DA rejects Joburg Speaker’s witch hunt with the contempt it deserves

The DA has noted the drawn-out statement released by the Speaker of the Joburg Council, Cllr Colleen Makhubele, in which she attacks the multi-party coalition and myself and Leah Knott in particular.

This statement is regarding the move to install the disgraced Floyd Brink as City Manager despite the Council approving that he was not up to the task and that the recruitment process be started afresh.

It is once again very clear that the Speaker and her allies in the Executive are willing to use any means possible to turn the City into one that services the narrow interests of a particular political clique, instead of the service delivery needs of its 6 million residents.

It is ironic that Cllr Makhubele is targeting DA councillors for the result of a process that she herself, as part of the multi-party coalition, was part of, approving every step along the process.

The attack on DA councillors is not only misguided and devoid of substance but it is highly insulting and borders on defamatory.

It is abundantly clear that the Speaker and her allies have no interest in combatting corruption nor are they committed to the service delivery needs of the City and its residents.

The DA will not allow the Council to be turned into a weapon used to undermine dissenting voices, especially when those voices seek to ensure that the Council is not found wanting, as was the case when the Multi-Party Government was illegally removed.

The devious actions of the Speaker and her allies seek to distract residents from the already visible and detrimental failings of Executive Mayor, Cllr Thapelo Amad, and his Mayoral Committee.

We will not stand by and allow the Speaker to weave a false narrative in the public arena to discredit or undermine DA councillors whose only actions have been to act in the best interests of the residents of the city, not the narrow self-serving interests of the coalition of corruption.