Game-based Education could be a game changer for learners

The integration of gaming, coding and physical wellness activities into our learning curriculum could prove to be more relevant to learners to prepare them for a modern economy. A step the Gauteng Department of Education should seriously consider introducing in mainstream schools.

During the Democratic Alliance (DA) oversight inspection at the Centennial Independent School, we discovered that activities like e-sporting, yoga, coding, and boxing play a crucial in improving learning, development and imparting social and entrepreneurship skills to learners.

This specific learning also plays a key component in the learner’s mental health and seems to be a strategic move to improve the children’s development.

While there is a positive move in our provincial technical schools, the Department of Education should consider incorporating necessary skills that will provide a platform for learners to create income for themselves.

This will encourage learners to venture into entrepreneurship which will also help improve our economy.

Helping learners adapt to the fourth industrial revolution way of thinking can only create a brighter future for Gauteng learners.

The DA will be conducting oversight inspections of several independent schools across the province to assess how the schools are performing and to see if there are any safety, security, and infrastructural-related issues.

Learners in independent schools like any other learner in a public school deserve access to much-needed resources as well as a conducive learning and teaching environment.