Active citizenry in Eldorado Park combatting vandalism of streetlights

I commend the residents of Eldorado Park for being active citizens in the fight against vandalism in their suburb, which is robbing them of working streetlights and making crime worse.

Residents in Ward 18 have had several meetings with City Power who have told residents that they will not fix streetlights in Eldorado Park because they will be vandalised shortly after being repaired. Residents have responded by electing representatives from each extension to organise street patrols which work closely with community organisations and the local SAPS to combat this problem.

Despite this proactive attempt to fix one of the problems in their neighbourhood and contribute towards better public safety, City Power are still refusing to engage with residents to find solutions to streetlight vandalism. I have written to the MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Cllr Mpho Moerane, to meet with residents to acknowledge their determination and to assist in finding a solution together. I await his response, intervention, and will share this with residents.

One resident commented to me that “there are no proper services in Eldos – everything is a temporary fix”, which sadly I have to agree with. Over the past two weeks I’ve had to follow up on issues where contractors come out to fix something but either due to poor workmanship or vandalism they are back in a few days to fix it again.

The DA will continue to assist residents of Eldorado Park to receive the services that they deserve, and will provide effective representation until a new Ward Councillor is elected i the forthcoming by-election.