Metrorail has collapsed in Gauteng

Prasa’s Metrorail service has totally collapsed in Gauteng. The service that was scheduled to open today on the Pienaarspoort line was unable to do so due to cable theft.

Prasa had previously announced that with the lifting of lockdown levels it will only start operating the Pienaarspoort line due to coronavirus considerations. However, Prasa is hiding its real problems behind the coronavirus.

The real reason Metrorail cannot reopen in Gauteng is because Prasa has neglected and failed to protect its infrastructure. Infrastructure failure combined with high levels of theft and vandalism is preventing Metrorail from resuming services in the province.

It is unlikely that Metrorail will be able to resume its full services once the pandemic has passed in the province due to the scale of the collapse of its infrastructure.

The DA calls on the Prasa administrator to come clean to the commuters of Gauteng about the true scale of its problems and why it cannot resume operations in the province.