.

This is a win for the people of Midvaal and shows what hard work and dedication can achieve.

It is further evidence of good governance. Working with the people of Midvaal, Mayor Bongani Baloyi has spent the full budget of R1.34 billion wisely and responsibly as it was meant to be spent.

Midvaal is the only municipality to get a clean audit in Gauteng, and it means that its financials are reliable, compliant and on par with legislation and reporting performance standards.

The DA-run Midvaal has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to misusing money.

Where we govern as the DA, we will do our utmost to ensure that taxpayers’ money is spent on delivering services efficiently to our communities.

The DA commends Mayor Baloyi and his team, and most of all, we commend the people of Midvaal for their support.

DA Gauteng welcomes swift action by Midvaal Mayor

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Gauteng welcomes the swift action taken by Midvaal Mayor, Bongani Baloyi over irregular appointments in the municipality.

Mayor Baloyi has placed a high-ranking official who is allegedly implicated in a jobs-for-cash scandal on special leave.

The official now has to be provide reasons as to why he should not be suspended.

It is clear by the action taken by the Mayor of Midvaal, that the DA does not tolerate even a whiff of corruption.

The DA is the only Party to call for a minimum jail sentence of 15-years for anyone found guilty of corruption.

Where we govern, we ensure that we run a clean government that is free of corruption and nepotism.

Midvaal a glimpse of what Gauteng could become under a DA government

Yesterday, accompanied by Mayor Bongani Baloyi and DA Team One South Africa Spokesperson on Corruption, Makashule Gana, I visited Paramount Trailers and Revive Electrical Transformers – two key business investments in Midvaal, in the Kliprivier Business Park. This visit has given me hope, and a glimpse of what Gauteng could be, under a DA-led administration.


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Despite its size, Midvaal has consistently punched above its weight in attracting significant investment, for example Heineken, Ferrero Rocher, Paramount Trailers, New Hope, BSI Steel and Twin Boats which have chosen to establish and grow their businesses within the Midvaal municipality.

Sedibeng Brewery alone has made a R3.5 billion investment, creating 3500 construction jobs, and is currently looking to expand its supply chain locally, through purchasing barley from 32 local farmers.

In analysing how they got this right, it is clear that Mayor Baloyi and his team follow a recipe of simplifying procedures and by-laws, making it easier for new businesses to establish themselves as well as ensuring that turn-around times for land-use applications are shortened. Heineken, for example, which had initially chosen Ekurhuleni as the site for its factory, chose instead to set-up its base in Midvaal.

Midvaal has also focused on creating an environment conducive to investment, which includes establishing the required infrastructure platforms and maintaining a zero tolerance approach to corruption. The municipality’s infrastructure development plan is an integral part of the municipality’s bigger investment promotion strategy and entails repositioning Midvaal as a hub of economic activity and innovation in the Vaal.

Part of Midvaal’s key infrastructure investments include upgrades to the bulk electricity supply, a new reservoir, resurfacing and rebuilding of roads, bulk water pipe replacement and upgrades to the sewer pipeline. The strategy has paid off ten-fold for the people of Midvaal. This is what is possible when a government uses the people’s money to benefit the people, and not to benefit a corrupt patronage network. This is what I want for Gauteng.

The lessons learnt from Midvaal, which has thrived under 18 years of DA governance, can be rolled-out across the province. Look at what has been accomplished in the Cities of Johannesburg and Tshwane after just two years! Imagine what can still be accomplished.

Under the DA, Gauteng has the potential to become an economic powerhouse for the country, and the continent as a whole. This is the type of economic Change which only the DA can bring, Change which brings hope, and a better future for all.

DA Congratulates Midvaal Mayor for achieving fifth consecutive clean audit

The Democratic Alliance (DA) congratulates the young and charismatic Executive Mayor of the Midvaal Municipality, Bongani Baloyi for achieving its fifth consecutive clean audit.

The DA-governed Midvaal Municipality is the only municipality in Gauteng to hold onto its clean audit status, while the ANC-led municipalities failed in this regard.

Midvaal has achieved clean audits for the following financial years; 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018 and 2018/2019.

This indicates the sterling work done by the energetic Mayor, and the DA’s unwavering commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability.

This municipality has the lowest unemployment rate in the province. Taxpayer’s money is used strictly for service delivery and not for personal gain.

