Smelly water leaks in Joburg hospital

Please click here and here for photos and here for a video.

Leaks have erupted again at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital, including the parking level where the oncology department is situated, and near the operating theatres on the sixth floor.

After heavy rain yesterday a layer of smelly water from a leaking ceiling covered the corridors on the parking level.

Last week on Friday buckets were set up to catch water on the sixth floor by the theatres.

I am disappointed at the return of major ceiling leaks at this hospital which was last affected by this in 2016. The then Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu blamed it on the old pipes and promised that they would be fixed in 2017.

Poor maintenance has long been a problem at this major hospital.

Competent contractors need to be employed to ensure that the hospital is structurally safe for staff and patients.