Premier Makhura’s new dawn is nothing but a mirage, Total Change needed

Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s blame-shifting for his government’s under-performance during the Presidency of Jacob Zuma is disingenuous and betrays the underlying problem facing South Africa – that under the ANC government ordinary people will continue to suffer.

Makhura and his cabinet were within the fold that allowed mismanagement and corruption to take root and rip apart the fabric of our society. In Gauteng, little has been done to punish those found guilty of wrongdoing.

His platitudes of a ‘New Dawn’ under President Cyril Ramaphosa take on a deafening tone, as by his own admission, his government is a sign of things to come under Ramaphosa.

This is a worrying vision of the future.

Gauteng’s economy, its healthcare system, its infrastructure, its attitude to the well-being of residents has deteriorated under Premier Makhura. Crime is rampant, unemployment levels are through the roof and racial tension is palpable.

The Premier and his administration have created a fragmented and fractured society.

Many of the initiatives announced today are repackaged old and tired ideas of the last four years of his time in office with the omission of many past promises.

With one year left to go of his administration, it would be wise for the Premier to cut the deadwood in his cabinet, those Zuma-lite MECs who repeatedly under-perform and hold back the advancement of the residents of this province.

Under Makhura’s watch, life for the average citizen has become a hard road to walk and will continue to remain a difficult path to tread until the province experiences a Total Change of government, led by the DA, in 2019.