Gauteng residents will suffer without water should Rand Water and SANDF not assist with water tanks

Rand Water has scheduled water outages due to maintenance of water infrastructure from 1-3 April 2022 which will result in many areas across Gauteng not having water, yet the municipalities do not have sufficient water tankers to provide water to the affected areas. There is an urgent need for the Gauteng Provincial Government to engage their national counterparts Minister of Water and Sanitation and Minister of Defence to assist with water tankers to supply water to the affected areas.

The areas that will be most affected are parts of Tshwane, Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni, and Mogale City. Access to water is a Constitutional right and it is the responsibility of all-government stakeholders to ensure that all affected residents will have access to water during that period.

It is concerning that Rand Water has not yet extensively communicated their planned water outages due to maintenance to all the stakeholders, particularly the communities that will be affected. There is also no contingency plan on how the affected areas will be provided with water.

In recent months, Tshwane, Ekurhuleni, and Johannesburg have been severely affected by ongoing water outages for weeks due to water disruptions and failures of the Rand Water. These water outages are either not communicated or are communicated late by Rand Water not giving affected municipalities enough time to plan on how they will provide water to the affected areas.

It is high time that Rand Water improves its level of communication to the municipalities to keep their communities informed with regard to water outages and estimated time of restoration.

There is a serious challenge of water infrastructure in the province as it is old and dilapidated, there is a dire need for proper and regular maintenance of water infrastructure to ensure that our people have access to water daily.

The DA raised these questions directly to the Minister on Tuesday during a Ministerial briefing, where he gave no real commitment as to how they will address the problem, but merely shifted the blame to loadshedding which is also as a result of the failures of a national entity.

The DA is demanding for inter-governmental approach in dealing with the water crisis in Gauteng. The Gauteng Provincial Government must engage with the following national departments; the Department of Water and Sanitation and the Department of Defence to assist the municipalities with water tankers. This will ensure that all the affected communities are not denied their basic right to access water. This will also ease pressure from the municipalities that are usually being blamed for water outages while it is the responsibility of Rand Water to supply water.

Rand Water continues to fail our people yet there is nothing being done to this government entity. DA will continue to exert pressure on the government to intervene and solve challenges affecting service delivery at Rand Water for the benefit of all our residents. Water is life and the DA will continue to fight to ensure that all our people have access to the uninterrupted water supply.