#MakhuraNotFitToGovern: 28 months and still no report on the Bank of Lisbon fire fiasco

28 Months after the Bank of Lisbon fire fiasco, Premier David Makhura is yet to release the report on the criminal investigation into the matter.

There have been unnecessary delays in releasing this report despite the DA laying a charge against three Gauteng MECs and the heads of four provincial government departments for the neglectful actions that led to the death of three firefighters and numerous injuries suffered by others in the fire that broke out.

This is yet another reason why Premier Makhura is not fit to govern Gauteng.

The Premier clearly does not want to govern this province in a clear and transparent manner.

If there is nothing to hide, then the Premier must release the findings of the criminal investigation into the Bank of Lisbon fire. At the time of the Bank of Lisbon fire, then MEC Jacob Mamabolo indicated that the building was only 21% compliant.

The reason for lack of safety standards in Gauteng’s building assets is that the Department of Infrastructure Development (DID) does not possess the skills nor resources to implement the legislation required to maintain the conditional integrity of the infrastructure.

Premier Makhura is well aware of this and in terms of his oversight role, he should have taken cognizance and proposed remedial action. Instead, he denies his own oversight responsibility, as he has done in the case of the Life Esidimeni deaths and the Gauteng PPE corruption scandal.

Who is running the show? With whom does the buck stop? The Premier’s lack of accountability and oversight has caused death and misery. It is time for him to go and hand the baton to someone who can be trusted by the people of Gauteng.