Working Together for the Future of Gauteng: Lessons from Tshwane

The DA in Gauteng is heartened by the successful passage this week of Tshwane’s IDP framework and budget for 2023/2024 under the principled leadership of Executive Mayor Cilliers Brink. The backing by a significant majority is a testament to the power of sincere and mature politics, focused delivery, and an approach that embraces all sectors of our society.

This achievement in Tshwane signals the DA’s commitment to stability, even in the face of many efforts to sabotage government where the DA and our coalition partners have sought to bring an end to ANC-EFF failures and decay. It exemplifies our dedication to the people of Gauteng, strengthening our resolve to foster fiscal stability throughout the province to ensure it truly works for its residents.

In the lead-up to the vote, the engagement with other parties showcased the potency of democratic collaboration. This spirit of robust debate, infused with respect and a common goal, not only led to the positive outcome in Tshwane but also set an example for all of Gauteng. I am optimistic that, given the opportunity of voters a year from today to set the tone for Gauteng’s politics, this attitude will reverberate through the province, ultimately ensuring a healthier South African political landscape.

This vote has invigorated confidence in Tshwane’s fiscal health, demonstrating that prudent budgeting and honest politics can work hand-in-hand to stimulate investment, encourage business confidence, and ignite the economic vitality needed to drive community development across Gauteng.

We are committed to carrying this ethos of constructive politics and inclusive engagement across our province. This spirit is the heartbeat of the DA’s Moonshot Pact. And the example set by the Multi-Party Coalition government in Tshwane shows the promise of this approach where delivery is the aim and hope is shared. This is our pledge to the people of Gauteng.