Emfuleni disaster a symptom of failing ANC governance

Years of neglect and corruption by the failing ANC has led to at least 70 homes being damaged and 13 families been left homeless as a result of a collapse of service delivery in Emfuleni.

This disaster could have been avoided had the failing ANC prioritised service delivery and the maintenance of infrastructure like storm water drains instead of neglecting the needs of the people instead of focusing on internal political battles.

Last year it was revealed that R872 million had been lost by the municipality through corruption and fraud.

The DA stands with the residents affected by this natural disaster.

The damage to homes have left many residents vulnerable to crime as some residents fear that their possessions will be stolen and homes vandalised.

However, it is high time that the failing ANC government is held to account as they have long neglected the people of Emfuleni.

This not only a natural disaster but it is a disaster and symptom of years failing governance by the ANC. This is a clear indicator that the ANC has been given too many second chances. Now is the time for change that builds One South Africa for All by putting the people first and speeding up the delivery of quality services.

I will be visiting the affected residents of Emfuleni next week to assess relief efforts and what is been done to avoid a similar crisis in the future.