GBV victims suffer due to shortage of VEF in Gauteng

There is a severe shortage of victim empowerment facilities (VEFs) in Gauteng, while gender-based violence (GBV) runs rife in communities across the province.

Most of our VEFs are not adequately equipped with much-needed resources to support the victims of GBV.

Of the 143 police stations across the province, most of their VEFs are not victim-friendly. They do not have the necessary staff and resources, including rape test kits, beds, specific rooms to engage with the victims in a private space and social workers. The police officers are also not adequately trained to deal with the issues of GBV.

The DA, therefore, tabled a motion on gender-based violence in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL), demanding that the Gauteng Provincial Government must increase the number of VEF and ensure that they are well-equipped and accessible to the victims.

Below are the speeches delivered during today’s Gender-Based Violence (GBV) motion debate in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL):

Gauteng Department of Social Development:

DA_Refiloe _Nt’sekhe_GBV_DEBATE_SPEECH_2023

Gauteng Department of Social Development:


Department of Community Safety: