Joburg City Manager a scapegoat for Covid corruption or making way for cadre looting?

I note the abrupt resignation of the City’s City Manager, Dr Ndivhoniswani Lukhwareni, but I am not surprised. Earlier last month the ANC called a special Council meeting to discuss a ‘human resources report’ but this was cancelled at the 11th hour by the Speaker who claimed that a ‘settlement’ had been reached with the official in question. Immediately after this sitting Dr Lukhwareni suddenly went on ‘special leave’ but the rumours were that he was never going to return.

The statement by the Mayor confirms this, and I repeat my concerns that he is being made the scapegoat for Geoff Makhubo’s failings in the City, which includes over R400 million in corrupt Covid-expenditure, along with service delivery falling apart. In an election year we have to worry that Dr Lukhwareni is being pushed aside to make way for a more compliant cadre who will enable looting so as to fund the campaign of the morally and financially bankrupt ANC.

The DA in Joburg will oppose the settlement agreement with Dr Lukhwareni and any attempt by the ANC to install one of their cadres into this vital position. We stand for a clean, well-run City which puts residents first.