DA members cleared of racist Whatsapp allegations

Following the ANC’s allegations of a racist WhatsApp conversation that took place between two members of the DA’s Gauteng structures, namely Cllr Crezanne Bosch and Mr Fred Nel, both individuals agreed to hand over their personal cellular phone devices for analysis.

Given that professional skills and expertise to analyse the relevant data, including any deleted content, on their cellphones was required, the services of Cyanré, a leading cyber forensic company, was obtained.

The analysis has subsequently revealed no indication that the alleged Whatsapp conversation took place on the cellphones of Cllr Bosch and Mr Nel. As such, it was concluded that the Whatsapp screen grabs are fake, and that the production and distribution of the screenshot was done with the specific malicious intent to cause harm to the two implicated members, and also with reckless disregard for the negative consequences for the image of the Party.

These findings necessitates a further investigation as to the person/s responsible for these malicious actions.

The DA is happy that this matter was speedily resolved, and that Cllr Bosch and Mr Nel have been cleared of these allegations.

The DA stands against all forms of bigotry and discrimination and is committed to building One South Africa for All.