Needy people will suffer with no access to adequate social services as DSD dumps NPOs

Thousands of needy people who are dependent on Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) for shelter, food and social services will now be left in the cold as the Gauteng Department of Social Development (DSD) wants to reduce the reliance on NPOs.

This will also have a huge negative impact on the NPOs as they will be out of work, and many will be forced to shut down because the department is intending to end its relationship with the NPO sector.

According to a document circulated by DSD, they will be initiating an institutional realignment strategy with a focus on “building state capacity” and reducing the reliance on NPOs.

The department claims that the NPOs have been misusing the funds given to them by the department. The DA believes that this is a smokescreen to hide the department’s incompetence as they are responsible to monitor and evaluate each funded NPO with the help of the monitoring officials appointed to each NPO.

Creating state capacity is another term for a socialist state where the government controls everything. Looking at the current state of our state-owned enterprise, the government cannot manage any organisation.

The loss of financial support to the social environment and the hundreds of needy people that NPOs serve will be so immense. The principles that the department intends to apply do not make sense and are an example of a socialistic system of governance where the government controls everything.

This shows how this ANC government wants to control everything especially when there is money involved.

Failure by our government to run other state institutions, like Eskom, South African Airways and DENEL is proof that the ANC government cannot manage any state-owned enterprise. The only workable solution for all these state-owned enterprises is to privatise them.

The DA does not believe that the department has the expertise to handle these specialised social services offered by NPOs. Currently, the department’s social workers are overworked and struggling to meet deadlines.

The DA will work with the NPO sector in Gauteng to find a way to force the department not to go ahead with its plan to reduce NPOs in the province. We will be submitting proposals to the department on how to stop the misuse of funding by the NPOs. We stand with the NPOs against the department’s autocratic decision and, we will be petitioning the Gauteng MEC for Social Development, Morokane Mosupyoe, to reconsider the impact of her decision as it will affect thousands of needy people in this province.