Parks Tau no longer eligible for SALGA Presidency

Former Johannesburg Mayor, Parks Tau, must recuse himself from the leadership position he currently holds at the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), as he is no longer entitled to this position.

The City of Johannesburg under the DA-led coalition has discontinued its membership with SALGA due to its ongoing dereliction of duties towards the City.

Despite requesting assistance from the organization on numerous issues since assuming office in 2016, the new administration has been sidelined by SALGA.

It is evident that the organization, like most in our country has been captured by the ANC and is used exclusively to its benefit. Its agenda is to exert power and an ANC agenda over municipalities where the voters have thrown the ANC out of power.

With the cancellation of our SALGA membership, Parks Tau, who is a councilor in Johannesburg is no longer entitled to his SALGA membership as the city in which he serves is no longer a member.

Clause 8.7 of the SALGA Constitution states that “A member who fails to pay levies shall remain a member with lesser rights, surrender voting rights and the right to have any of its councillors in executive positions of SALGA, until all due membership levies have been paid”.

On the basis of the City’s non-payment to SALGA, and the above provision of the SALGA Constitution, there is no way in which Tau’s continued leadership of SALGA is legitimate. Councillors who serve on the executive of SALGA must carry a mandate from the municipalities in which they serve as Councillors. Tau has no such mandate from the City of Johannesburg.

The DA will write the CoGTA Minister to intervene and give full clarity on this matter. It cannot be that SALGA, which already suffers from ANC capture, is led by an illegitimate president.