Lack of readiness in some Gauteng schools will negatively impact learners

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Gauteng has conducted oversight visits to check school readiness. A high number of learners were unable to start school today because the department has failed to place them on time. 


It is regrettable that the Gauteng Department of Education failed to place all learners who applied timeously before the new academic year started today.


During our oversight, we observed many parents queuing in search of space for learners. Equally, the DA has been inundated with calls and emails from parents desperately looking for space. 


The lack of completion of infrastructure projects compounds the problem. One example is Braamfischer Primary School, where the contractor left the site in October last year. As a result, learners are overcrowded, with more than 60 learners in a class. This school should have been completed in 2020 to accommodate more learners who are still without school.


The DA demands that MEC Matome Chiloane place all learners before the end of the week. Instead of teaching commencing today, many schools have been busy with admission.


The DA urges the MEC to prioritise placing all learners and allocating resources to overcrowded schools. Any further delays will only aggravate the education challenges in the province.


The learners and parents of Gauteng deserve a responsive and caring government to expedite the resolution in admissions and school readiness.


The DA will continue to monitor developments regarding interventions to place all learners. We will further visit schools to confirm whether the MEC kept his promise to deliver mobile classrooms to high enrolment demand schools to avoid classroom overcrowding.