Makhura is shielding his likely successor from housing delivery failures

The Gauteng Department of Human Settlements was allocated a budget of R1.5 billion for the fourth quarter of the 2021/2022 financial year and spent R2.2 billion, subsequently incurring 147% (R713.3 million) in over-expenditure. This while achieving zero targets in terms of delivering housing.

This is a result of Premier Makhura’s failed promise to implement performance assessments for members of his cabinet, thereby shielding his likely successor MEC Lebogang Maile from housing delivery failures.

This Department’s failures were revealed in its fourth quarterly report for the 2021/2022 financial year.

It is distressing to learn that there is no valid reason for this expenditure while ordinary citizens of Gauteng are still in desperate need of dignified housing.

The department has zero performance on half of its targets below:

• Procured zero serviced erven from the private sector compared to the target of 4,162 as part of its Rapid Land Release Programme (RLRP);
• Zero housing subsidies through FLISP (the first time you use the acronym, please write it out) compared to the target of 367;
• Zero houses received subsidies through FLISP compared to the target of 8 in its hostel development;
• Zero family units completed in hostel re-development programmes;
• Zero approved individuals’ informal settlements upgrading plans prepared in terms of the National Upgrading Support Programme (NUSP) compared to the target of 20;
• Zero hectares of land acquired for relocation of category B2 and category C settlements; and
• Zero informal settlements upgrade in situ compared to the target of 170.

This is a disgrace because there are officials employed who continue to draw salaries every month, yet there is no work done.

Gauteng residents are in dire need of adequate housing to improve their quality of life and uphold their dignity. Our people are tired of being exposed to inhumane and unsanitary living conditions.

Where is Premier Makhura as the custodian of the province to perform oversight on the work of the various departments?

Three years ago, the Premier promised to implement performance assessments for members of his cabinet, but to date, this has not been done.

The DA has constantly requested that Makhura must implement performance assessments for MECs to prevent such failures as reflected in this quarterly report. MEC Maile continues to do as little as possible and there is no accountability for poor performance. We will continue to put pressure on Premier Makhura to hold his cabinet to account for their department failures through the implementation of performance assessments.

Gauteng residents need houses now. They are tired of empty promises, and misuse of provincial coffers and the DA will continue to fight for accountability and delivery of houses.