Pipe burst floods Hillbrow clinic

by Jack Bloom MPL – DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health

A huge pipe burst last night has flooded the Hillbrow Community Health Centre, disrupting treatment of patients and destroying medicine worth millions of Rands.

I visited the clinic this morning and found frustrated staff and patients many of whom have been told to come back in two days’ time.

Water was being swept off the floor and many patient files have been damaged. The basement of the pharmacy was flooded, damaging medical supplies and rendering many medicines unusable.

Parts of the ceiling have fallen in certain places.

I was told that there have been long running plumbing issues and many staff worry about their safety in the building.

This is yet another example of poor maintenance in our health facilities by a failing ANC provincial government.

Meanwhile, the 900 patients who attend this clinic every day are adversely affected.

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