#MakhuraNotFitToGovern: ANC has become an incapable state

Madam Speaker,

Honourable Speaker, 

Mme Angelina works as an assistant at one of the Kempton Park Crèches. She commutes to and from work by train. 

She leaves home at 4:00am and returns back home after work at 8:00pm. Her children only see their mother over the weekends because when she leaves home, they will be still sleeping and when she returns home, they will also be sleeping. 

This is not how a caring government care for its people. I know that PRASA is not a provincial competency, however Mme Angelina is a resident of this province. 

In Kempton park near where Mme Angelina works there is an abandoned Kempton Park Hospital. 

Since 1996, the ANC-led government has failed to do something useful with this building.

The ANC has become an incapable state: if they were, they would have factored in population migration dynamics: this would have alleviated the pressure on Tembisa Hospital which has resulted in our people sleeping on the floors of the hospital. 

Covid-19 has further exposed how incapable the ANC is as a government today; we see tents being erected as an extension of Tembisa Hospital. Clearly the ANC has no intention of opening Kempton Park Hospital. 

And so, the once glamorous state institute has become a ghost-hunting white elephant. 

Mme Angelia and many others commute daily from Tembisa to Kempton. If anyone has been on the metro-rails during the peak hours, then one knows that our people travel like stuffed sardines – women carry their bags around their necks and clutch them near their chest to avoid the watchful eye of pick-pocketers.

On one occasion, she told me that as they disembarked, one of her friends had semen on her back. During the trip some sick man had masturbated on her. 

This is the indignity that women have to endure while commuting on trains on a daily basis in Gauteng. Honourable Speaker, these are people’s wives and daughters. 

Whilst suffering this indignity, Mayor Masina has Harambee – the multi billion Rand failed bus system of Ekurhuleni with incomplete bus stops. Honourable Maile was told that the bus stops are functioning – yesterday, I was in Tembisa and still, years later they are not open, yet contractors were paid. 

Whilst the trains are full, Harambee buses move almost empty out of Tembisa towards the airport: Nkandla teatime! Who designed these bus routes? The move is mainly towards the airport. These could be easing the congestion on the trains. 

Why has Kempton Park Hospital precinct not been converted into a multi-use facility that includes social housing? That way people like Mme Angelina can move closer to her place of work, and could even travel by foot.

There are many abandoned buildings in Tembisa that can be utilised such as the Old Age Home in Ward 9 and the clinic in Emangweni and chicken farm in Ward 8. There are also collapsed bridges in Wards 9 and 10 in Tembisa.

This government should have used state resources to preserve families and communities.

I will definitely be supporting this motion of no confidence against Premier Makhura 

I thank you!