DA Petitions Ministerial Intervention for Ekurhuleni electricity crisis

Note to Broadcasters: Please find attached a soundbite in English by Michele Clark MP, DA constituency leader for Germiston

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is steadfast in holding the ANC/EFF Executive in Ekurhuleni accountable for the ongoing electricity crisis they have created. The current executive has been lax in their duties, the DA has therefore acted and laid a complaint with the Human Rights Commission to draw attention to the plight of the residents they so gleefully ignore.

The petition we have launched, which is a severe indictment against the metro’s leadership, will also be tabled to the Ministers of Electricity and of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. It is their duty to ensure that the basic needs of people in one of the biggest metros in the country are met.

Electricity in Ekurhuleni is already a contentious issue, but the fumbled handling of the situation by the current executive has only exacerbated the crisis. To be without power for 50 days, or to have to close your business for days on end is neither acceptable nor sustainable. On top of that, feedback on queries is non-existent, the Executive’s mishandling can no longer be seen as a mishap, but at this stage it is a catastrophe.

An ANC/EFF coalition has spelt disaster for Ekurhuleni, with even Eskom taking back the load-shedding reigns, as the management thereof by the municipality put the national grid in danger. There is something devastating about not even being able to turn the lights off when you have to.

It is of vital importance for residents to sign this petition. The executive must be held to account as they are not only failing at their jobs, but they are failing the people of this city. We deserve better, and without forcing National Government to intervene, nothing will change.