While DA in Tshwane proudly shows support for LGBTQIA+ community, ANC backtracks on raising pride flag

Despite the adoption of a Democratic Alliance (DA) motion in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) on 15th June 2021 to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community by raising the pride flag over the GPL, the ANC Speaker to date has still failed to ensure the flag has been raised over the province’s highest decision making body.

Further to this, the DA is also deeply disheartened by the attitude of the Speaker in the Johannesburg Council who disallowed a motion by DA Councillor Chris Avant-Smith to have the pride flag flown over the Johannesburg Council. The DA can only surmise that the office of the Speaker and the Mayor are innately opposed to this important issue based on personal prejudice and a lack of understanding of the inclusivity of the Constitution of South Africa which enshrines the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The lack of enthusiasm by both these ANC-led legislature bodies to show uncategorical support for LGBTQIA+ South Africans is horrifying, especially with many recent cases of homophobic-based violence in the province and across South Africa. Of these attacks, the recent murder of Anele Bhengu in KwaZulu-Natal comes to mind. Anele, who was a young lesbian, was stabbed to death and found in a ditch almost two weeks ago.

South Africans of the LGBTQIA+ community now more than ever, need to see solidarity from their public representatives across all spheres of government. While the ANC seems to drag their feet on demonstrating their support, the DA does not hesitate in advocating for the rights of all South Africans.

During a meeting of the Tshwane Council yesterday, DA Councillor Malcolm de Klerk called on the Council to raise the pride flag in the chamber. The Speaker of the Council allowed this, followed by a declaration of support from the Council for the LGBTQIA+ community, including positioning the City of Tshwane to fully realise programmes that will serve and protect its LGBTQIA+ citizens.

The DA remains committed to fighting against any form of injustice or attacks of any kind against any member of the LGBTQIA+ community. We will not stop until every member of the community is free and safe in their country, in their province, in their city, and in their home.

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