Lack of proper road markings and signages causes R101 to become a high accident zone

Motorists using the R101 road in Tshwane are at risk of having their vehicles severely damaged because the road is in a terrible state and is littered with potholes.

The road is also prone to motor vehicle accidents as there are no clear road markings and the yield sign that was put up has been stolen.

We discovered this during our oversight inspection of the road this morning.

Please see the pictures here, here and here.

According to the local ward councillor, four serious accidents occurred on this road alone this month.

While doing our oversight inspection, we witnessed how two cars nearly collided because of the lack of road signage.

It is unacceptable that nearly a year after the former Gauteng MEC for Transport, Jacob Mamabolo, promised that new road markings would be painted on this road surface, this has never happened.

The DA demands that the MEC for Roads and Transport, Kedibone Daile, must as a matter of urgency ensure that adequate signages are erected on this road and that the road markings are redone.

The DA will also be submitting written questions to the MEC Daile to determine what plans are in place to upgrade this road properly.