We will ensure that we implement the same strategies in 2019 when we govern this province.

The DA is the only party that is committed to eliminating corruption, ensuring good governance and providing better services to Gauteng residents.

DA strongly condemns physical assault of Midvaal Mayor Bongani Baloyi by ANC members

by Solly Msimanga – DA Gauteng Premier Candidate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is shocked by the violent assault on the Executive Mayor of Midvaal, Bongani Baloyi by ANC members this morning.

Mayor Baloyi has immediately opened a case of assault with intention to cause grievous bodily harm against the ANC thugs.

However, when the Mayor was on his way to open a case at the police station, the key suspect followed him and lied to the police that the Mayor attacked him. Absurdly, the Mayor was also placed under arrest along with the suspect.

The Mayor was physically attacked by ANC members in ward 11, Savannah City during the municipality’s launch of Arbor Day.

The event started peacefully, however when the Mayor was about to go to the podium to address the community, ANC members approached him and tried to take the microphone away from him. They physically pushed the Mayor and hit him with a rock.

This is totally unacceptable, as an attack on the Mayor is the attack on the residents of Midvaal. It is also an attack on democracy.

The failed ANC has become desperate and its members are resorting to thuggery and other subversive behaviour in an attempt to retain power.

Midvaal is one of the best governed municipalities in Gauteng and has received clean audits since DA took over this municipality from the ANC.

We will not allow ANC to disrupt service delivery to the people of Midvaal. The DA is committed to continue delivering quality services, and to be transparent and accountable to Midvaal residents.


DA-run Midvaal a shining example of good governance

by John Moodey – DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

I would like to congratulate the Mayor of DA-run Midvaal, Bongani Baloyi and his team for once again being rated the highest scoring local municipality in Gauteng regarding its financial stability.

Rating’s Afrika’s Municipal Financial Stability Index for 2017 saw Midvaal walk away with a rating of 68/100.

This is higher than the average for Gauteng which has a stability score of 30. It is also higher than the national average which sits at 44.

Since the DA took office in Midvaal, the municipality has gone from strength to strength, improving the quality of life for its residents.

Espousing the values underscored by the DA’s position on good governance, Midvaal has exercised prudent financial governance and continues to be a shining example of the DA difference.

Come 2019, the residents of Gauteng will be afforded the opportunity to extend this style of government to a provincial level.

Through our commitment to foster a people-centred government, the DA will bring this change to all residents of Gauteng.

A brighter future is on its way.

DA congratulates Midvaal Mayor on a job well done

The DA congratulates the charismatic Mayor of the Midvaal Municipality, Bongani Baloyi on being voted the most pro-active Mayor according to the Sedibeng District Survey.

This proves that the DA is not only paying lip service to its residents but delivers quality services.

The DA-led Midvaal Municipality has flourished under the leadership of this young and energetic Mayor.

Mayor Baloyi believes in accountability and he does not misuse taxpayers’ money for his own personal gain. This is evident through the four unqualified audit opinions that this municipality has received since 2013.

This municipality has the lowest unemployment rate in the province.

Mayor Baloyi and his team are dedicated to uplifting the lives of our people through service delivery.

This shows that come 2019 the DA is ready to govern Gauteng. Gauteng needs a new beginning – a government that is accountable to all its citizens.

Well done Mayor Bongani Baloyi, keep the DA flag flying high!

DA-governed Midvaal is the crown jewel of Gauteng municipalities

Under the leadership of the young and energetic Mayor, Bongani Baloyi, Midvaal has achieved four consecutive unqualified audit opinions since 2013.

It is through the DA’s system of good governance, a professional civil service, regular monitoring and evaluation of programmes and prudent financial controls that the residents of Midvaal are enjoying a high standard of living.

Midvaal has the lowest unemployment rate in the province as well as the highest number of people in employment.

It is through the efforts of Mayor Baloyi and his dedicated team that an environment has been created for growth and delivery.

This is what the DA has to offer. The DA is a party that brings positive change to communites.

In the places where we are in working coalitions in Gauteng, we have already seen the positive affects that our policies have brought to bear on the lives of residents.

Come 2019, the successes of Midvaal will be emulated across Gauteng.

I would like to thank Mayor Baloyi, his team and every civil servant who goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that Midvaal is the great municipality that it is.