SAPS in Alberton work in dilapidated offices as completion of R16 million building is delayed

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is concerned that the SAPS in Alberton continue to operate from an old dilapidated building while the completion of new premises continues to be delayed.

The DA conducted an oversight visit to the newly built building which remains incomplete and submitted written questions to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Patricia De Lille to determine the delay in handing over the building.

In her reply, the Minister stated that the project still required the renovation of existing offices, alteration of public toilets, upgrade of the holding cells and construction of a new double-storey office block.

When asked about the cost of the project, Minster de Lille replied – “The contract sum, i.e. the tender amount inclusive of VAT as accepted by the department during the offer and acceptance stage, for the advertised scope of this project as outlined above was R16 105 868.44. The total expenditure at the termination of the contract was R13 521 427.72 exclusive of VAT’.

The Minister further stated that the contract with the company has since been terminated as a result of poor performance by the contractor.

While the building sits empty the costs continue to escalate due to theft and vandalism.

Additional costs include the hiring of a private security company to guard against theft and vandalism, the cost of which could easily be eliminated by fast-tracking the completion of the new building.

The DA calls on Minister De Lille to act decisively against the contractor who bled the state of millions whilst leaving an incomplete project such as this one.

Her department must also ensure that the project is completed speedily to ensure that the SAPS work in a conducive environment so they can do their jobs effectively.