Values and Principles: Our social contract with the people of South Africa

The Democratic Alliance (DA) will hold a policy conference on the 4th and 5th of April 2020. At the conference three draft documents will be discussed, potentially amended, and adopted by delegates:

  • Values and Principles
  • Economic Justice Policy
  • Local Government priorities

Today we release the first of these draft documents: The DA’s Values and Principles.  

Click here to download the document.

Trust between people and their elected leaders is at its lowest point since 1994. The Values and Principles document is intended to be the social contract the DA would like to co-sign with the people of South Africa.

It is the point of departure for the rest of our policy positions, and represents the basis which South Africans should expect all of our conduct to conform to, and which we measure ourselves against.

We have always said that we stand for freedom, fairness, opportunity, and diversity. This is not something we say and then forget about. This a chance to reaffirm these commitments, and others such as to a social market economy, evidence-based decision making, redress, and non-racialism, not only to ourselves but to the public.

Without a clear and commonly agreed to foundation, it is impossible for all of us to work together towards a common purpose.

This approach differentiates us within a political landscape where politicians are not known to hold themselves to a clearly stated set of values which can be scrutinised by the public.

From today we invite party structures to discuss, debate, and apply their minds together with their constituencies to the draft values and principles document.

The final document will emerge from the policy conference in April, after it has been adopted by delegates.