DA will fight late-night Ekurhuleni government hijacking in court

The DA will go to court to overturn the undemocratic, lawless, and opportunistic attempt by the EFF, ANC, and other minority parties in Council to illegally stitch together an illegitimate crooked coalition government and force it onto the residents of Ekurhuleni.

Severe abuses of Council procedure by the City Manager, Dr Imogen Mashazi, at the seeming behest of the ANC, EFF and other anti-democratic parties, led to what ought to be considered an illegal and illegitimate attempt to initiate and conduct an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council.

At this late-night gathering, members of Council, far beyond the scope of the law, attempted to pass motions removing the legitimate Speaker, Councillor Raymond Dhlamini, from office, elevating EFF Councillor Nthabiseng Tshivhenga to the office of Acting Speaker, and vandalise the Rules of Council to enable a crooked coalition of corruption to remove Executive Mayor Tania Campbell from office.

Let there be no doubt about the legality of these pretend-motions by opportunists playing pretend at democratic representation: they are illegitimate, invalid, and simply not binding the City Council or its democratic offices. Councillor Raymond Dhlamini remains, by law, Speaker of the Council and Alderman Campbell remains in office as the Executive Mayor, focused on service delivery for all residents.

Most revealing about this attempted coup is the willingness of parties to sell out residents and event their own voters to secure access to government power and the leeway to leech and loot. In this, the EFF in particular have been revealed as eager ANC accomplices. Far from being principled anti-ANC advocates, the EFF have simply been exposed as shrill, costume-shop faux revolutionaries that covet cushy government jobs at the expense of hardworking ratepayers.

As a party that will always seek to serve residents where crooked coalitions of chaos abuse residents, and as a party committed to the rule of law, the DA in Ekurhuleni will be taking this matter to the High Court. Residents of Ekurhuleni deserve better than the political circus and procedural travesty that has played out in the City over these last few days.

The DA calls on those parties who seek to build rather than tear down to act in the best interests of residents and ensure the stable and smooth running of the Council and its proceedings. Only through stable, clean, competent, and compassionate government can we make the lives of residents better. The people deserve better and the DA will not let up in its fight to deliver.