DNA backlog denies justice for victims of rape and violent

An increase in the backlog of DNA tests has resulted in justice being delayed for the victims of rape and violent crimes as thousands of suspects have been released without their DNA samples being taken.

The backlog in the processing of the DNA tests continues to cause much more unnecessary pain for the victims of rape and violent crimes, and their families who wish for justice and to close a horrible chapter and memories in their lives.

There are reports that thousands of prisoners have been released without their DNA samples being taken, while thousands of people were raped in the last quarter of last year.

This is extremely worrying as the backlog is increasing due to new cases that are coming in daily.

The victims are left suffering and waiting for answers while the perpetrators of rape and violent crimes are roaming freely.

The DNA test backlog will result in delays in prosecution as DNA is the most critical evidence needed in the criminal justice system. Such backlogs can lead to cases being struck off the roll due to no evidence produced in court.

The DA demands that new measures are put in place to ensure that the backlog is cleared and that the DNA tests are completed in a timeous manner. We will also continue to engage with both provincial and national governments to demand the blacklisting of all rapists and be publicized so that the victims and anyone can log in to check whether the rapist has a track record of rape cases or assault cases against them. This will also assist in ensuring that the perpetrators face the full might of the law.