I will not be silenced on Gauteng corruption and misgovernance

This morning I was maliciously removed while speaking on the debate of the Premier’s State of the Province Address (SOPA) at a virtual sitting of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

During my speech I was cut off and informed on my computer screen that “Someone removed you from the meeting.”

I rejoined the meeting virtually and tried to continue but I was removed several times and could not finish my speech.

I raised this with Speaker Ntombi Mekgwe and she said it would be investigated.

It is clear that someone did not want me to finish my speech exposing Premier David Makhura’s lack of accountability for corruption and misgovernance in the Gauteng Health Department.

Makhura has failed to stop massive corruption multiple times. He made the wrong appointments and failed to do the oversight that would have prevented the scandals in which lives were lost and money was stolen.

I will not be silenced in exposing how Makhura is not fit to govern.

The speech  can be accessed here,