Unity is needed to save the capital

Recent strikes, vandalism, and sabotage relating to the City of Tshwane’s decision not to increase salaries for employees or politicians, this financial year, has caused delays in service delivery and essential services.

Earlier this year, the DA, in collaboration with our coalition partners, embarked on a Rescue Mission of Tshwane. We did this by approving a budget aimed at stabilizing the city’s finances. Tough decisions, such as budget cuts, have had to be made to get our city’s finances back on track. One of these decisions was not approving salary increases for City of Tshwane workers and politicians – a difficult, but necessary step to restore Tshwane’s financial stability. This resulted in the current strike action.

These difficult choices are essential to prevent financial collapse and to getting Tshwane back on track. We are determined to ensure the city’s long-term well-being and to secure a better future for all its residents. In order to do that, however, the city needs to dig itself out of the financial hole it has come to find itself in.

During this critical period, we call on all residents to rally behind Mayor Cilliers Brink, as he navigates through these challenging decisions. We are committed to following legal processes in our engagements with organised labour. However, we cannot be deterred in saving the city by unprotected strikes, illegal go-slows, or certain factions’ violent tactics.

Together, we must stand united to #BackBrink and #RescueTshwane. We urge residents to remain vigilant against vandalism, sabotage, or wildcat strikes that will hinder the progress to come, and undo the progress we have made as a city.

We Back Brink.