DA challenges ANC on recall of metro police trainees

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is shocked to learn that the ANC-led City of Johannesburg is recalling 1083 newly graduated metro police officers.

It is alleged that Johannesburg Mayor, Geoff Makhubo displayed a lack of confidence in the new recruits.

The officers recently graduated after an intensive 18-month training programme that included curriculum and assessment exams set by external bodies, including the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

It is also surely unthinkable that all 1083 recruits were unable to drive after 18 months of training.

When the officers applied for trainee positions, legislation required that they possessed a code 08 drivers licence.

While we are in full support of ensuring the city’s law enforcement is professionalised and properly equipped, we also understand that some of the newly qualified metro police officers will take longer to adapt to their dangerous and challenging work environment and that they must also be supported by on-the-job training.

It is senseless to recall the entire 1 083 officers for retraining because they require support.

The DA-led coalition government recruited these officers due to the dire need for better policing and public safety in Johannesburg.

If this move by Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo is of pure politicking, it will endanger the lives of residents, and the DA will hold him accountable.