Joburg Mayor on deadline to respond on cadre recruitment

City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor, Cllr Geoff Makhubo, has failed to respond to the 11 March letter concerning the increase in the number of political staff and the irregular decision to make them all permanent. He has now received a formal legal request from the DA’s attorneys for all details relating to this matter to be provided by the close of business on 19 March.

When the ANC took over the City on 29 November 2019, they immediately set about swelling the political offices with loyal cadres to reward their alliance partners and provide jobs for pals. The Mayor’s Office increased from 38 staff under the DA to over 100, while MMC offices doubled from five to ten. All of these staff are on higher pay grades despite lacking the required qualifications. These include MK veterans and former ANC and PA councillors who didn’t make it back into Council.

The excuse given by the Mayor’s Spokesperson that this is to pr The excuse given by the Mayor’s Spokesperson that this is to provide job security to young, junior staff, doesn’t
hold water. No other branch of government in the country employs political staff on a permanent basis, and anyone employed to support politicians signs their contract knowing fully that their employment is tied to the term of office of their political principal. The Mayor cannot expect us to believe that a Deputy Director on a R870 000 annual salary is a junior staff member.

The further claim that the Mayor has the power to effect this decision also goes against the Municipal Systems Act, and the City’s own policies on staff recruitment. There is no proof that the former City Manager, Dr Ndivhoniswani Lukhwareni, approved the additional staff, though it does perhaps account for why an “arrangement” was made for him to leave so abruptly. With the City Manager out of the way and Council not been given the opportunity to appoint an acting City Manager, the Mayor is free to do as he pleases.

Residents of Johannesburg can count on the DA to fight this issue and ensure that their money is spent on deserving, dedicated people that put service delivery to residents first.