DA to demand action by Premier regarding Merafong Mayor’s ‘thugs’

Today the DA met with 25 unemployed youths from Kokosi who had been employed by ANC Merafong Mayor,  Maphefo Mogale Letsie to disrupt election campaigning by opposition parties in the build-up to the 2016 local government elections.

These youths, who were paid with EPWP funds and armed with weapons, to stir up trouble in the municipality, were promised permanent positions after the elections.

Once in power, the ANC discarded them.

Facing a life of unemployment and without prospect, the group took to the streets to protest and demand that the Mayor fulfill her pre-election promises.

After months of protest and without any sign of Mayor Letsie, the group barricaded the Fochville Licensing Department to bring services to a halt.

Instead of meeting with the group, the Mayor through the council approached the court to take out a restraining order against them.

Once again, public funds have been abused at the people’s expense.

These members are in the process of compiling sworn affidavits, detailing how they were used by the Mayor and how, in typical ANC fashion, they have been used and abused.

Once this process is complete, the DA will present these affidavits to Gauteng Premier, David Makhura and insist that he investigate Mayor Lestie for defrauding EPWP funds, for political interference during the 2016 election and to ensure that justice is served for this group of unemployed young people who have been hoodwinked by ANC shenanigans.

No person or group of individuals should be used for nefarious ends. This tragic case is yet another example of how the ANC abuses the most vulnerable members of society to further its own selfish ends.