DA lays charges of assault against ANC councillors

Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor Cindy Billson has laid criminal charges against ANC councillors for intimidation and assault during a council meeting on Friday 28th January. See photo.

Cllr Billson was struck by a water bottle, suffered verbal abuse, intimidation and unwanted touching.

A number of councillors also attempted to grab Cllr Billson’s phone whilst she was taking photos and videos of their disruption of the Council meeting proceedings. This was an attempt to destroy any evidence of their boorish behaviour.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Friday, after a prolonged Council meeting that started on Thursday which was held at Tshwane House.

The actions by the ANC councillors perpetuates the ill-treatment of women in the workplace and gender-based violence.

The ANC caucus left their seats to run amok in the Council chamber, they started by focusing their unprovoked attacks against ActionSA councillors and spread it to the other coalition partners’ benches.

Cllr David Farquharson assisted Cllr Billson in opening a case of assault, intimidation and crimen injuria at the Pretoria Central Police station.

The DA wishes to relay thanks to the SAPS for the professional and sympathetic manner in which they handled her complaint, we hope there will be an investigation to bring the perpetrators to account.

The DA is committed to growing a positive, democratic partnership with its coalition partners and opposition parties in Tshwane.