e-Tolls not going anywhere anytime soon, residents may still have to pay their e-Toll debt

The wool has been pulled over the eyes of Gauteng residents yet again regarding e-Tolls.

Bold promises were made last year and earlier this year that our residents will not have to pay for e-Tolls. The gantries will be switched off, and this unwanted system will be a thing of the past.

However, this weekend media reports surfaced indicating that as per the constitution, the South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) cannot write off the e-Toll debt.

This is according to the Inclusive Society Institute (ISI), which said that constitutional law dictates that Sanral does not have the power to excuse non-payment of e-Toll fees once incurred.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) maintains that e-Tolls are an unwanted burden foisted upon our residents without proper consultation.

Earlier this year, we took the e-Toll fight to the National Council of Provinces and our motion without notice on this matter was passed.

It is worrying that the financial model for replacing e-Tolls has still not been finalised. This means this province has committed to debt for which it has no idea how to service. Inevitably funds will be taken away from other departments, and service delivery in the province will continue to suffer.

The DA rejects any new taxes or increases in the current taxes or fees to fund e-Toll debt.

We will continue to monitor the implementation of this motion to ensure that our residents are not once again saddled with an unwanted tax.